D’Souza: Biden ‘Trashing’ America by Admitting Imperfection

Vice President Joe Biden spoke to the African Leaders Summit earlier this week and made a perfectly reasonable statement that while the United States isn’t perfect, it works to prevent corruption. That simple statement is viewed as virtual treason by right-wing demagogues. Here’s what he said:

The Vice President used his own government as an example of how to defeat corruption – he described how the U.S. appoints permanent officials called Inspector Generals tasked with checking on the affairs of government organizations and investigating allegations of corruption.

“We’re not perfect,” Biden admitted. “We have these systems where we tend to find out where corruption lies and eventually get to it. So we’re prepared to work with you.”

If anything, the statement is absurdly naive. The real corruption lies elsewhere, in the billions of dollars spent to influence public policy. But even that incredibly mild statement was enough to make Dinesh D’Souza do everything but accuse him of treason:

“Here it is, what they love to do best, this administration, is trash America,” Malzberg complained in an interview with conservative activist Dinesh D’Souza yesterday. “Why this compulsion to trash America in front of the rest of the world?”

D’Souza agreed, saying, “When they blame America they’re blaming their America or taking actual responsibility for what they do. What they’re really doing is trying to castigate America, undermine people’s patriotism, increase third world and foreign hostility to America.”

This is how right-wing nationalism works. Even the most vague admission of anything but perfection makes one a traitor. Except when they do it, of course. America is absolutely perfect — except for all those gay people. And feminists. And Hollywood. And welfare queens. And atheists. As always, I’m reminded of this bit by David Cross.


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  • D. C. Sessions

    You forgot the rampant “waste, fraud, and abuse” that all non-Republican government is riddled with and which Republicans running for office are pledged to root out. But there’s nothing for an Inspector General to do, no way.

  • boadinum

    Isn’t he in jail yet?

  • gshelley

    Doesn’t criticising the President and administration count as “trashing America”?

  • Chiroptera

    It’s worse than that!

    I’m only going by the quoted passage, so I may be getting the context wrong, but Biden doesn’t appear to be taking about the United States in the abstract, but specifically about individual officials like himself working within the specific proceses whose job is to identify and deal with corruption.

  • Moggie

    To be fair, D’Souza is an expert on corruption.

  • Chiroptera “It’s worse than that!”

    Even Liberals agree with D’Souza that Liberals hate America and everything it stands for!! Checkmate, Obamabots!


    “I’m only going by the quoted passage, so I may be getting the context wrong…”

    Look, bad faith arguments don’t need context (see above).


    Moggie “To be fair, D’Souza is an expert on corruption.”

    Hardly. Experts don’t get caught. Or they do and get a presidential pardon.

  • busterggi

    “Doesn’t criticising the President and administration count as “trashing America”?”

    You mean like the Rethugs accused the Dems of doing for the whole of W’s two terms? Only when its a Rethug in the White House.

  • D’Souza spoke like a real presup. apologist, oh that’s right… He is one! I need to remember my shovel next time that guy speaks.

    There is nothing wrong with admitting your country isn’t perfect, it’s part of diplomacy.

  • John Pieret

    What they’re really doing is trying to castigate America, undermine people’s patriotism, increase third world and foreign hostility to America.

    I agree! No one should ever mention that corrupt felon, Dinesh D’Souza, ever again, lest furriners get the wrong idea about American “pundits.”

  • felidae

    In light of his impeccable record of honesty and integrity, is there anything Mr. D’Sleaza won’t say to impugn anyone’s patriotism?

  • Matt G

    It’s called “honesty”. It’s nothing he would be familiar with.

  • rabbitscribe

    It can never be said often enough: in light of Citizen’s United, if you want to help your friend Wendy Long in her, ahem, Quixotic quest to win a New York Senate seat as a far-right Republican, do you:

    A) Max out your donation, then pay others cash under the table to donate in their names, which is a felony, is very easy to uncover, and enmeshes your “friends” in your malfeasance; or

    B) Spend as much money as you want on “issue ads” like, “Kirsten Gillibrand kicks grandmas down stairs! Call Kirsten and tell her to stop! Paid for by Americans for Grandmas.”

  • dingojack

    Right-wingers loves their country like a toddler loves his or her mommy…




    Whatever happened to ‘hate the sin, love the sinner’? Or is corruption merely ‘business as usual’ for the right?

  • Jesus Christ, when does this fucker finally get put behing bars again?…Are his recent tirades just some kind of last hurrah blowout?

  • coffeehound

    I’ll take the douchebag seriously when he takes Grumps McCain to task for associating with ISIS terrorists in Syria and slams Lindsay Graham for “emboldening” the terrorists by criticizing the president…..At least that was their language 12 years ago.

  • mistertwo

    What’s so weird about this is that the claim that their position is all about Christianity. The whole point of Christianity is to admit that oneself is lower than dirt. If this were truly a “Christian nation” our leaders would be confessing all of the time!