Rep. Steve King: Massive Asshole

This video is pretty incredible to watch. It’s Rep. Steve King being challenged by a DREAMer, a young woman who was brought to the United States as a child and was raised here. You know, the people King is demanding be deported back to a country they don’t know. King accuses her of lying about what he’s said (she didn’t, he said it) and asks her several times if she’s a drug dealer. Massive asshole.


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  • doublereed

    You can see Rand Paul dashing out of there immediately in the video.

  • John Pieret

    asks her several times if she’s a drug dealer

    No doubt he used Louie Gohmert’s criteria and checked out the size of her calves.

    Massive asshole

    Hey, when your political base is made up of massive assholes, you pretty much have to play along.

  • “asks her several times if she’s a drug dealer”

    Well I suppose when you need to score, you need to score… Man

  • Chiroptera

    Massive asshole.

    Well, like my grandfather always said, ya gotta do what yer good at.

  • parasiteboy

    I just moved to Iowa, so he’s my representative now…yeah:-/

    I wonder what he would have said to an American citizen who lied about their age and “broke the law” to fight in WWII.

  • “Rep. Steve King: Super-Massive Asshole”

    Fixed it for you.

  • parasiteboy


    I read an article about Rand Paul yesterday involving this incident and he claimed that he was going to do an interview with someone else and said that he would do it after a few more bits of his burger. It appears that the person standing next to him patiently could be that person.

    If I was a politician having lunch with King, I would always have a reporter waiting in the wings for an interview.

  • gmacs

    I think he’s fucked this cycle. He has a knack for alienating everyone who isn’t a white Christian conservative. Fortunately for him, in past elections, many of the farmers tend to be wary of Democrats and will vote for anyone who they think will be good for… well, for farmers.

    King’s xenophobia is likely to catch up with him, as his district includes Ames, a university town that gets a lot of it’s money from foreign nationals who stay here to study. Also, a large percentage of the crops around here get sold to China, so good relations with them are beneficial to Iowa.

    But the real killer, is that he now has real competition among the farmers and the rural demographic he has relied on.

    His opponent is a US Army veteran who grew up on a local farm and worked in the Pentagon. He’s a moderate who can appeal to those that might have been uneasy about Vilsack. There’s also the fact that King was instrumental in the government shutdown which put a lot of people around here out of work for 2 weeks.

    Really, the only people he can still rely on are those whose xenophobia trumps all else. I don’t think there are quite enough of those people around.

  • scienceavenger

    @2 Actually it was King himself that admitted his cantelope fetish.

  • John Pieret

    scienceavenger @ 9:

    Ya know, I wondered if King might have said that himself but I was too lazy to look it up. I thought Gohmert said it because he’s from Texas, which is closer to the “problem” and, of course, Gohmert is just as stupid and bigoted as King.

    Thanks for the correction.

  • spamamander, internet amphibian

    Super Massive Asshole.