And Gay People Get Blamed for Ebola

In the midst of the latest breakout of Ebola in Africa, you knew it was only a matter of time before someone got around to blaming it on gay people. In Liberia, it’s coming from both church leaders and from the nation’s president, for crying out loud.

The Ebola pandemic — which has killed 887 in West Africa including 255 in Liberia — has terrified people so much that some local leaders discern divine meaning in it. According to Front Page Africa and the Daily Observer, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf called on Tuesday for all residents to fast for three days and pray for forgiveness.

“Relying on His divine guidance for our survival as a nation,” she announced, “I call on all Liberians to observe three days of national fast and prayer to seek God’s face to have mercy on us and forgive our sins and heal our land, Liberia, as we continue to fight against the deadly Ebola virus.”

That followed a recent recommendation by the Liberian Council of Churches, which said in a statement last week the outbreak has Biblical implications. “God is angry with Liberia,” the religious leaders said, according to the Daily Observer. “Ebola is a plague. Liberians have to pray and seek God’s forgiveness over the corruption and immoral acts (such as homosexualism, etc.) that continue to penetrate our society. As Christians, we must repent and seek God’s forgiveness.”

It’s always gay people, isn’t it? This is what happens when you demonize people, they become the scapegoat for everything. And Godwin be damned, this is, in fact, exactly what happened in Nazi Germany. Jews were demonized and marginalized and blamed for every bad thing happening in society. And I find it absolutely bizarre that those who believe this nonsense blame gay people instead of blaming God. If God did send an Ebola epidemic over this, he’s a fucking asshole, a brutal, barbaric tyrant. Even if they’re right, they’re getting the blame all wrong.

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  • Pen

    You’re right, Ed. On the subject of Godwin, I always remember how our Holocaust education was specifically directed at encouraging us to spot danger signals for these kinds of horrors and take action against them.

    Like everyone else I hate to see the Holocaust compared to say, the obligation to acquire a fishing permit, but there’s also such a thing as not learning from history.

  • Look, everybody knows that disease is punishment from God for homogay mansex. That’s just common sense.


    Oddly, drought is His punishment for not enough homogay mansex. So there’s a tough balance there to maintain.

  • Chiroptera

    It’s all very simple. Ebola comes from Africa. Africa is full of HIV. AIDS is a gay disease*. Look, do I really have to connect the dots for you?

    *Yes, I know that AIDS is not a gay disease, especially in Africa. I’m just channelling my inner wingnut.

    Yes, I know that if I have to explain the joke, then it’s not really very funny.

  • Yes, but what if Gay Jesus is sending Ebola because of the poor treatment of gays in Africa?

  • raven

    It’s always gay people, isn’t it?

    Sure. But it isn’t just gay people. This is the ancient pastime of pin the disaster on the donkey.

    It will be (and has been) westerners, white people, witches, Moslems, xians, Jews, Obama, the Democrats, FEMA, atheists, Darwin, and whoever else someone doesn’t like.

    I’ve already managed to get myself assigned part time blame as a Darwinistic, Pagan atheist, who voted for…Obama.

  • immoral acts (such as homosexualism, etc.) that continue to penetrate our society.

    It is incredible how transparent people can be with their language.

  • I hear fasting is great for boosting the immune system.

  • nrdo

    Scapegoating is definitely a red flag that any historically literate person should call out. (Not to mention that many gays were murdered by the Nazis as well.)

  • bushrat

    Yet again all those not TruChristian™ leaders have gotten it wrong. The real reason that God in his great wisdom has brought down his terrible vengeance on the people of Africa is because they haven’t all sent $10 to Bushrat Ministries. If you don’t sent $10 to Bushrat Ministries, how will God know that you truly believe in his divine plan and infinite mercy. If you sent $15 to Bushrat Ministries, we’ll also Pray Away the Gay! That’s a great deal, you can now be completely safe from Ebola and Gayness for the low, low donation of $15. Order now, while supplies of prayer last.

  • busterggi

    Three days of fasting? That should help a lot of immune systems, nothing like fasting combined with already poor nutrition.

  • JustaTech

    “All diseases of Christians shall be ascribed to demons.” St Augustine

    I guess gays are the new demons?

  • Considering what a shit job Liberia’s leaders have done dealing with the outbreak, and how the religious leaders have done diddly-squat to teach their ‘flock’ simple things like quarantining, not handling the corpses of Ebola victims, “witch doctors can’t cure Ebola” etc. — it’s as if they’re looking for someone to blame for their own failings, almost. But surely no decent person would do that.

  • konrad_arflane

    I don’t see where in the quoted text or the linked article the Liberian president blames Ebola on gay people. Yes, she spouts a bunch of religious nonsense, but she doesn’t mention homosexuals at all.

  • How in the hell did they manage to use “pandemic” and 887 worldwide deaths in the same sentence without their pants instantly incinerating them?

    The hysteria surrounding ebola is possibly pandemic…the disease itself is most certainly not.