LaBarbera: God is Going to Punish Sears

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A corporation, in this case Sears, puts out an ad that includes gay people and the anti-gay bigots, in this case Peter LaBarbera, declares that God is going to punish them for not hating gay people as much as he does.

The anti-gay activist and host Jim Schneider of Voice of Christian Youth America criticized Sears for participating in the Chicago Pride Parade and releasing a video featuring same-sex couples getting married.

“There goes Sears,” LaBarbera said. “I watched the video, it’s just so sad and tragic to me. The Bible says there’s a way to seems right to a man but the end of that way is death, basically. Attaching the perversion of homosexuality, which God called an abomination, detestable behavior, attaching that to marriage is just ungodly. It’s sad to see corporations celebrating this to get more sales and we’ll see if Sears suffers for this capitulation to the homosexual activist movement.”

The funny thing is that most major corporations are way ahead of the government when it comes to equality. Most of them have non-discrimination policies, take out ads in gay magazines, offer domestic partner benefits and such. And yet God doesn’t seem to have punished them. Most of them are making record profits. God never seems to actually show up to do what his followers think he’s gonna do.

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  • busterggi

    “God never seems to actually show up ”

    Actually says it all.

  • John Pieret

    Their God talks big but carries a soft stick.

  • Chiroptera

    busterggi, #1:

    Have you even noticed that you never see God and an non-existent being in the same room at the same time?

  • Skip White

    Wouldn’t God punishing Sears be like kicking someone when they’re already down?

  • Any explanation as to why Massachusetts is still one of the most affluent states in the U.S.? You’d think God would have gotten around to smiting them by now.

  • Abby Normal

    Wait until LaBarbera finds out they’re selling cloths of mixed fabric. The rant will be glorious. Just don’t tell him they’re engaging usury with their Sears credit card. Jesus never said a thing about homosexuality, but he hated usury so much it to drove him to violence. If LaBarbera finds out he may just decide he’s tired of waiting for God’s punishment and decide to follow Jesus’ example himself.

    I mean this is about following the Bible, not simply using it as a cover for personal bigotry, right?

  • Loqi

    These “god will punish x” screeds are so common and so indistinguishable from one another that the fringe right really should just set up a factory for them. It would be so much more efficient. They can have Gordo sitting in a chair bellied up to a conveyer belt. His minions can sit in a research room Googling companies who don’t discriminate. When one of them find one, he writes down the name on a slip of paper and puts it on the belt. It chugs its way to Gordo, and he says “god will punish… *reads slip*…Sears!” “God will punish…*reads next slip*…General Mills!”

    He could finish condemning the majority of corporate America in an afternoon. Then hopefully he’d be done talking for a while and stop clogging the airwaves with his verbal turds.

  • Alverant

    Yes, God will punish Sears by making their store layout very confusing, having few customers, and selling crap that breaks down when you get it home …. oh wait God’s too late on those things.

  • D. C. Sessions

    God never seems to actually show up to do what his followers think he’s gonna do.

    Well, the standard threat to those who don’t obey Peter LaBarbera and other wingnuts is that God punishes them. So, when do we get to observe God punishing Himself?

    That is what LaBarbara is promising, isn’t it?

  • marcus

    Oh yeah? Well god is sending two, (two!) hurricanes at Hawaii as we speak. Hawaii has gay marriage and Sears stores! Coincidence? I don’t fucking think so!

  • Let’s get it straight (ar, ar). It’s not what they think he’s gonna do, it’s what they want him to do. It’s the little kid saying “I’m gonna get my big brother and he’s going to beat you up!” They’re scared and helpless and desperately need someone strong to make the world right for them.

  • dugglebogey

    Doesn’t got already hate Sears for being open on Sunday.

    The “God hates fags” thing isn’t even in the ol’ top ten list, but “remember the sabbath” is right up there in the top three!

  • Their just mad because the can’t show of their Craftsman stuff anymore.

  • dean

    Actually God saw this coming about a year ago and put started punishing Sears then by putting Edward S. Lampert in charge.

  • Kevin Kehres

    Yeah, talk about low-hanging fruit. I’m pretty sure Ba’al could smite Sears, and he’s been retired for centuries.

  • John Pieret

    dean @ 14:

    God looks forward much more than a year! Sears has been in a downward spiral for at least 30 years, no doubt because he knew they were going to put out a gay-friendly ad in 2014. The rest of the Forbes 500, who are mostly gay-friendly and have been for a while, will be feeling the pinch just as soon as he’s done with Sears!

    God has this little problem with multitasking …

  • jeevmon

    Punished worse than having an Ayn Rand groupie like Eddie Lampert running the place and making all the business units fight each other while Amazon destroys its reason for existing?

  • noe1951

    the people who follow god and hate all these other people, also end up dead. funny that

  • dingojack

    Loqi (#7) – “god will punish… *reads slip*…Google!” D’OH!

    D. C. Sessions (#8) – “So, when do we get to observe God punishing Himself?”* Yet another thing their all-powerful god can’t do….



    * ‘Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord…’ — apologies my inner 12 year old temporarily escaped [ you couldn’t tell the difference, could you? 😉 ]

  • smrnda


    Wait, an Ayn Rand devotee gets control of a corporation and it tanks? Wow, the Greatest Proponent and Expositor Of Capitalism Ever has followers who can’t run an actual business? Who or what is he blaming for his epic failure?

  • stever

    But God is a notoriously bad shot. If He sets out to smite Sears, what will He actually hit?

    Can anyone find a link to that study that concluded that sick people who are prayed over are more likely to get worse than to get better?

  • dingojack

    Stever – how about this (an oldie but a goodie).


  • dingojack

    Stever – perhaps this is what you had in mind.


  • sigurd jorsalfar

    God is going to punish Sears just as soon as he finishes punishing Canada, which he hasn’t got around to yet, but it’s on his to-do list. A thousand years is as a day with the Lord, so the punishment is coming any millenium now.

  • Marcus @ 10.

    Well, if the two Pacific hurricanes are supposed to be god’s punishment on Hawaii, he missed (again)!