Adams: People Fleeing Marriage Equality States

Cathie Adams of the Texas Eagle Forum has never been one to let pesky things like facts get in the way of a perfectly good rant, so it was hardly a surprise when, at a recent press conference, she declared that people are fleeing states that have marriage equality and coming to Texas to avoid those icky gay people.

“Texas is the fastest growing state in the nation and there is a reason for that, and part of that reason is traditional marriage…

This is good for Texas families. We do not accept the homosexual agenda, that is what we are talking about here. If those who embrace that homosexual agenda want to move to a state that does embrace homosexual marriage, there is a state of Massachusetts that they could move to. But we are finding is that they’re not moving to Massachusetts, what is happening is that Massachusetts is declining in numbers, people are moving out of that state. So why in the world would Texas, that is growing and the fastest growing, want to join Massachusetts, that is declining. People are moving away, they are voting with their feet, out of Massachusetts. Yet, there are liberals who are trying to influence all of us in places like Hollywood and San Francisco. They want to change Texas.”

And now, a word from reality. In fact, the latest numbers show Massachusetts population growing at a modest rate. People move from state to state for a lot of reasons, primarily economic (availability of jobs, cost of housing, etc). The Census Bureau actually asks people why they moved from state to state. Their answers:

Housing: 43.7%

Family: 30.3%

Employment: 16.4%

You know what almost no one answers? Gay marriage laws. And think what it would mean if what she said was true. It would mean those people are such virulent bigots that they are willing to uproot their lives and leave just to get away from a state that allows other people to get married, which has nothing remotely to do with them. Sounds like exactly the kind of people Adams would want in Texas.

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  • Doug Little

    So when gay marriage becomes legal in Texas where is she going to move. Uganda?

  • Nah, she’ll secretly be happy if that happens, because it will further bolster her persecution fantasies. Despite the “great risk” of being infected with gay cooties she’ll hold her ground and show how she’s such a good Christian.

  • iangould

    If it were true, it’d be another fine argument in favor of marriage equality.

  • matty1

    Don’t go confusing with facts, she clearly means the population of real Americans in Massachusetts is declining.

  • Chiroptera

    Huh. I moved to my current state because that’s where the job is. I certainly did not move to this very red state because I was attracted by the politics!

  • caseloweraz

    I guess the people allegedly fleeing liberal states for Texas are going to run smack into the hordes of [Muslims] [Russians] [Chinese] [ebola-infected children] pouring across our southern border.

    I guess they get to pick their poison.

  • … Probably heading toward Colorado.

  • She’s right. Me and the missus moved to Texas before our former state could force us to put up with gay people getting married to each othere. Well, she moved to Texas. I stayed, on account of the float. I mean, I spent all those hours gluing flowers on it, I’m not just going to abandon it!

  • corwyn

    “Sounds like exactly the kind of people Adams would want in Texas.”

    To be fair, they are the sort of people I want in Texas too. Or, preferably, even further away…

  • matty1

    It seems a bit unfair on all those poor migrants to struggle to enter the US only to run into people like that.

  • Dave Maier

    Good one Modus, wasn’t expecting that.

  • dingojack

    MO – You said you stayed ’cause you absolutely had to document every moment of the so-called Gay Pride ‘Depravity’* !!!



    * That, and you looked hawt in KY & leather chaps, naturally

  • lldayo

    What will these people do when every state legalizes gay marriage?

  • Nemo

    It’s really annoying that she can just lie like that and count on no one in her intended audience doing any fact-checking.

    Texas isn’t the fastest-growing state, either. (At least not in percentage terms — it might be, in terms of raw numerical population increase.) Source:

    In fact, the only state with a negative growth rate is Rhode Island. And Massachusetts is right in the middle of the list.

  • teawithbertrand

    Sorry, but didn’t we hear this exact same horseshit from Phyllis Schlafly recently, right down to the “voting with their feet” line? And are we to believe that people who are big enough assholes to pack up their lives and families and move across the country because their home states recognize marriage equality are willing to do so quietly, without so much as a whimper of protest?

  • Anthony K

    Voting with their feet? You’re supposed to vote with ballots. This subversion of the democratic process smells of VOTER FRAUD!

    …and sweaty gym socks.

  • LightningRose

    If this was true, think of the transportation costs FEMA could save by building all those death camps right there in Texas!

  • marcus

    MO I think I saw your float! It was right behind the Big Gay Bandwagon! (I think it was giving it a reach-around.) Awwsome!

  • I think we can use this to solve our immigration problem. Just post people like Cathie along the border to act as “greeters” for the new arrivala. It’s got to be a helluva lot cheap than a 2,000 mile long fence.

  • magistramarla

    There are some of us who are stuck in Texas against our will because of a job. That’s why we had to move from California, which we love, to Texas, which we hate. When the hubby retires, we’re headed back to California.

    Of course, if he can get a DOD position in DC, we’ll get out of this miserable place a few years sooner.

  • magistramarla

    I’ve been thinking about this a bit more. I have a very, very good reason to flee TO a marriage equality state, even though I’m not gay. I am disabled, and my afflictions won’t shorten my life, but severely hamper my mobility.

    If my hubby should pre-decease me, there is a good chance that I would wind up in an assisted-living facility.

    In that case, I sure as hell want to be living in a blue state, which btw, is more likely to be a marriage equality state.

    Why? I would prefer that the people looking after me have a decent living wage and healthcare for themselves and their families, rather than coming to work exhausted from holding down two or three low wage jobs and not having the money to treat their own illness or those of their children, as is true of so many nursing home employees in red states.

    Besides wanting this simply because I care about other human beings, this would also make it more likely that I and other residents would receive better care.

    This is one of the reasons that my hubby and I have determined that we will retire in a blue state, or even overseas if this country continues to decline.

  • Ichthyic

    Yet, there are liberals who are trying to influence all of us in places like Hollywood and San Francisco. They want to change Texas.”

    This, actually, is true. You know what’s also true?

    Most Texans also want the same changes for Texas.

    Unfortunately, they have been entirely disenfranchised by horrible amounts of illegal gerrymandering in that State, that Karl Rove himself engineered.

  • Ichthyic

    Voting with their feet? You’re supposed to vote with ballots. This subversion of the democratic process smells of VOTER FRAUD!

    It’s been a reality for quite a while though, and many articles have pointed out how the US is gradually becoming more and more segregated; by race and by ideology.

    here’s a good example of people who have been working for years to segregate society:

    this shit is real, it IS affecting demographics and voting patterns.

  • steve84

    If only it were true

  • pocketnerd

    This is great news! My state just got same-sex marriage — if it makes all the homophobes and reactionaries rage-quit, that’s just an added bonus.

  • dogmeat

    Huh. I moved to my current state because that’s where the job is. I certainly did not move to this very red state because I was attracted by the politics!

    Same here. They also claimed that Tucson was the “Madison of the west.” Bullshit! I’ve been to Madison, fun filled hippy leftist town, loved it. Tucson? Not so much. Bisbee? Yeah, actually closer. The rest of southern Arizona? Yikes, the stupid burns. The rest of the state politically? Painfully stupid, oblivious to the fact that their policies are upside-down and backwards. Constantly bitching about the quality of public services and constantly sending the same boneheads who do everything they can to cut the funding for those very services everyone bitches about.

  • Well, let’s see. For one thing, Massachusetts has a population density of 858.0 per square mile, Texas 101.2. In order for Texas to catch up, it would have to reach a population of about 224 million. Not only is this is a rather far-fetched proposition in its own right, but the world would surely end in a cataclysmic Christly fireball well before this could happen.

    For another, you could look at where people from Massachusetts might be moving to. All five of its neighbors allow same-sex couples to marry, as do NY, PA, NJ, DE and MD. You have to go at least as far as WV to reach a state where they cannot.

    (I realize that such attempts to inject even tongue-in-cheek reason into this are both superfluous and pointless, but I do wonder how the dipshit who wrote the column would respond to these data. Would she simply claim that everyone emigrating from MA, or any same-sex-marriage-friendly state, are bound for TX? She might at that.)