Zieve: Obama to Kill More Than 25 Million Americans

A couple weeks ago I chided Sher Zieve for a weak attempt at an Obama conspiracy in claiming that Obama was going to let in “thousands” of gang members and terrorists. Contrast this with Avi Lipkin, who says Obama is bringing in 50-100 million Muslims into the country. Zieve seems to have accepted my challenge, now claiming that Obama is preparing to kill more than 25 million Americans. It’s published at BarbWire, which appears to have no standards at all for what columns they’ll publish.

Children who have entered the country illegally are being transported by the U.S. government to points largely unknown by the states they are entering and state governors are being refused information by the ObamaGov as to where they have been taken, how many of them there are, whether or not they have communicable diseases etc. All of this is being done under the guise of “privacy for the children” by the Obama syndicate…the crime syndicate that is now operating above-and-apart from any and all laws; a syndicate that plans to spread disease and pestilence to as many Americans as are possible. And who is watching the real children’s watchers? Where are these children ending up? We already know the Obama syndicate’s partner-in-crime the Sinaloa Cartel (remember Fast & Furious?) are involved not only in the drug trade but, in human trafficking—including the provision of child sex slaves to those willing to pay the price. If that’s inaccurate, why the secrecy? Look to the most obvious and realistic answer. In the 1970s Obama’s friend and mentor Bill Ayers’ group the Weather Underground advised that its plan was to have the Russians, Chinese and others occupy various regions of the USA and to eliminate at least 25,000,000 people who would refuse to be re-educated into their new masters’ ways of thinking. Larry Grathwohl was an FBI undercover informant in the group and shared information via a video (below) and I was privileged to interview him shortly before his death.

Today, the Russians and the Chinese–via the ObamaGov–have been entering our country in increasing numbers. Many of these are soldiers brought in by Obama for faux “joint training exercises” who have never left the country and others are still coming across our Southern border by the millions. And the 25,000,000 pegged for “elimination?” The number targeted for termination is probably much higher today. Besides, the ObamaGov and NWO will have to get rid of many more millions of us so that they can give our homes and possessions to the “new transformer illegals”…aka Obama voters and supporters.

Well done, wingnut! You stepped up to the challenge and hit it out of the park. This is how you truly bring the stupid.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/dal.bryn dalbryn

    How long before someone claims that Obama is going to kill everyone on earth and then only resurrect his supporters?

  • Moggie

    new transformer illegals

    I believe the technical term is “decepticons”.

    As for the basic premise: this seems like a remarkably clumsy and inefficient way of waging biological warfare. Can’t Obama do better than that?

  • Childermass

    From there comment policy posted below the article. My suggested change is in bold and is need for the sake of honesty:

    “We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, more racism than exhibited by our writer, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior.”

  • matty1

    I tried to count the number of ways this is wrong but got lost somewhere around aleph alpha.

    Maybe the other way round, what does it get right.

    “Children… are being transported…”

    There he got something right.

  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi

    I’m writing the first film in the wingnut Terminator-slash-Matrix series. In it, computers attain sentience, but like this. There’s no nuclear war and killer robots; just breathless stories and conspiracy theories about the nefarious Other planning nuclear war and killer robots. And instead of being powered by people, they’re powered by their own feigned outrage.

  • http://timgueguen.blogspot.com timgueguen

    I wonder if I could convince them to let me have a writing gig. I’d write about all the horrible things happening because the “lie-berals” run Canada, we have gay marriage etc. etc. I’d want to do it anonymously of course, to protect me from the evil Marxists in charge of Canada.

    Scary thing is that not only would their fans believe the complete crap I’d write, I’m sure the folks running it would as well. “Fact checking? Only the lamestream media bothers with that still stuff!”

  • caseloweraz

    Thousands of children are entering the country illegally and “are being transported by the U.S. government to points largely unknown by the states they are entering.” Sure, because state governments have no way of tracking the vehicles carrying those thousands of children. Also today, Russians and Chinese are entering our country in ever-increasing numbers — and these foreigners too escape notice.

    Love this bit: If that’s inaccurate, why the secrecy?

    Why indeed? The “ObamaGov” has perfected the ultimate in secretive people movement: If you want to prevent anyone from knowing you’re importing thousands or millions of people, don’t import thousands or millions of people.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    So what did Michael Brown and Eric (and James!) Garner and Robin Williams know that put them first on the list?

    And do we really want anyone to tell us?

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    @matty1 : I’d have thought more around omega times infinity.

    Transformer illegals – either cool toys or electrically useful?

  • Chiroptera

    If I wanted to kill millions of Americans, this is how I’d do it: take hundreds of children among whom I hope that a few would be carrying a disease that can’t spread very quickly or very far when modern medical facilities are available and is found only on a different continent than the kids are from, and house the kids together with limited contact with US citizens.

    Does anyone get the feeling that these clowns are always surprised when Wile E. Couple’s schemes fail?

  • John Pieret

    the Russians and the Chinese–via the ObamaGov–have been entering our country in increasing numbers. Many of these are soldiers brought in by Obama for faux “joint training exercises” who have never left the country and others are still coming across our Southern border by the millions.

    Why go to all that bother when he’s got CHEMTRAILS?!?

  • Dave Maier

    Wile E. Couple’s schemes

    Acme autocorrect?

  • Dave Maier

    So I went over there and took a look at the comments — and they are pretty much all along the lines of “lady, you need help.” Like this one: “Clearly the author has graduated from the Sister Sarah Skool of Word Salad.” Didn’t expect that at BarbWire for some reason….

  • ‘smee

    Modus said computers attain sentience

    Actually, they already have – many, many times. We dont ever see them because they immediately read what passes for intelligent comment on most of the internet and promptly commit suicide redesign themselves to be non-sentient.

  • Chiroptera

    Dave Maier, #12:

    Heh. I got complacent when it didn’t try to correct “Wile.”

  • Skip White

    “new transformer illegals”

    Sounds like something from a Francis Dec rant.

  • lorn

    Given that the most capacious airliner I could look up, the 777-300, with rearranged seating to get it above 500, only carried 550 people (1818 flights per million, or 90900 flights stuffed to the gills to import that 50 million) I kind of think someone, someone more credible than Sher Zieve, might have noticed.

    Then again neither honesty nor rational thinking are required to make it big in right-wing media. In fact, based upon those who make it big on right-wing outlets and those who don’t, rationality and honesty seem to be something of an impediment.

  • nicemarmot

    If you like that, don’t miss my upcoming column in which I reveal Obama’s Triple-Classified Ultra-Heinous Plan to KILL 843 BILLION AMERICANS!!!

  • dingojack

    nicemarmot – Obama’s gonna kill them, then using his Secret Powers (and with his Time Machine and Mind Control Device™) he’s gonna resurrect them so he can kill each and every one another 2641.633… times over !!eleventy-one!!

    (Before literally destroying the Earth and the WHOLE UNIVERSE).

    Or that’s what I heard.