Weepy Eyed Glenn Goes Full Blown Schmaltz

There are few things more ridiculous than when Glenn Beck gets all melodramatic and has a breakdown. Here’s a classic example as he weeps and sobs in between verses of America the Beautiful while delivering a stream of consciousness rant about everything he’s upset about.

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  • sh3baproject

    glenn beck: accomplished whiner.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Do you ever wonder what his glycerine budget is? Whether there are long-term effects from abuse? Whether there is a program to help abusers kick the habit?

  • trog69

    “You’re either with us, or you’re with the enemy.”

    ISIS didn’t have to life a finger to divide us. Reagan split us as surely as any terrorist group could ever dream of.

  • I really can’t tell whether or not this is an act anymore. Future psychologists will have a lot of fun with footage like this.

  • Cycleninja #4, it’s an act.

  • boadinum

    I accidentally let the video run while I went to tinkle. When I came back moments later the dog had barfed on the carpet.

    It may just be a coincidence, but I think the dog has more sense than I do.

  • I really can’t tell whether or not this is an act anymore.

    As best as I can explain it, it’s not an act, but it is a performance.

    What I mean is that while Beck will claim that he believes in what he says, he would likely agree that he is hamming things up — the rhetoric, the tears, the anger, etc. — as part of his public performance in front of the microphone and camera. (If you could catch him in a candid moment, anyway.)

    Most good public speakers do this. The best speakers always have the best anecdotes, spinning them as inspiring or cautionary tales from their personal history or from second or third hand sources, but the odds are that they have been greatly elaborated and embellished to suit their purposes.

    But that doesn’t mean they don’t believe in the central message they’re trying convey, and I really do think that Beck believes America is in peril and he is arrogant enough to believe that when America doesn’t fall into the deep dark hole he believes is around the corner, he will have played a major part in saving his nation.

    A Glenn Beck of 20 years ago might disagree, but he’s been living in his own bubble since then surrounded by yes men who are constantly telling him what he wants to hear, and having legions of fans hanging on his every word has surely had an effect to. So now he does believe, because he has to believe.

  • John Pieret

    “stream of consciousness

    Isn’t that a rather large assumption?

  • secular1004

    And he gets an ego boost when the crew gives him a pat on the back for pulling off that bullshit……