Idaho Constitution Party Cans Gay Gubernatorial Candidate

The Idaho chapter of the Constitution Party nominated a candidate for governor named Steve Pankey who was, according to himself, openly gay. But when he actually came out in favor of marriage equality publicly, the party, which is blatantly theocratic, quickly decided to dump him. All eight of them did.

On May 20, Pankey wrote a letter to state Attorney General Lawrence Wasden in which he urged Wasden to comply with a federal court’s ruling overturning Idaho’s ban on same-sex marriage.

“As Idaho’s only gay 2014 candidate for governor,” he said, “I urge you to allow Federal Magistrate Candy Dale’s Order for same sex marriage to stand. Allowing same sex marriage is consistent with Idaho’s fair and equal values.”

On May 23, Pankey went public with those views. Five days later, he received an angry memo from Constitution Party chairperson Floyd Whitley.

“The publicly stated, albeit personally held, opinions of Mr. Pankey are an outright defiance of the clearly expressed Platform of the Constitution Party of Idaho,” wrote Whitley, “which has, since the inception of this party been clear as to its principled opposition to homosexual perversion.”

At their convention, attended by a whopping 15 people, only 8 of which had voting rights, they voted 6-2 to remove him as their candidate. But here’s an obvious question: Why the hell would a gay man be a member of a party that is openly theocratic?

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