Tea Party of Louisiana Cites Parody Article on Common Core

Sen. David Vitter broke ranks with his far-right brethren and endorsed the Common Core education reforms and that has the Tea Party of Louisiana hopping mad. So mad that they cited a fake article claiming that Common Core turns kids gay from a site called Broken World News.


The Broken World News article could not be more obvious a parody:

Initial estimates suggest that as many as 60% of students who participated in Common Core have gone gay, many overnight. But experts fear that some are just transitioning a little slower.

“Some kids are a little more decisive than others,” says Raymond Johnson of Biblical Concepts Ministries, “Choosing one’s sexual orientation can be a difficult decision. I know it was for me. But the materials in Common Core are coercing students in the direction of homosexuality.”

The punchline: The “about” page for Broken World News says:

Disclaimer: If you believe any of the shit you read here you are a freaking moron.

That has now been conclusively proven.

"Yep. Principally raking in a nice fat paycheck for hauling the party line."

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  • Reginald Selkirk

    Facebook is currently receiving some ridicule for placing a “satire” label on Onion articles. Here is the proof that such assistance is needed by some.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Here is the proof that such assistance is needed by some.

    And tragically [1] insufficient for others.

    [1] I’d have written “comically” except that these people have actual influence on policy and people’s lives.

  • John Pieret

    There are not enough desks to head.

  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi


  • Loqi


    Chemtrails, flourinated water, and Alex Jones’ gay mind control juice boxes.

  • marcus

    @5 You forgot the “Rainbow” Whopper.

  • MyPetSlug

    Disclaimer: If you believe any of the shit you read here you are a freaking moron.

    Ironically, this same disclaimer should appear on the tea party of Louisiana’s website too.

  • tsig

    The COLORS, THE COLORS, they made me gay, you know.

  • peterh

    How is it these Louisiana Morons™ (and their like elsewhere) don’t realize such wildly hysterical flim-flammery can’t possibly pass a straight-face test?

  • grumpyoldfart

    I can find heaps of websites saying the Tea Party cited the article, but no information about where the actual citation appeared. Anyone know?

  • John Pieret

    grumpyoldfart @ 10:

    Here is the attack on Vitter:


    But it seems even teabaggers can learn to scrub their embarrassing mistakes. The headline:

    Common Core Education Poses Serious Problems for the Future of the Republic – David Barton

    … is now “1.” instead of “2.” as in the screenshot above.

  • bybelknap

    I see what you did there, Quasitsig!

  • alexmcdonald

    There are secretive methods being employed within our schools through which this information is gathered, sometimes without students’ knowledge. For example, parallel streams can be used from effective sensors like facial expression cameras, posture analysis seats, pressure mouses and wireless skin conductance sensors. These devices are engaged while students use computers and the information is gathered through biofeedback. While it is illegal for the federal government to collect this data and maintain a database compiled of this information, the Feds have provided financial incentives to those states who are adopting Common Core standards, for gathering this data, maintaining a database and reporting it to the Feds.

    from this batshit crazy site.

  • anubisprime

    @ OP

    So mad that they cited a fake article

    Desperation leads to lies and the use of lies, because there is nothing else!

    That religion soaked biassed politico morons use such fatuous garbage rather highlights the point that no exaggeration, no embellishment, no factual distortion, no lie …is to far, or too ridiculous, when they are slipping inch by inch into the tar-pit of ignorant stupidity for future generation to point and laugh at!

  • tbp1

    I will confess that I once took an Andy Borowitz satire as the real thing. A lot of his stuff is SO close to what he is satirizing it is perhaps excusable (once), but this “article” explicitly states that it’s BS.

    Do they just not read at all past the headline and maybe the first sentence?

  • smhll

    Fun example about how Google will find you the “facts” you are looking for if your search is pointed enough…

  • anubisprime

    So mentally bankrupt are these bozos that they are only looking for a confirmation bias in anything they froth about…they are intellectually retarded to the point of acting like flies on DDT, shivering , shaking and buzzing in circles, they are desperate at clutching at any reed or anything that might stabilize their rickety holed and leaking ark…whether it is true or false it matters not…they still have to preserve their ego…which when all is said and done is their priority,…

    and that is done at the frequent dismissal of reality as a routine trait.

  • freehand

    Since they have learned from infancy to never fact-check the assertions they hear against reality, by the time they are adults their internal map of the world consists largely of emotionally-fueled non sequitors. Most of these independent claims are false, and contradict the others.