OMG! Police Captain Throwing Gang Signs!

CNN has learned why you don’t let your average idiot upload a “news” report to their website after someone uploaded video of Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson making hand gestures with a couple people and said he was sending “gang signs.” Turns out they’re the equivalent of the “secret handshake” for his fraternity.

Conservatives and a CNN iReport incorrectly concluded that Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson was in a gang after seeing photos of him making hand gestures to support his fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi.

The Washington Post on Wednesday fact checked the assertion made by a CNN iReport that photos of Johnson, who was appointed by the governor to take over security operations following protests over the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, proved that he had been a member of the Bloods gang.

The iReport, which CNN had scrubbed from its website, was circulate on Twitter by user DixielandDiva, who tweeted, “BLACK Capt. Ron Johnson and his gang signs needs to resign.”

The misinformation reportedly spawned a Facebook page calling on Johnson to step down, and also spread to other websites.

I bet he was doing “terrorist fistbumps” too.

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  • dhall

    Have the classes in how to conduct research and how to shut up if you don’t know what you’re talking about been dropped from the the curriculum for journalism majors?

  • AsqJames

    Wait, fraternities aren’t gangs?

  • Synfandel

    “Some would say black folks must constantly prove their humanity or, at the very least, explain black American culture — sometimes a comically Sisyphean task,” the Post’s Soraya Nadia McDonald wrote.

    There. See? “Sisyphean.” The Ferguson conflict is caused by the Gay Agenda!

  • D. C. Sessions

    Synfandel, you’re on a roll today. Please continue.

  • Oh. My. God. How come the Liberal Media isn’t reporting this? The Bloods have taken over Kappa Alpha Psi!

  • @AsqJames #2 –

    Wait, fraternities aren’t gangs?

    Fraternities are gangs only when they are Black fraternities. Or something like that.

  • reddiaperbaby1942

    Gangs and fraternities are very similar institutions. They both provide their members with a sense of security, identity and community, based on the explicit exclusion of outsiders. They both use various overt symbols, including the gestures referred to here, which serve to identify the members to one another. They also rely on ritual and other forms of specific behavior, including hazing and initiation rituals. In addition, they both offer their members support in various situations vis-à-vis the outside world, including later in life. Both often define their membership in terms of racial and/or ethnic criteria. In fact, the only difference I can see is that gangs serve primarily working class and “inner-city” boys (and some girls), fraternities and sororities serve middle-class and upper-class kids. Gangs are perceived as violent, but fraternities are rife in particular with the “rape culture”.

    And we might well include “adult” organizations — Elks, Rotarians, Freemasons and what have you, which offer the same sense of community and identity to insecure individuals. The need for this kind of support in adolescence is understandable, but adults shouldn’t really need it. Though I guess our hanging out on a blog like this, with our “kindred spirits”, is a bit of the same kind of thing — most of us presumably have better things to do with our time!

  • dingojack

    You mean Animal House was a documentary!?!

    😀 Dingo

  • Dunc