Carson Blames Brown Shooting on ‘Political Correctness’

Ben Carson is the latest conservative to come up with a completely incoherent explanation for the Michael Brown shooting. His answer: Political correctness is what got him killed by a police officer. Would you like to hear his explanation of the causal link between those two things? So would I, but he doesn’t even attempt to make one. On the Steve Malzberg show, they had this exchange:

Doctor, do you see a world now through a media and maybe even through the White House and Justice Department and the State Department where Hamas is kind of equal to Israel, they have their own grievances, you put a suit and tie on the Hamas spokesmen and you believe what they say, and Israel has to be proportional to their response; and now the cops, Rachel Maddow says the cops are rioting and Obama says they’re too militarized, as many people do, and we have got to hear the grievances and there’s a war on black men, we hear from some people. Do you see how these two kind of go together in a bizarre world of sorts?

“It’s very bizarre, and I see a very politically correct administration, and political correctness is in the process of destroying this nation,” Carson responded.

If there’s anything even remotely like an actual argument in there, I’m not finding it. And in a radio show for the Moonie Times, he delivers another strange diatribe about “political correctness” — whatever that is, and he never attempts to define it — and how it creates a “hypersensitivity” that for some completely unexplained reason he thinks caused Michael Brown to be shot.

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Then, in a moment of self-contradiction that would make Bryan Fischer proud, he said that the problem is that the problem with the protesters in Ferguson is that they haven’t been taught to respect authority:

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That’s funny, because when it was a thousand heavily armed white people defying a perfectly legal court order and pointing automatic weapons at government officials, he called them “outstanding people” who were necessarily standing up to the government. So when police officers point guns at peaceful protesters, shoot rubber bullets and tear gas at them, those protesters just need to respect authority. When Bureau of Land Management agents try to enforce a lawful court order and a thousand heavily armed dipshits show up and point guns at those agents, that’s perfectly fine.

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  • D. C. Sessions

    It makes perfect sense when you accept that “respect for authority” is a tuple. My children need to respect my authority, but I need to respect my pastor’s authority, and so on up through the natural order until you get to God.

    Similarly, since the police are higher on the Chain of Creation than the savages in the streets, they need to be taught a lesson. Likewise, the BLM thugs need to be taught a lesson in respecting the superior authority of good, God-fearing white men with rifles.

    It all depends on who you are.

  • Jeremy Shaffer

    When Bureau of Land Management agents try to enforce a lawful court order and a thousand heavily armed dipshits show up and point guns at those agents, that’s perfectly fine.

    I think the word you’re looking for is heroic. Standing up to the agents was perfectly heroic.

    Of course, like the word miracle, the word heroic has lost some meaning in the last few years thanks to it being drafted into pumping up the rather mundane or even damaging activities of certain crowds of people.

  • jws1

    “‘political correctness – whatever that is, and he never attempts to define it -…”

    A tactic of pure genius: ask the person using the term to define it! Hilarity ensues…

  • busterggi

    In right-wing speech ‘political correctness’ = anything to the left of fascism.

  • chirez

    As far as I can tell from those quotes without listening to the audio, what he’s struggling to say is that people side with the unarmed teenager gunned down by police because of political correctness. Supporting the rights of any oppressed minority is, of course, a fashion statement for the liberal elite.

  • howardhershey

    The reason that political correctness led to his death is (I am trying to think like Dr. Carson here, difficult though it may be) because it causes n****rs to get uppity and think they can walk down the middle of a street without the police shooting them for it.

  • smrnda

    A yes, authority. And WHY should we respect authority, O wise one? After all, right wingers seem to be quite against authority when it’s the government telling them they have to pay taxes, can’t beat their kids, and have to serve members of groups they don’t like at their for profit businesses.