D’Souza: Ferguson Situation Just Like ISIS

In the seemingly endless competition among right wing pundits and leaders to make the most ludicrous and offensive comparisons between Obama and horrible things, Dinesh D’Souza may have jumped into the lead. He explained to Newsmax how Obama and Holder’s actions regarding the situation in Ferguson are just like what ISIS is doing in Iraq.

D’Souza accused President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and Al Sharpton of undermining the justice system by “fostering an atmosphere in Ferguson that basically goes ‘let’s declare that this guy is probably guilty and let’s see what we can do to put him up against the wall.’ The idea that he would get impartial justice is becoming highly questionable.”

Declaring that, historically, it was black people who were denied equal justice under the law, D’Souza said that now we are seeing “a complete flip” so that now white people cannot get justice under President Obama and America is just “going from one set of injustices to another.”

That somehow led D’Souza to claim that there is “a common thread between ISIS and what’s going on in Ferguson” because, in both situations, people are seeking to correct a perceived injustice by inflicting a whole host of new injustices “and all of this is then licensed by the Left and licensed, to some degree, by the media.”

What, no Hitler comparison? I’m disappointed.


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  • Chiroptera

    The whole problem in Ferguson is not enough colonialism.

  • dugglebogey

    Dinesh D’Souza is without a doubt the greatest example of someone who loves THE FUCK out of “America” but hates the guts of most “Americans.”

  • marcus

    Shorter D’Sousa, “Blargle, blargle … blargle”

    What an unmitigated asshole. If they wanted to give the Earth an enema that would put the syringe right in D’Sousa overworked pie-hole.

  • colnago80

    Gee, the inhabitants of Ferguson are going around beheading cops. Not.

  • To be fair, they do share similarities. For one, both are Obama’s fault. Actually, everything is.

  • anubisprime

    Maybe D’Souza better shut the fuck up…cos sooner rather then later his ethics will land him in a penitential situation where certain folks might not take to kindly to his…errr…wisdom.

  • Hasn’t he been sentenced yet?

  • Kevin Kehres

    Says a guy who, if walking down the street in Ferguson, would probably get a whole can of cop whoopass given to him.

    Seriously, he doesn’t understand that he’s just another n*****?

  • felidae

    Ever the publicity hound, D’Sleaza will say anything that will get him on the news–kinda makes me want to rewatch the Youtube debates where Hitch gives him a much deserved verbal asskicking


  • illdoittomorrow

    […]D’Souza said that now we are seeing “a complete flip” so that now white people cannot get justice under President Obama and America is just “going from one set of injustices to another.”

    Jesus, it’s even getting so bad a cop can’t shoot an unarmed black man on the street without getting criticized for it!

  • Kevin Kehres @8, I found myself thinking along similar lines. You’d think he’d realise he’s only one bad day from running into someone who, solely on his looks, thinks he’s a Muslim and assaults him. That he could be pulled over for “driving while black” because his skin is dark enough to attract that kind of bigoted cop.