Woman Pens Astonishingly Stupid Anti-Feminist Column

From the Department of Internalized Misogyny comes this column at BarbWire, written by someone named Brandi Kay, who describes herself as a “white, single, heterosexual, conservative, Christian woman” and an “equal opportunity offender.” It’s one of the dumbest things you’ll ever read on the subject.

Some women resented the rights and freedoms that men had in America. So, before, during, and after prohibition, it was the right to vote that women pursued aggressively. ‘Women’s Suffrage.’ Initially, women’s right to vote led to the nullification of both their vote and their husband’s vote. Politicians, seeing this trend, saw dollar signs, and women, being emotionally driven creatures, were easy to appeal to. And so the pandering to the female voter began, and continues to this day.

Oh yes, of course. The only possible reason a woman could want the right to vote is because they resent men. Not because they’re human beings capable of thinking for themselves or anything. I will agree with her only to this extent: She sure as hell shouldn’t vote, not because she’s “emotionally driven” but because she’s a moron.

After achieving the right to vote, women quietly plotted and pushed boundaries further than they ever had been before. The next major leap for women was the Women’s Liberation Movement which is ongoing, even today. Women wanted to become college educated, work outside the home, and run for political office. These goals are noble pursuits for single women and they should have equal income for equal output. But, once a woman has children, those goals are no longer noble. The woman should be the person raising her children, not a child care center, full of strangers. There have been too many cases of abuse at the hands of these strangers, and at the expense of the normal development of the children.

I’d be willing to bet that she also rails against women who don’t have children, since she rails against birth control as well, which means she’s really arguing against women getting an education or having a job at all.

Some of us, actually miss the times when men were men and that was a trait to be admired. Women in suits and loud exultations of the unfairness toward women have ruined life as we knew it. They took the feminine mystique out of the equation. Some of us liked being treated like we were something special, to be treasured by all men.

Sorry, but this man certainly isn’t going to treasure someone like you, or any man who would want someone like you.

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