‘Ex-Gay’ Awareness Month 2: Electric Boogaloo

Remember when the anti-gay bigots announced last year that October was “Ex-gay Awareness Month” and held a rally attended by fewer than ten people? Well get ready for “Ex-Gay” Awareness Month 2: Electric Boogaloo in October. And they’re holding a summit, but they’ll only tell you where it’s going to be held after you register, presumably so no one can show up to see only a handful of people there.


Boy, that looks exciting. Alan Keyes will give his usual shouty, weepy speech. Maybe he’ll tell the inspiring tale of how he disowned his own daughter for being a lesbian. That’s sure to get a standing ovation. Peter Sprigg can reiterate his demand that we start deporting gay people. It’ll be a rousing good time for all 9 people show show up.

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  • Chiroptera

    …but they’ll only tell you where it’s going to be held after you register, presumably so no one can show up to see only a handful of people there.


    So the majority of the people signing up will be pro-equality people who just want to know where the rally will be held?

  • Abby Normal

    Given that even their rallies are hiding deep in the closet, I’m going to guess it is being held in Narnia.

  • I’m sure the address will show up on Grindr.

  • DaveL

    They should make a deal with a local hotel to get a discount for attendees. Shutting yourself in the closet for the entire time puts less wear and tear on the rooms.

  • It’ll be a rousing good time for all 9 people show show up.

    They have ten speakers booked so that is going to mean that they have a 10% increase on the last turn out.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Hey, you get a sneak preview of a movie about a guy warbling at nasty-looking storm clouds – for only $89!

    Plus hors d’ouevres! (Uh, are us red-blooded two-fisted macho hetero American Men™ allowed to even touch those things? I mean, they’re like, all French and stuff…)

  • Will the guy who wanted to sentence gays to 10 years of hard labor be there?

  • dhall

    “Join us on Friday, October 3rd, as we share our stories with Congress on behalf of former homosexuals, individuals with unwanted same-sex attractions, and their families.”

    Sounds like an exciting day for Congress. What exactly do they hope to accomplish? A flood of anti-gay legislation to be vetoed by Obama–if it even makes it to his desk?

  • Chiroptera

    dhall, #8: What exactly do they hope to accomplish?

    Good question. I know my response would be, “I’m sorry you don’t like being gay. But what does this have to do with marriage equality or non-discrimination?”

  • John Pieret

    Gee! I didn’t know Alan Keyes, Matt Barber, Sandy Rios, and all those other people were gay once upon a time!

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    @Pierce R. Butler #6:

    It’s okay as long as you pronounce it “horse doovers”.

  • I would be happy to sign up and get that information. I’d even show up, too. With a hidden camera, of course, so I can make sure their conference gets the YouTube coverage it deserves. (Insert evil cackle here.)

  • I went to their site to look it over, and noticed that they have PayPal buttons for registration. Clicked on: yup, it’s not just a lazy copy of a button, it is a real, honest to Eris PayPal button. Clicking on their flyer takes you to a badly formatted PDF: what appear to be embedded links do not work, copying the links into a URL bar mangles them, and when unmangled, the link returns a missing page. The PDF mentions that the group reserves the right to throw anyone out of the conference, for any reason, at their sole discretion.

    I get the serious feeling that there is no convention, and the whole thing is just a front so they can claim that there was a convention.

  • davem

    From the agenda: “5:00pm – 6:00pm – Dinner (on your own)” . Looks like they’re not expecting more than 1 attendee…