AL GOP Chair: Is Obama a Sociopath?

There seems to be no limit to the extreme rhetoric aimed at President Obama, not just from right wing radio hosts and bomb throwers but by powerful Republican officials. Alabama Republican Party Chairman Bill Armistead sent out an email to party members asking whether Obama is a sociopath because he played golf while on vacation.

Is Obama A Sociopath?

President Obama returned to the White House last night after a two week vacation to Martha’s Vineyard. Amidst an international crisis in the Middle East, a national crisis in Missouri and the beheading of American journalist James Foley by ISIS, President Obama practiced his golf swing by day and his dance moves by night. While on vacation, President Obama seemed to shut himself off from the rest of the country. His apparent disregard for the state of our nation is appalling.

While police used tear gas and smoke bombs to curb protesters armed with Molotov cocktails in Missouri, President Obama danced the night away in Martha’s Vineyard with the Clintons and other high-dollar guests. Many began begging the question: where are Obama’s priorities?

The day after the party, Obama gave a short press conference where he attempted to express concern over the “violent turn” of events in Ferguson. He stated there is no excuse for violence against police, or for police to use excessive force against non-violent protestors. Obama came dressed to the press conference in a plaid button-down, khakis and a blazer. An outfit more fit for lunch at the country club than a presidential press conference. In fact, less than 15 minutes after the press conference, Obama was seen teeing off on the course. These images do not portray ones of concern or of leadership. Obama breezed through the press conference and his message was clear; he just wanted to get back to his vacation.

Obama has taken less vacation time in his entire presidency than Congress took this year alone. This is just partisan bullshit. If a Democrat said this about a Republican (and they have, both parties do this crap), he would feign outrage at how ridiculous it is. This isn’t the first time Armistead has said incredibly stupid things about Obama. He’s one of those right wing morons who think Obama’s “real father” is Frank Marshall Davis and he’s therefore a communist (as opposed to the right wing morons who think his real father is Malcolm X and therefore he’s a Muslim, and those right wing morons who think his real father is Barack Obama, Sr. and therefore he’s a Kenyan anti-colonialist).

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  • Chiroptera

    Of course, just looking at the headline, before reading the post, I was able to predict: conservatives don’t know what “sociopath” means.

  • Chiroptera

    A real President would have gone to his ranch to hold a photo op of him cuttin’ firewood.

  • dhall

    Or, maybe a real president would have just flown Air Force One over Ferguson . . .

  • Moggie

    Many began begging the question

    Is that what passes for English in Alabama?

  • Modusoperandi

    Worse, Obama wasn’t even a caddie.

  • colnago80

    I really get a laugh out of these types of charges. Anybody remember how George H. W. Bush went cigarette boating at the start of the first Gulf War? Actually, as I understand it, Obama has spent more time in the White House then most of his predecessors.

  • reddiaperbaby1942

    “Many began begging the question.”

    Can someone PLEASE give these illiterates (homeschooled, perhaps?) a basic course in logic! They just sound like idiots. But of course their base loves this; anything else would be pretentiously elitist.

  • Alverant

    “If a Democrat said this about a Republican”

    the Democrat would be correct, at least about W who took more than a fourth of his presidency off to go play cowboy on his ranch and occasionally work.

  • John Pieret

    Many began begging the question: where are Obama’s priorities?

    In a sense, the usage is correct. People who ask such a question under these circumstances are assuming the conclusion.

  • composer99

    Like any other employee in a sane society, as an employee of the US citizenry (nominally), Obama is surely entitled to some vacation time.

    (Of course, he can’t reasonably expect to “get away from it all”, but he should at least be able to get away from the office once in a while.)

  • petemoulton

    Chiroptera @ #1: “Of course, just looking at the headline, before reading the post, I was able to predict: conservatives don’t know what “sociopath” means.”

    And that’s despite the fact that they’re textbook examples.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Alverant, the big difference was that Cheney didn’t need Shrub around much.

  • lorn

    So … the assertion is that the president isn’t allowed to do partake in recreation if any Americans are in discord? The US is a big country. We are a nation of over 310 million people. It is a pretty good bet that pretty much 24/7/365 someone has in that hour been shot, stabbed, is rioting, has been grievously injured, or died. It is what humans do, and Americans seem particularly adept at the violent end of that.

  • adobo

    Projection, projection, projection.

    Oh yes … and an utter lack of self-awareness!

  • Childermass

    I remember people ranting about a Jimmy Carter vacation. Bush 41 got a lot of criticism for vacationing during the Persian Gulf crisis. And Bush 43 got more vacation time than multiple Frenchmen.

    /Yeah, presidential vacations still involve hours every day doing President stuff.

  • Electric Shaman

    Obama would have gotten more respect had he fobbed the reporters of with an insincere and stockstandard reply then instructed the media to “watch this drive” and display his manly golfing prowess for all to behold. He could obviously never equal Bush’s skill and mastery of this gentleman’s sport in our eyes, but at least we would know he was taking these serious matters with the appropriate level of presidential deliberation.

  • skinnercitycyclist

    They are all wrong about Obama’s parentage. His old man was a cotton-pickin’, finger-lickin’ chicken plucker, and he is a cotton-pickin’, finger-lickin’ chicken plucker’s son.

  • birgerjohansson

    But Ed, only humans can be sociopaths. Everyone knows Obama is an alien shapeshifter.

  • birgerjohansson

    The aliens are inserting their DNA in the cotton plants now? That would explain it.

  • composer99

    Another thought.

    A serious attempt at making the case that Obama is a sociopath would go through the constellation of traits known to be associated with sociopathy, and attempting to show that Obama ‘s personality or behaviour matches a sufficient number of traits to qualify.

    But I’m gonna say that “goes on vacation occasionally” doesn’t count.

  • sugarfrosted

    It is claimed that many politicians do meet criteria for antisocial personality disorder, but I don’t really know if anyone has really studied this scientifically (good luck getting volunteers). Antisocial Personality Disorder is what is normally associated with sociopathy, it doesn’t really make you a bad person or a serial killer, that’s mostly ablism rearing it’s ugly head.

    I wonder if he would claim that Reagan was a “sociopath” because his advisors basically had to force him to leave his vacations multiple times during his presidency.

  • Michael Heath

    Childermass writes:

    I remember people ranting about a Jimmy Carter vacation. Bush 41 got a lot of criticism for vacationing during the Persian Gulf crisis. And Bush 43 got more vacation time than multiple Frenchmen.

    And President Ronald Reagan was worshipped for his vacations at his CA ranch. They partly defined his presidency.