Fischer: Robin Williams Possessed by Demons

And we have yet another fundie moron declaring that Robin Williams was possessed by demons. I’m sure it will come as no surprise that the fundie moron in question is Bryan Fischer, who is kind of the king of fundie morons at this point. If I had Gordon Klingenschmitt’s ability to identify demons, I might think Fischer was possessed by a demon of stupidity.


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  • Marcus Ranum

    If someone were possessed by a demon, I think the first thing they would do is run around accusing other people of being possessed by demons. It’s an obvious strategy to sew maximum dischord and doubt.

  • D. C. Sessions

    This is actually getting boring.

    A few years ago, it at least seemed like they were trying to fit their ravings to the 21st century, to the events we live in, to relate their supposedly-eternal truths to the lives of real people. Now, they aren’t even phoning it in — it’s all just like a pre-electronic phrase generator: fill in a name, fill in a slander (possessed by demons, hates America, whatever). All from little slips of paper with phrases typed on them. No new slanders, rarely any new names. I mean, they’re still parading the corpse of Lenin through the streets and have exhumed Saul Alinsky. The dude is better known now than when he actually had some influence [1].

    I went almost sixty years without hearing anyone discuss demons seriously. Dungeons and Dragons, sure. But the historical material from the Inquisition didn’t imply that even then people were all that hung up on them. Even since the 18th century witch hunts and such were on their way out of fashion. Salem stood out by being an anachronism even then.

    And today, Klinger and Fisher and the like say the words but it’s almost like they’re reading from something written by Wizards of the Coast.

    They really aren’t trying. It’s like they don’t really believe it themselves and are just going through the motions.

    [1] Outside of Republican circles, I mean. They’re the only ones actually following his advice the past quarter-century or so.

  • bahrfeldt

    His controlling demons are avarice, hubris and contempt for his “clients”.

  • busterggi

    Demon? Show me its demonic birth certificate.

  • John Pieret

    I might think Fischer was possessed by a demon of stupidity.

    Ah! But is Gordon Klingenschmitt the demon of stupidity inhabiting Bryan Fischer or is Bryan Fischer the demon of stupidity inhabiting Gordon Klingenschmitt? Inquiring minds … don’t really give a shit!

  • plainenglish

    Truly true-true believers in the one true God truly and prayerfully attend to these matters. This leaves one of two outcomes regarding all matters of existence: The answer to all questions is simply BECAUSE GOD or BECAUSE DEMONS.

    For example, after due consideration and prayerful concern, one can easily discern (by grace) that ice-cream is BECAUSE GOD. Ice-cream can become tainted BECAUSE DEMONS but it is primarily BECAUSE GOD. Robin Williams might well have been given the wrong ice-cream at some point. That is an easy mistake to make. Just because something says Ben and Jerry’s doesn’t mean that it is the right ice-cream BECAUSE DEMONS. So it goes. We have ourselves a spiritual war going on here and if we do not get to church we might as well kiss our ice-cream pies goodbye!

    Having been blessed by growing up in a Baptist preacher’s family, I always giggle at preaching like this and I then realize: Holy shit-spray on Sunday morning! This fucker is serious and some poor wretch is watching and saying, “Yes! Praise Jeebees!” Then I feel a bit sick to my stomach and go to work in my garden. America cannot demonize enough of the world out there to hide the fact that we are well and truly fucked up all on our own. It grieves me that Robin cannot now have-at the twits and diddle-dumbs that speak of him as if he died BECAUSE DEMONS. Fuck you, Bryan Fischer. You are idiotic.