NYC Councilman Lies About, Praises Uganda’s Anti-Gay Laws

Fernando Cabrera, a pastor and member of the New York City Council, made a video a few months ago addressed to Ugandan viewers and praised that country’s anti-gay laws while flat out lying about them by claiming that they have something to do with gay marriage and that the US had threatened them if they didn’t allow gay marriage. These people lie as casually as they breathe.


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  • John Pieret

    So telling a nation that we don’t like people killing gay people or imprisoning them for life, is the same as telling them they have to let gay people marry? Let’s see how this computes … what if ISIL applied for US aid? Should we ignore the fact they have killed or otherwise punished religious minorities, including Christians, and just give them money because we are otherwise interfering in their “culture”?

  • tsig

    It’s OK to lie when you have the TRUTH.