The Essential Emptiness of Conservative Punditry

Suppose you’re paid to give your opinion on Fox News, which means you’re paid to find ways to criticize President Obama. Suppose Obama went to a NATO summit that had important policy questions, like dealing with Putin and ISIS. Now suppose you’re Dana Perino. This is what you would find to complain about:

While her consistently indignant Fox News colleagues Eric Bolling and Kimberly Guilfoyle bashed Obama for making an impromptu visit to the mysterious site, Perino didn’t join the pile-on.

“I don’t mind that the President spent 20 minutes sightseeing and knocking something off of his bucket list,” the former George W. Bush spokesperson said during Friday’s edition of “The Five.”

No, her critique centered around on “optics,” the importance of which is breathlessly emphasized by pundits like Perino.

“But remember this is the White House that says they’re not that worried about optics?” Perino continued. “Today, to show the President of the United States standing alone amongst the rocks, by himself … I would have asked David Cameron or somebody to walk with him. Get some staff or have some — take the pilot, whatever you have to do so you don’t have to, he’s standing alone. I don’t think that’s a good optic.”

You go, Dana. Keep asking the important questions and holding the presiddent’s feet to the fire on issues of national importance.

"If you have counterevidence, you are free to provide it."

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  • birgerjohansson

    Since the vulgo-conservatives have an affinity for the stone age, they naturally get upset. They want exclusive acces to those symbols, like Ronald Reagans grave.

  • Mr Ed

    And had he done what she suggested she would complain he was turning a simple visit into a photo op. With Fox news there is no way to win so why try.

  • John Pieret

    It’s not what you are complaining about … it is the fact you are complaining that gets ratings.

  • hunter

    Maybe Obama should have worn a flight suit.

  • dingojack

    hunter – just as long as it wasn’t tan.

    No President in the whole history of the universe has ever worn a tan suit* — it’s so unpresidential don’tchknow.



    * well excepting St Ronnie of Alzheimer’s, George Bush the Elderly, his idiot son. and…. Well all of ’em pretty much.

  • cry4turtles

    Obama should have taken the thinking man’s pose so we could watch conservative talk show hosts’ heads fly off.

  • Modusoperandi

    Look, instead of whatever he did, Obama should have done something else. That’s just common sense. Every time I turn on the TV or open the newspaper there’s a story about him doing something instead of doing something else! I mean, what must other world leaders think when they see him constantly doing something instead of doing something else? It’s about respect, and the rest of the world can’t respect him as long as he’s doing something instead of doing something else.

  • Moggie

    I would have asked David Cameron or somebody to walk with him.

    As a Brit, I can sort of see that. People would say “Christ, things could be worse: at least he’s not David Cameron”.

  • briandavis

    OMG!!! Obama isn’t just a Marxist Muslim. He’s a PAGAN Maxist Muslim!!!!!

  • Raging Bee

    If he’d taken that walk with Cameron, she’d be bashing him for the “bad optics” of not looking independent and lonesome-cowboy enough.

  • vereverum

    @ Modusoperandi #7

    made me think of roseanne roseannadanna

  • Subtract Hominem, a product of Nauseam

    Maybe if he wears tan suits for the rest of his term, he can prevent the Murdoch media from criticizing his policy decisions.