Beck’s Website Debunks Beck. Again.

I’ve lost track of how many times claims made by Glenn Beck on his radio show have been debunked even by his own website, The Blaze, but it’s a bunch. Here’s yet another example, with Beck claiming that a dozen missing airplanes from the Tripoli airport are proof that all his predictions are coming true and his website pointing out that this is all false.

Rumor-checking website has given reports that nearly a dozen commercial jetliners are missing from an airport in Libya a “mostly false” rating.

The State Department also told TheBlaze in an email Friday that the agency doesn’t have “any information confirming these reports.”…

The website notes that the U.S. State Department, Department of Defense or any other government agency have issued a statement on the reports of stolen or missing planes. The State Department later issued the previously referenced statement to TheBlaze on Friday.

“The national threat level has not been raised. Algerian and Moroccan military and air defense, already on high alert due to the unrest in nearby Libya, would undoubtedly have noticed multiple flights of unidentified passenger aircraft,” the Snopes post continues.

Finally, a thread on, an aviation community message board website, seemingly shows that at least two of the planes once reported “missing” were actually transported to a different airport for safety reasons. speculates that some of the other planes may have been damaged “beyond the possibility of operation” during the battle at the airport.

Even his own website’s reporting isn’t enough to stop Beck from lying. What a shock.

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  • felidae

    Just a thought: is Beck’s website named The Blaze because he’s a flaming asshole?

  • noe1951

    felidae – excellent!

  • busterggi

    Internal contradictions never even slow right-wingnuts down, they have no problem believing in six impossible & contradictory things before breakfast.

  • mudpuddles

    @ felidae, #1

    No, its because liar liar, pants on fire.