‘Coach’ Dave: Teachers Must Proselytize, Because DEMONS!

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire has his usual pseudo-macho bluster about the lack of “real men” standing up to demand that public school teachers teach students to be Christians, which he says is important because otherwise kids are “being indoctrinated every day with the doctrines of demons.” Because who needs that pesky First Amendment thing anyway?


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  • http://www.facebook.com/eo.raptor.3 eoraptor

    Harry Potter was a documentary? I didn’t know that…

    I think that Dave*, unlike many other fundagelical grifters, is so stupid he actually believes the shit he spouts. I’ll bet, if asked, he would support removing the Potter books from the library because they’re all demony and witchy and things.

    *He doesn’t really coach any more, does he?

  • gshelley


    This doesn’t seem entirely consistent with what he said when he was up for the Lakewood job recently

    I can’t find his rant from after he failed, but from the board meeting


    The crux of his speech is that he’s been attacked by people who don’t know him (what’s that about whining?), and that his videos are about preaching to the converted, not about a need to evangelize to high school football players. “I’m like a pastor in a pulpit! I have a congregation out in the etherland!

    “I don’t have a desire to evangelize to your sons!” Instead, he pleaded, he wants to bring passion and excitement to the whole Hebron community through football, as he said he’s done elsewhere. “That! Is! What! I’ve! Done!”

  • Pierce R. Butler

    And to prove his point, Daubenmire ordered the demons to possess a groundhog, which then dug a hole and entered it.

  • Broken Things

    In Fuquay-Varina NC, a biology teacher has published a letter in a Christian magazine calling for parents to pull their kids out of public school because of the lack of “spiritual” instruction. Daubenmire is generating a following of like-minded idiots who are seriously affecting public education.


  • moarscienceplz

    What makes a muskrat guard it musk?


  • eric

    “being indoctrinated every day with the doctrines of demons.”

    Dan Brown novels?

    The Federalist Papers?


  • raven

    Demons are no big deal. He should get a cat.

    I haven’t seen a demon since I got my cats. There was a dead mouse on the floor this morning though.

  • Sastra

    Rather ironic from his point of view that the courageous ideal of being someone “who will stand up and speak the truth regardless of the consequences” helped inspire the new atheist movement. Gotta be careful with that one.

  • http://sidhe3141.blogspot.com JamesY2

    Indocrtinated Every Day, by The Doctrines of Demons, is my favorite heavy metal album.

  • http://sidhe3141.blogspot.com JamesY2

    I mean Indoctrinated. Still way too early to be on the Internet.

  • eric

    I haven’t seen a demon since I got my cats.

    Yes you have. What is the thing in your house that:

    Toys with its victims.

    Kills without remorse.

    Keeps human slaves.

    Influences your brain to make it do what it wants.

    Occasionally leaves an Exorcist-worthy mess on the carpet.

    That there’s your demon. :)

  • dingojack

    Eric – why are you so against children?!?

    :) Dingo

  • Chuck

    “I wanna make you guard your musk.” Hell no! I will not hide my musk under a basket! My musk shall be a beacon unto others! Behold my musky glory!

  • jnorris

    The teachers should be given guns with silver bullets to defend the children from demons.

  • forestdragon

    I kinda thought people who openly professed a real honest-to-Gord belief in demons were supposed have their families quietly make them undergo psychiatric examination under the assumption that anyone who believed in demons were nuts.