Savage: Obama Letting In Refugee Kids to ‘Wipe Out’ Americans

Demented bigot Michael Savage is still pushing the ridiculous right wing claim that immigrants from Central America are being let in by Obama deliberately in order to spread disease and “wipe out” Americans. There is not a shred of evidence for this, of course, but when did that ever stop a wingnut from loudly making a fool of himself?

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Then he specifically tried to claim that immigrants are responsible for an outbreak of respiratory disease in the Midwest. Again, he has no evidence and even admits that he can’t prove it, but he still claims that the “Stalinists” at the CDC are covering up the thing he can’t prove.

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  • colnago80

    It’s tough being a right wing nutcase these days. Ole Weiner has to compete with the likes of Coulter, Limbaugh et al. Tends to drive up the level of insanity.

  • Loqi

    I wonder if it’s the same respiratory disease that allowed me to get a good parking spot this morning from all the absences. If so, Obama needs to up his game. At a time when the Department Of Evil Conspiracies is engineering an Ebola outbreak in Africa, the best they could do to achieve their ultimate goal of exterminating all of America is annoy the Midwest with what amounts to a really bad cold?

  • busterggi

    Infectious aliens are just a distraction so we don’t notice that all of the western hemisphere south of the US has converted to Islam.

  • vereverum

    I may be conflating some stories here, but I think I read somewhere that the midwest disease only attacks children who have had the MMR vaccine. Also the names of Andrew Wakefield and Mike Adams the health ranger along with the source of CNN’s new (imho) make up your own news channel. But I may be wrong.

  • D. C. Sessions

    I think I read somewhere that the midwest disease only attacks children who have had the MMR vaccine.

    No. But that’s the kind of thing you’ll read on the antivaccine channels. There’s no connection (the virus in question is more closely related to polio than to measles.)