National Review Columnist Defends Ray Rice

It appears that the right has managed to find someone too misogynist for Sean Hannity — and it’s a woman. Hannity happily brings Jesse Lee Peterson, who thinks women shouldn’t have the right to vote, on his show regularly and is on the board of his organization. But National Review columnist A.J. Delgado went on his radio show and said that Ray Rice was the real victim in that elevator.

Delgado argued, however, that Janay Rice did not consider herself a victim, “and some might even say, watching that video, Ray Rice is the bigger victim of domestic violence here.”

She added that liberals were “patronizing” Janay Rice by calling her a victim.

“We know the truth, though, because we’ve got the video tape,” Hannity observed. “But you said he’s a victim because why? Because she slapped him and spit on him?”

“He absolutely is!” Delgado replied. “And some might say I’m defending Ray Rice here. Maybe I am, but if you watch the video, the video actually makes him look better than he did before. She repeatedly attacked him. He’s a victim — flat-out fact — of domestic violence. Only after she’s hit him several times and spit on him does he finally hit back.

“And she happens because of that blow to knock herself out on the railing,” she continued. “That was an unintended consequence, I’m sure.”

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  • David C Brayton

    I’m confused. Why did you mention Jesse Lee Peterson? Is she the person that is too misognystic or is it AJ Delgado?

    Although Hannity’s tone is skeptical, Hannity doesn’t say anything to directly disagree with Delgado.

  • Artor

    I’m with David. With a roster full of horrible people, it’s hard to tell which horrible person you’re leveling criticism against. In any case, fuck all of them with a rusty spork.

  • Doc Bill

    Oh, now I get it! Ray Rice is not at fault because Janay knocked HERSELF out on the railing! I must have been blind not to see that.

    I can see why Ray was afraid. He’s a little bitty guy: 5’8″ and 212 lbs. A veritable shrimp. Women probably beat him up all the time, poor thing. Thank you, Fox!

  • tsig

    A professional football player slugs a woman and it’s her fault because she aggravated him?? I would hate to be his waiter, cold food and you’re out cold.

  • John Pieret

    Oh, now I get it! Ray Rice is not at fault because Janay knocked HERSELF out on the railing!

    It’s worse than that, Doc. She deliberately threw herself into his fist!

  • Michael Heath

    What I find disturbing regarding what little I do know is how the media is spending all its time vilifying the NFL in regards Ray Rice’s assault and battery against his wife. That issue certainly deserves exposure, but not nearly as much as the fact that Mr. Rice has been indicted for mere third degree aggravated assault. That doesn’t match what we’ve seen on the video though IANAL.

  • John Pieret

    Michael Heath:

    Mr. Rice has been indicted for mere third degree aggravated assault.

    Don’t get hung up on “degrees,” as their meaning varies from state to state. In New Jersey, the “third degree” refers to the level of crime (felony) and the potential sentence, which, for a third degree aggravated assault, is a prison sentence between 3 and 5 years and a fine up to $15,000. That seems about right for this sort of offense where there apparently wasn’t (as the NJ statutes put it) “significant bodily injury” (i.e. skull or other fractures).

  • eddiejones

    Okayyy… I get it, she pissed him off, so he hadda pop her one. Worse, she came across the elevator (and presumably was going to… what, body-slam him??) so he HAD to pop her one. I’d’a done it, too. Then, I’d have left her laying on the floor until the elevator door opened, dragged her unconscious body out and dumped it on the floor… looked around to see if anyone ELSE was gonna help her…. Cause you know I LOVE her, you know!?!? It just doesn’t look to me like it’s the first time this has happened.

  • otrame

    I don’t have a problem with noting that Ray Rice was in fact a victim of domestic violence. That does not excuse what he did. Period. Being a victim of violence does not give you a free pass to be violent.