‘Coach’ Dave Goes All Alex Jones

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire is totally not into conspiracy theories, but he’s got a new video up about “contrails” (he means chemtrails). And he says if you just “look up into the sky” you can see that “something is being sprayed on us.”


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  • yoav

    But the stuff coming out of coal burning power plants, chemical plants, car exhausts and oil refineries, that’s just unicorn farts or something and nothing to worry about.

  • Mr Ed

    The idea that some psychoactive chemical has been added to aviation fuel is widespread but false. Planes tend to fly the same routes making their exhaust ineffective for covering the whole country. The truth is that regular old gasoline was modified in 1975, the year that lead was removed, to emit a mellowing psychoactive substance. Initially too much was put in which reduced power and lead to the election of Jimmy Carter. The best evidence for the effects of this additive is that urban areas, with more traffic, tend to be more liberal. A 1997 NIH internal study showed that even those living in rural areas had sufficient quantities of the active ingredient to affect mood and opinions. The only persons found to be free of the effect were those living away from society with little or no contact. Off the grid.

  • alanb

    Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some kind of psychoactive substance has affected Alex Jones and Coach Dave, but I doubt it came from chemtrails.

  • dingojack

    Oh where are you sulphur dioxide guy? We so need you!


  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    (he means chemtrails)

    No, he means “contrails“, and his description of them is essentially correct. The contention that there is something there that is more than just condensation comes later.

    By the way, I think I read somewhere that that particular film footage of a “secondary disbursement” was of a plane that was in some sort of distress and needed to dump fuel. Does anyone have particulars?

  • colnago80

    Re Chihuahua @ #4

    OT but the ISIL is coming, it is coming.


  • grumpyoldfart

    The coach is right, something serious is going on. The chemtrails contain a mind-altering drug that makes Christian fundamentalism seem like a reasonable proposition. In some areas more than 50% of the population have been affected.

  • D. C. Sessions

    And it’s been going on for a long time, too.

    There’s footage from WWII where the Air Force was sending thousands of planes over occupied Europe with vapor clouds that covered the sky!


  • dingojack

    SLC – Nah more like Tony sees ‘the writing on the wall’.

    Nothing helps to sell a unnecessary, but vote winning, war than fear of ‘the other’. Any bets on the charges largely evaporating once the media attention is elsewhere?


  • chilidog99

    We are congress up on chemtrail season

  • eric

    No, he means “contrails“, and his description of them is essentially correct.

    Only partially. Some of the condensation is water vapor coming out of the engines, true. That is ‘sprayed.’ But some of it is just a product of turbulence produced by the wings. No spraying at all; you’re just providing a density change and the condensation is of H2O that was already there in the air.

  • garnetstar

    Joking aside, when did this particular craziness get going? And why? As was said, jets have been leaving contrails ever since there were jets, and no one use to worry about them. It was even thought to be pleasant to look up and watch the jet trails traced across the sky. And, of course, skywriters.

    So, who got this going, that they’re vile chemicals, and when? Anyone know? It seems fairly recent?

  • DaveL


    Yes, but with the power plants and such we can usually arrange for poor people to get the worst of it.

  • D. C. Sessions

    As was said, jets have been leaving contrails ever since there were jets, and no one use to worry about them.

    And propeller aircraft were leaving contrails since before there were jets. In fact, more so because unlike jet exhaust propellers don’t heat the air to speak of. They just have trailing-edge vacuum (and thus cooling) zones that condense water vapor.

    If you look closely at the video clip of B-17 contrails, you can see them trailing both from the wings, away from the propellers, and the propellers ahead of the engine exhausts.

  • http://www.gregory-gadow.net Gregory in Seattle

    @Mr Ed #2 – Yup, I’ve been telling the chemtrail nutters that they are wrong for years. It is highly inefficient to use airplanes to spread psychoactive drugs when it is so much easier and effective to add them to automobile gasoline. And then point out that every single time they fill their tank, they are acting as an unwitting tool of the Big Conspiracy.

    Told to the right person, in the right way, leads to a vast amount of amusement.

  • tbell


    Fuel, be it avgas or jet fuel, produces mainly CO2 and water vapour when burned. Contrails are formed from the water vapour in the exhausts condensing, rather from the moisture that’s already in the air. Under certain conditions (i.e. high humidity), low pressure zones created by an aircraft (trailing edge vortexes, shock waves, etc) can cause moisture to precipitate, but this is almost always at low altitude and dissipates rapidly, usually within seconds. The contrails emanating from high altitude aircraft (prop or jet) form from the water vapour in the exhaust and can persist for many minutes.

  • suttkus

    @12: The nonsense apparently started in the 90’s. The nutjob brigade started noticing that sometimes contrails persisted longer than others, and rather than attributing it to high-altitude weather conditions being different, decided something must have been added to some of the jet fuel. Nevermind that adding something that makes the contrails disperse less would, in fact, be counter-productive to spreading whatever you’re adding, you would want the trails to disperse faster for maximum spread!

    The garbage got worse after 9/11. When all the flights were grounded there were NO CONTRAILS! The twits immediately began collecting every bit of coincidental data they could to determine what the chemtrails were causing. Popular “discoveries” were that chemtrails made the weather warmer because the temperature was below average in some places, but it as also above average in other places, so… And everyone got much more agitated and angry after 9/11, which must be the result of no longer being dosed with sedatives in the chemtrails! I mean, what else could have caused people’s emotional states to change after 9/11?

  • steve78b

    Its actually a liquid form of the stuff they make jello and chicken nuggets from.

    god told me hisself……..yep…….in between beers…..

  • lorn

    As D. C. Sessions @ #8 points out, contrails, literally ‘condensation trails’, have been a fact of flight at altitude since aircraft have been able to fly high enough to cause obvious contrails. Contrails became larger and more obvious when larger high-bypass engines became the engine of choice for large commercial aircraft.

    A nice site debunking Chemtrails with reference to anti-chemtrail violence and connections to the Christian right:


    A site that specializes in debunking conspiracy theories, I can’t say they get everything right but so far I like what I see:


    A scary pro-conspiracy site with references to connections between every crack-pot conspiracy ever though of and pretty much wrong on every level and on every subject that it is humanly possible to be wrong about. Chemtrails, holocaust denial, anti-Semitic screes, pretty much the whole list. ( WARNING: I strongly recommend that you only view this site if you have a thick skin, intestinal fortitude, and a good sense of humor. ) :


    On the up side he gives Alex Jones a generous ration of shit. Check out the links on the right.