ISIS Doesn’t Like Evolution in Schools Either

Echoing American creationists, ISIS has issued new school curricula in areas of Iraq that they control that forbid the teaching of evolution because it undermines their religious beliefs and that simply can’t be tolerated. AP has a report on the situation:

The extremist-held Iraqi city of Mosul is set to usher in a new school year. But unlike years past, there will be no art or music. Classes about history, literature and Christianity have been “permanently annulled.”

The Islamic State group has declared patriotic songs blasphemous and ordered that certain pictures be torn out of textbooks…

In Mosul, schools have been presented with a new set of rules, advertised in a two-page bulletin posted on mosques, in markets and on electricity poles. The statement, dated Sept. 5, cheered “good news of the establishment of the Islamic State Education Diwan by the caliph who seeks to eliminate ignorance, to spread religious sciences and to fight the decayed curriculum.”

The new Mosul curriculum, allegedly issued by al-Baghdadi himself, stresses that any reference to the republics of Iraq or Syria must be replaced with “Islamic State.” Pictures that violate its ultra-conservative interpretation of Islam will be ripped out of books. Anthems and lyrics that encourage love of country are now viewed as a show of “polytheism and blasphemy,” and are strictly banned.

The new curriculum even went so far as to explicitly ban Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution – although it was not previously taught in Iraqi schools.

Well that sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Just one more way that American Christian fundamentalists are similar in ideology, if not in tactics, to the people they so vociferously oppose.

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  • D. C. Sessions

    You left out that they’re also banning mathematics. I can see that, anyway: nothing more antithetical to Islam than algebra.

  • Trebuchet

    Are they allowing girls to attend?

  • Chiroptera

    …by the caliph who seeks to eliminate ignorance…

    Heh. By the principle of fighting fire with fire, I suppose.

  • theschwa

    “good news of the establishment of the Islamic State Education Diwan by the caliph who seeks to eliminate ignorance science, to spread religious sciences ignorance and to fight the decayed curriculum.”

    Fixed it for them. They appeared to have transposed 2 words.

  • illdoittomorrow

    What, no book burning? Miquetoasts!

    Also, when are they going to declare this Year Zero?

  • sinned34

    I await the wingnuts who will now begin declaring ISIS as the new defenders of religious liberty, much like the way they hold up Putin to be a staunch defender of family values.

  • eric

    You left out that they’re also banning mathematics.

    So, the new muslim caliphate is going to eliminate the teaching of algebra? Kind of ironic.

  • Modusoperandi

    Just one more way that American Christian fundamentalists are similar in ideology, if not in tactics, to the people they so vociferously oppose.

    No. Us Conservative Christians are totally different from Them. For one, we do the same things they do, but for the right reasons. For another, they completely ignore the Ussher Chronology. And if they do follow it (I’m not familiar with pagan timelines) they follow it wrong.

  • sinned34

    they completely ignore the Ussher Chronology

    My wife likes Usher, but I couldn’t find that album, even after downloading the entire Usher discography. Can you burn me a copy? Oh wait, that’s not the kind of burning that Christians are used to doing to music and books.

  • bushrat

    50 Cent bitches, Usher’s a pussy.

  • Michael Heath

    I recall some recent graduates of Patrick Henry “College” that entered into more of a dialogue than a debate on evolution with those of us who comment at Ed’s blog. This was several years ago.

    They were bright children, articulate, with demonstrable integrity; but incredibly ignorant regarding evolution. They had no idea how much evidence exists that’s supportive of the theory. That was demonstrably by design when we reviewed PHC’s curriculum on-line. This is an illustration of the way conservative Christians insidiously abuse children, and where liberals let them get away with it.

    But yeah, if you take the first step down the rabbit hole of fundamentalism for all the Abrahamic faiths, it’s a very deep hole if there aren’t intellectuals and government protection to check the power of fundamentalist authority figures. Just like we saw conservative Christians beginning to spend more time seeking to restrict access to contraception in the early-2000s to now once they believed they would soon have sufficient political power to erode the protection of abortion rights. It’s a very long treacherous hole.

    What the IS doesn’t have to contend with is a U.S. Constitution or similar, with enough non-fundies that can leverage the power of our universities, businesses, and government to check fundamentalism. Here we do this in spite of conservative Christians.

  • Who Cares

    @D. C. Session(#1): He left that out since that is not happening.

    That was most likely based on a lazy autotranslate by CNN and retracted within hours once people found the original article and noticed that it didn’t compare to the translation.

    see this comment.


    It is not uncommon for fights/feuds/grudges to be more vicious the less difference there is between the parties involved.

  • pixiedust

    @ 12 on vicious fights.

    I’ve always heard that academic politics are vicious because the stakes are so low.

  • Raging Bee

    That AP piece was dated 9/15. Has anyone heard any mention of it in any mainstream “news” outlet other than this blog?

    PS: It’s ISIL, not ISIS, as an FTBer with better command of the language already pointed out, and as the President himself acknowledged.

  • Olav

    Raging Bee #14:

    PS: It’s ISIL, not ISIS,

    Does not matter, it’s the same thing.

  • greg1466

    Damn. I was going to say something along the lines of ignorance and science not meaning what they think they mean, but I like theschwa’s response in #4 much better@