Another Bigoted Republican Candidate Gets Exposed

Jacob Dorsey seems an enterprising young fellow. First he was an intern for a group called Citizens for Decency, then at age 19 he decided to run for the Wisconsin state legislature. And he might have won, too, if not for the long track record of racist and homophobic statements he left online.

The first find was a tweet he sent out when a federal judge didn’t stop gay people in Utah from getting married (Dorsey is Mormon, you see) that said that “fags need to leave my favorite state alone.” When that came out a few days ago, he brushed it off and said that he regretted it and deleted it immediately. But then NOManiacs found a whole bunch more on his Youtube account. And it turns out that he hates Abraham Lincoln, thinks we need another civil war, thinks “niggers trash cars” and hates “gay, fag videos.”


And now he has ended his campaign. Still, his future is undoubtedly bright in today’s GOP.

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  • raven

    And now he has ended his campaign. Still, his future is undoubtedly bright in today’s GOP.

    ???? Correct.

    Being a racist homophobe is a feature not a bug for the GOP and the Mormon church.

    He is however, leaving out important groups from his To Hate list. Women, other nonwhites, nonxians, atheists, Yankees, He’s only 19 though, time enough to work them in.

  • Nemo

    I dunno who “the national urban bastards” are, but it sounds like a good name for a band.

  • Skip White

    I wasn’t familiar with the Johnny Cash song “God Bless Robert E. Lee,” so I looked up the lyrics, and it sounds like mostly praising Lee for surrendering to Grant at Appomattox Court House, so as to spare thousands more lives in the war. So yeah, this guy’s an idiot.

  • Nentuaby

    Nemo: “Urban” is racist code for “I’ve noticed people don’t like it when I say nasty thing about ‘the blacks’.”

  • bushrat

    …Bigoted Republican Candidate…

    But you repeat yourself, sir.

  • Scr… Archivist

    This reminds me of the XKCD comic “President”:

  • Area Man

    Not just “Niggers trash cars”, but that he won’t sell his car to one because of that. So this is not fear of a criminal who might come along to trash his car, it’s fear of it becoming the legitimate property of a black dude. Now that’s racist.

  • John Pieret

    Gee! What are the odds that an intern for a group called Citizens for Decency would turn out to be a racist homophobe?

  • Trebuchet

    (Dorsey is Mormon, you see)

    You may have an extra “m” in there.

  • wildbill

    If this idiot’s favorite state is Utah, why is he running for office in Wisconsin?

  • dannorth


    “If this idiot’s favorite state is Utah, why is he running for office in Wisconsin?”

    Because he doesn’t want Utah to have a representative as stupid as himself. He has some standards.

  • Dr X

    Republicans are always saying that they aren’t bigots, so I can’t imagine why Dorsey thought of himself as a Republican. He’s not at all like them. He actually says what he’s thinking.

  • pali1d

    @2 and @4

    As a native Wisconsinite, my translation is slightly less racist – it simply means you are from Madison, Milwaukee or out of state. Republicans in this state have done a fantastic job of pitting the majority rural, Christian white counties against the state’s urban, more cosmopolitan centers, and while I strongly believe there’s a powerful ethnic component to doing so, it’s almost (if not moreso) as strongly linked to political identification – it is very common to see plenty of advertisements that decry Madison and Milwaukee as liberal fortresses/hotbeds/etc. that are out of touch with “real Wisconsin” or what-have-you. Madison especially is portrayed as controlled by liberal elites (a not 100% inaccurate portrayal, mind you), and considering that Madison is 90+% white, it’s hard to argue that there’s a racial basis behind that.

    Now, if they’re specifically talking about Milwaukee, on the other hand… especially “downtown Milwaukee” or “south Milwaukee”… then yes, it’s more likely just plain old racism. Right now, they’re worried that Mary Burke might edge out Scott Walker in the gubernatorial election this fall – quite frankly, I’m more worried that they’ll fail. Act 10, the bill that triggered the massive protests a couple years ago, is essentially fully implemented and in place. Voter ID laws passed by Walker and the majority-Republican legislature just got the Appeals Court okay a week ago, perfectly in time for fall elections (oh, and with the notice that already cast absentee and other ballots may be invalid now). Of course, the 250k jobs that Walker promised his reforms would bring are well over 100k short of appearing, the voucher schools he’s so fond of have been consistently underperforming, the tax cuts he’s put into place haven’t yielded additional growth, he’s denied free federal funds to provide medical care for poor people, as well as denied free federal funds to create a high-speed rail line that would link Chicago-Milwaukee-Minneapolis (literally spending more to cancel the project than continuing it would have cost), and the state has during his entire term been in the bottom 50% of job creating states… and yet all polls at best put this man’s Democratic challenger at even odds, many giving her worse.

    I begin to wonder how bad an elected official actually has to be for their own party to disown them. Thus far, all I can tell is that the one thing that can’t get you fired is incompetence at the job. Dick pics? Voted out. Blow jobs? Impeachment. War crimes? Meh, they were against brown people. Disenfranchise voters after selling their interests to out-of-state corporations? Top spots on Fox New’s sympathy section, because clearly the world is out to get you.

  • birgerjohansson

    “he hates Abraham Lincoln”

    Yeah, he hates that famous Democratic politician…


    “thinks we need another civil war”.

    Now that the Washington government has nuclear weapons this might be a permanent way to get peace and quiet. No more Reconstruction or Klansmen, just bulldoze over the craters.

    (Evil laughter)