Is the Scroll Bar Problem Fixed?

We’re working hard to get the ads tweaked. We think we got the problem with the left-hand slider ad killing the scroll bar fixed. Is anyone still having that problem? I’ve never had it myself, so I can’t know for sure. Please let me know in the comments if you’re still having that problem, or if it’s stopped for you. We know we have a couple other problems to fix and we’re working with the ad company to do that. We think the scroll bar problem was actually our fault in putting in a double code. I hope we’ve fixed that for good now.

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  • Michael Heath

    I had this problem and wrote to tech support about it a couple of days ago. At least today, perhaps even yesterday, I didn’t have this problem anymore.

    Mac OS 10.9.4

    Chrome Version 37.0.2062.120

  • diesel213

    The ad on the left pushes the alignment out of order a bit, but the scroll bar does appear now and I can use it to view the right hand side. Thank you kindly.

  • Raging Bee

    I’m using Internet Explorer 11; and no, as of 9:30pm ET, it’s not fixed.

  • Kevin Kehres

    still have autoplay ads. Right now. On your blog. On this post. No, I am not scrolling over the ad.

  • Kurt Van Etten

    I’m no longer having problems with the left-hand ad panel. I *am* having continuing problems with an autoplay ad from Verizon. It’s particularly nasty because the controls are hidden, so there’s no way to pause or mute it.

  • screechymonkey

    It’s still a problem for me. In fact, even closing the ad doesn’t always get me the scroll bar back now.

  • Nancy Mannikko

    No problems that I can see. The video ads autoplay but as long as the ads remain silent, they’re easy to ignore.

  • carlie

    I haven’t seen it in the last day, now that you mention it.

  • carlie

    It does still offset the entire blog first so that I have to scroll back to get it centered properly, though. It’ s not sliding in over the top of what’s there, it’s sliding in and shoving everything else to the side. not sure if that’s how it’s meant to work.

  • Ed Brayton

    Yeah, I’ve asked them to rewrite the code so that slider ad doesn’t push everything over but just slides in over the top until it’s clicked off. We did get that Verizon ad blocked this morning as well, so hopefully that evil thing will die.

  • dhall

    I think part of the issue might be the shape of the monitor for some people. My monitor at work is an older square model, so yes, the left slide ad shoves the scrollbar too far over–or did–but my rectangular screen at home has enough horizontal space that the trouble doesn’t happen.

  • vereverum

    @ #10 Ed Brayton

    just now was reading your raelian post and the verizon ad started playing.

  • screechymonkey

    To give a specific example: just a couple of minutes ago, a Clorox ad on Butterflies & Wheels slid in on the left, and when I closed it, I lost all scrolling capability.

    (This is on IE11)

  • brucemartin

    I never even see ads, now that I switched to using an aggregator.

    I used to just use the FTB column that listed new postings from everyone. But I have to use the aggregator until you can get that column back. I know it’s not hard for you yo do it, but it has to wait its turn.

    Please Ed, make a post when I can come back to reading FTB on the web site instead of the news reader. Thanks.

  • mikeymeitbual

    It happened to me once – I reloaded the page (Chrome 37.0.2062.120 m) and it mysteriously went away. I’m guessing there’s a certain ad containing markup that messes with the rest of the page or perhaps overrides CSS styling. If it happens to me again I’ll fire up the dev tools and see what’s causing it.

  • JohnInLex

    Ed, I’m a long time reader, but I’ve not posted a comment before. For a long time I’ve used Adblock Plus because the site slowed my computer down so much. This computer runs Windows 8.1 and has 10 gig of memory and an AMD Core FX-6200 Processor. Because your posts say you are working to make the site work better I’ve turned Adblock Plus off. It’s my policy to allow the ads on sites I like so the owner will get the revenue.

    I really enjoy the bloggers here. Keep up the good work and keep working to make the site run better.


  • dingojack

    Dear JohnInLex,

    At the top left hand of the screen is a ‘Subscribe to FtB’ button (right above an ad, somewhat ironically). For a small yearly fee you can get FtB without ads and still support the blog.

    Hope that helps.


  • rabbitscribe

    As of 2:15 CST 9/21, it is not fixed. But I just reload the page and I’m good for the rest of the session.

  • Sansgawd

    Still there and still annoying. Using from DoD internet explorer.