Tens of Thousands Demand Cancelation of Black Mass in OKC

The Worldnetdaily has an article about the controversy over the black mass being held at the Oklahoma City Civic Center that is just begging that the mass be censored and canceled. And as usual, they leave out very important details along the way. For instance:

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin summarized the general reaction to the plan in a statement: “This ‘Black Mass’ is a disgusting mockery of the Catholic faith, and it should be equally repellent to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. It may be protected by the First Amendment, but that doesn’t mean we can’t condemn it in the strongest terms possible for the moral outrage which it is.

“It is shocking and disgusting that a group of New York City ‘satanists’ would travel all the way to Oklahoma to peddle their filth here. I pray that realize how hurtful their actions are and cancel this event.”

WND previously reported the events are organized by a satanic group called Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, which has leased space in the Civic Center Music Hall.

Interesting that they do not note that their reporting proves Fallin wrong. Fallin mistakenly believes that it was the Satanic Temple who is behind this. In fact it’s the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu, which is based in Oklahoma City. But the Worldnetdaily doesn’t point that out, presumably because it would make someone on their side look bad.

But many people – well over 170,000 as of Tuesday – contend it shouldn’t go on.

The petition by TFP Student Action, which will hold a prayer meeting at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Oklahoma City prior to the protest at city hall, is directed to Civic Center Music Hall official Stephen Sharpe, Mayor Mick Cornett and Fallin. It states: “With my whole heart and soul, I express full, complete and vehement rejection of the satanic ‘Black Mass’ scheduled at the Oklahoma City Civic Center on September 21, 2014. I urge you to cancel this event which offends 1 billion Catholics worldwide, 200,000 Catholics in Oklahoma and countless more God-loving Americans. Sacrilege is simply NOT free speech.” It has some 80,000 signatures.

A second and separate petition to city officials, at CitizenGo.org, already has collected 88,784 signatures.

It states: “We write you in order to voice opposition to the Black Mass scheduled to take place Sept. 21 at the Oklahoma City Civic Center. A Black Mass is intended as an attack on another religious group, namely Catholics. The ceremony revolves around the desecration of the Eucharist, which requires that a Host be stolen from a Catholic church. The organizer of the event admitted to stealing a consecrated Host. Although he has now returned the stolen Host, after facing a lawsuit on behalf of the archdiocese, it is clear that his intention to defile stolen property in a government facility should raise questions of basic appropriateness. While the Constitution protects freedom of expression, it does not protect stealing property from others and desecrating it. We implore you to take a stand in favor of public decency by canceling the Black Mass.”

I’m sure these same people rage about blasphemy laws in Muslim countries, but what is the difference? Muslim nations outlaw speech that is viewed as sacrilegious to Islam and these people want to outlaw speech that is viewed as sacrilegious to Christianity. It’s the exact same thing.

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