Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Scott Lively

The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who display a staggering lack of self-awareness, accusing their opponents of committing their own worst sins. Deranged bigot Scott Lively surely deserves one for claiming that an HRC report that points out his own vile positions against gay people is trying to make people kill him.

The greater their power, the less they are concerned about hiding the true nature of their agenda or the true face of the LGBT community.

Frankly, that dramatically raises the threat level for people like me. Because, as the “gays” lose their fear of public opinion, they are increasingly less inclined to restrain the murder that is in their hearts toward their enemies, the chief of whom is now Yours Truly.

I believe they are now deliberately trying to incite murder against me and every other person on their enemies list. That might have sounded a bit paranoid in years past, but post-Corkins it is just cold hard fact that some “gay” activists are incited to murder by inflammatory leftist rhetoric. The HRC knows that, and yet their rhetoric in this Exporting Hate publication is MORE inflammatory than the SPLC’s rhetoric the drove Corkins over the edge!

Because I am a Bible-believing Christian I am not afraid of death. But neither am I volunteering for martyrdom. As of today I am for the first time going to start taking precautions against the possibility of being assassinated by agents of the LGBT movement. For one thing, I will no longer publicize my travel schedule in advance.

And I am demanding a retraction and public apology from both HRC and SPLC. To both of them I insist: STOP INCITING HATE BEFORE YOU GET PEOPLE KILLED!!!!

Wait, let me get this straight…Scott Lively, who routinely claims that gay people are pedophiles who want to molest your children, that they’re trying to destroy Christianity and the United States and human civilization itself, and that gay people are responsible for Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich is complaining that a report that quotes him saying things like that is trying to get him murdered? If his “reasoning” were sound, he should be held responsible for every attack on every gay person in America (and Uganda and Russia too, for that matter).

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  • Modusoperandi

    I almost got killed by a gay assassin once. They move almost silently, on account of being so light on their loafers. Only the swishing sound gave him away. I wouldn’t have been sure he’d been there at all if it wasn’t for the half-consumed appletini he left behind.

  • dhall

    “Paranoia will destroy ya . . .”

  • dhall



  • hunter

    Don’t kid yourself — Lively knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s pure projection and deflection, trying to draw attention away from his own record as a hatemonger and a particularly vicious example of Anti-Gay, Inc. It’s revealing that the best he can come up with as an example of a “gay assassin” is a man with emotional problems and a gun (and how rare is that in this country?) who never got anywhere near the FRC offices. (Tony Perkins has also been making big capital out of the incident, or trying to, banking, like Lively, on the probability that his audience has no idea what really happened.)

  • dan4

    @4: “…who never got anywhere near the FRC offices.”

    Uh, he shot up the lobby of the FRC headquarters in Washington, D.C. before he was stopped by a security guard. Not sure how that doesn’t qualify as “anywhere near the FRC offices.”

  • thebookofdave

    As of today I am for the first time going to start taking precautions against the possibility of being assassinated by agents of the LGBT movement. For one thing, I will no longer publicize my travel schedule in advance.

    Don’t forget to check your vehicle for glitterbombs.

  • grumpyoldfart

    He’s probably at home with his wife having a good laugh and telling her, “I think we should see at least a 15% boost in donations this week. The mugs really go for these assassination stories.”

  • hunter

    @5 — Sorry — from the news stories at the time, I got the impression that he was stopped in the lobby of the building, not in the lobby of the offices. My point is unchanged, however: Lively is, first, conflating one emotionally unstable man with the entire gay rights movement, and second, blowing the incident way out of proportion.

  • suttkus

    So, if quoting Scott Lively’s vile statements is trying to get him killed, was he trying to commit suicide when he made the original statements?