Allen West, WND Blow Up a Straw Man

The Worldnetdaily and Allen West have built up a lovely strawman and then slaughtered it to take a shot at Mikey Weinstein, the FFRF and anyone who wants to keep church and state separate. They’ve shared a video of Marines at a worship service on base and declare that it’s going to make us all lose our minds.

A video of U.S. Marines singing, dancing and worshiping God at Camp Pendleton in California is going viral on Facebook, prompting retired Lt. Col. Allen West to revel in the display he says will “drive the secular humanists INSANE.”

In the video a crowd of Marines sings “Days of Elijah,” a Christian worship song, while raising their hands in the air and shouting, “Oorah!” The troops were attending a Christian worship service at the military base in San Diego County, California…

On his website,, West wrote, “Oh boy, this here video is surely going to send the head chucklehead of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, Mikey Weinstein, into a apoplectic state of frothing hysteria. And you can imagine that the leadership of the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation is running about gnashing their teeth and tearing at their clothes.”

Actually, no. This took place in a chapel and was a regular church service. Neither MRFF or FFRF is going to be bothered in the least by it as long as attendance was voluntary and no one had to sit through it who didn’t want to. But you just go ahead and kill that straw man to your heart’s content.

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  • cptdoom

    Hey I’ve got an even more SHOCKING video of Marines that will make West’s head explode:

  • dhall

    It sounds more like West is describing his own reaction whenever someone upholds the Constitution.

  • TCC

    Christ, I hate that fucking worship song. I wish I’d never been reminded that it exists.

  • Modusoperandi

    Sure, you say you’re not mad, but you’d better tell the truth before Allen West holds you down and performs a mock execution on you.

  • John Pieret

    Dear Disgraced Ex-Col. West:

    You and those Marines are free to worship as you please, just as the rest of us are free NOT to worship as you please. Simple isn’t it … but perhaps not as simple as you.

    With all due respect,


  • richardelguru

    But do we really want Marines who look like they are surrendering?

  • dugglebogey

    Wow, when someone is too stupid to recognize the difference between voluntarily participating in a religion and being compelled to participate, it explains why they don’t have any respect for people’s rights or freedom.

  • sh3baproject

    if they are gonna murder strawmen, can they at least clean up the blood?

  • magistramarla

    What they do in the base chapel is not a problem. I get upset when I have to sit through a chaplain’s long-winded diatribe at a dining out when I’m hungry and there’s a juicy steak in front of me getting cold.

    The worst thing was when a pair of chaplains decided to evangelize at the remembrance service for a beloved senior officer that we attended. As Atheists, my hubby and I were distinctly uncomfortable. We also knew that we were surrounded by people who were from several different countries and of many religions, since it was a joint base for US and foreign officers. We knew that there were many foreign officers there who greatly respected the deceased man, and who were probably as upset as we were at being told that “Jesus was the only way to get right with God for the sake of our immortal souls”.

  • jnorris

    Next up, Ex-Col. West will cite Lt. Father Francis John Patrick Mulcah (US Army, Korea) as Mr Weinstein worst nightmare.

  • Artor

    “Retired Lt. Col. Allen West ?” Isn’t that actually “Dishonorably Discharged ex-Lt. Col. Allen West?”

  • Jared James

    @11: under what pie-in-the-sky military justice system were you raised? In the real one, Lt Colonels don’t have to go through the discomfort of trials; they’re told it’s time to retire with full pension and benefits and thanked for their honorable service, Lieutenant Colonel, sir.

    No matter what they may have done to merit being told it is time to retire, right now, no, let us pack up your things and mail them to you at your home of record, no need to work those last thirty days, just go.

  • JD

    Ed said:

    Neither MRFF or FFRF is going to be bothered in the least by it as long as attendance was voluntary and no one had to sit through it who didn’t want to.

    What makes you so sure? You do realize that the MRFF has attacked voluntary “chapel and regular worship services” many times before, right? For example, Mikey used a chaplain’s church sermon as a fundraiser, Chris attacked an Easter service, and Mikey attacked a baptism — all voluntary chapel services. Given they’ve done it numerous times in the past, it is not unreasonable to think they’d do it again.

    The idealistic view you have of your friends is undone by reality.

  • Michael Heath

    JD the liar, coward, and traitor writes:

    Chris attacked an Easter service, and Mikey attacked a baptism — all voluntary chapel services.

    Attacked? The American Christian persecution yarn remains a dishonest and pathetic sight.

  • John Pieret

    Since when is pointing out that the widespread dissemination of videos of Evangelical Christian worship among US service men and women might be used by groups like ISIS as propaganda, “attacking” those services? Your own website admits that Mikey took no action against the service when it became obvious that no one was forced to attend. Do you deny that ISIS might use that video as propaganda?

  • gshelley


    I’ve been reading this and other blogs for years (since before even the Science Blogs days) and I still don’t know whether people like West are being dishonest, in that they appreciate the difference but know they can get something by pandering to the ignorant, or if they genuinly don’t see the difference between freedom of religion and coercion. I suspect both, depending on the person (hence the often repeated claim “The constitution says freedom of religion, not freedom from religion”, which not only makes little sense, isn’t even true as neither phrase is in there) and have spoken with people who seem to genuinely not be able to understand why the majority shouldn’t be able to impose its view and the minority just sit down and shut up.