Tempe School Suspends Coach for Praying With Students

Finally, a school administrator who takes the Constitution seriously. A publicly-funded charter school in Tempe, Arizona has suspended its football coach for two games for praying with his players. Naturally, the locals are freaking out about it and declaring TYRANNY!


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  • D. C. Sessions

    Tempe’s not the place that I would expect this to go over. It’s possibly the most liberal spot in Maricopa County, not least because of the ASU faculty and staff who live there. More so than Phoenix, which is also more liberal than most of Arizona (and much more sane) — at least barring suburban districts like mine, where Republicans always run uncontested.

  • alanb

    I just spent a few minutes reading comments on various sites that ran this story. On the mainstream media sites, the majority comments are sane. Needless to say, almost all of the comments on The Blaze are batshit crazy.

  • katzenklavier

    @ D.C. Sessions re #1

    I’m in northwest Phoenix and can second the points in your post. There’s nothing like manufactured outrage to get red-blooded ‘Murricans on the warpath.

  • Tsu Dho Nimh

    One commenter said, “If this coach had lead the players in a Jewish prayer or a Muslim prayer or a Bahá’í prayer or a Hindu prayer or maybe even a Mormon or Catholic prayer, I somehow doubt people like you would still be asserting “He should be allowed to pray with his team.””.

    That could be a nice experiment.