Carson: 2016 Election Could Be Canceled

Ben Carson, who finished a strong second in the presidential straw poll at the Values Voters Summit, went on Fox News and reiterated his belief that the 2016 election could be canceled because of “anarchy” brought on by a parade of horribles he thinks is happening.

WALLACE: You said recently that there might not even be elections in 2016 because of widespread anarchy. Do you really believe that?

CARSON: I hope that that’s not going to be the case. But certainly there’s the potential because you have to recognize that we have a rapidly increasing national debt, a very unstable financial foundation, and you have all these things going on like the ISIS crisis that could very rapidly change things that are going on in our nation. And unless we begin to deal with these things in a comprehensive way and in a logical way there is no telling what could happen in just a couple of years.

I get so tired of this ridiculous fear-mongering. We have never had a canceled election in this country, not even during the Civil War or two world wars. It was an idiotic claim when some liberals made it about George W. Bush in 2008 and it’s still idiotic. This is all just hyperbolic rhetoric to make people afraid that Obama is going to impose martial law. Pure demagoguery.

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  • John Pieret

    I hope that that’s not going to be the case.

    Nice hedging of bets. No doubt, when it doesn’t happen, he’ll claim it was because of brave patriots like him speaking out, scaring Obama into dropping his nefarious plans.

  • Alverant

    Yeah it was idiotic to make that claim in 2008, but the liberals who were saying it were more fringe. This is much closer to mainstream.

  • tbp1

    But without pure demagoguery, what does he have to offer?

  • This is ridiculous. There’s no way “president” Barack Hussein Obama is going to suspend the 2016 election. He doesn’t have to, with the streets filled with his New Black Panther/Occupy/ACORN thugs, just watch him cruise to a third “win”. He’s just working from the FDR-Alinsky playbook, as Skousen-Bircher predicted he would!

  • gbgasser

    Well I will say that just because it hasn’t happened in the past under stressful circumstances doesn’t mean it won’t happen now. I don’t see it happening in 2016 but I put absolutely nothing past this crowd of conservatives. I myself did openly suggest to my wife that I would not be surprised if something of the sort happened in 2008 following the financial meltdown. I wasn’t making a prediction as much as I was saying that I felt like modern conservatives held our present system in such contempt that they might try anything. Get a few more Jody Hices in Congress and you will see shit you never thought you’d see. Suspending a presidential election might be the MOST acceptable of things.

  • whheydt

    Elections during wars… One could, with some justification, claim that the election of 1860 was part of the timing of the Civil War. The election of 1864 proceeded normally. While WW1 raged in Europe in 1916, the US wasn’t in the war, so I think that one could be discounted. The same applies to 1940. The 1944 election, like the 1864 one did take place while the US was heavily involved in a major war.

    1952…Korean “War” was on and were in it, but it’s hard to call that “major”.

    1964, 1968, and 1972 … Viet Nam. but more akin to Korea than WW2.

  • comfychair

    Have you folks heard about this shit?

    Quitman Upper Elementary Debuts Ben Carson Reading Room

    Quitman, Miss. It’s the first in the state of Mississippi and its home is Quitman Upper Elementary School. From fiber optics to now innovative reading, Quitman is leading the way when it comes to education. The school and members of the community welcomed the new addition of a Ben Carson Reading Room in a grand opening ceremony that was attended by countless individuals and thanks to the book “Gifted Hands”, the room is a reality.

    ” I was actually reading Ben Carson’s book Gifted Hands and I saw the idea that he had for the reading rooms,” Quitman Schools Finance Coordinator Elisa Mayo said. “I knew right away that that was something that God wanted us to have for the children here. It was the best thing we could provide for them, so I immediately came back and went to the Phil Hardin Foundation and the QSD Imagination Library with the idea and both of them sponsored the Ben Carson Reading Room for us.”

    The room is described as a place designed to encourage young people to discover the joy of independent reading in a warm, inviting atmosphere and to THINK BIG.

    “What I hope that our children get from that is that they need to think outside the box and they need to think that there is nothing they can’t achieve and that reading is the way to get them where they would like to be and the dreams they might have for themselves,” Quitman Schools Superintendent Suzanne Hawley said.

    While the room provides an atmosphere that encourages reading, Principal James Kelley says it’s meant to be a way to get kids to enjoy a book.

    “There is no expectations,” Kelley said. “Just come in and read, bring your parents in and let them read to you. It’s a fun time, nothing required.”

    Kelley says each teacher is allotted two thirty minute blocks to bring their students into the reading room. He says the only rule is to read for enjoyment.

    The first Ben Carson Reading Room was founded in 2000 in Aberdeen, Maryland. It opened at Hall’s Cross Roads Elementary school. To date, there are over 110 locations spreading 14 states, with this being the first one in Mississippi.

    There is no expectations, indeed! Well, other than that stupid are the new smart, and we is rightly fucked.

  • lofgren

    I totally agree that thw fact that something hasn’t happened before pretty much guarantees that it will never happen. As anybody could tell you, our governmemtnis pretty much exactly the same as it was during the Civil War and almost nothng has changed culturally, technologically, globally, or personally for pretty much anybody anywhere since then. Therefore we can safely assume that if something didn’t happen during the Civil War it will likely never ever happen.

  • rod99

    comfychair: I give up. I went through 12 pages of Google listings on Ben Carson Reading Rooms and read half a dozen webpages. Even if Ben Carson is evil (probably), what is wrong with the reading rooms?

  • ceesays


    his THIRD win?


    is this a joke?

  • congenital cynic

    Jesus fucking christ. I’ve just looked through all of the titles you have posted today. Most days you post a lot of stuff about people are crazy, but today it’s like OD time. What the hell is wrong with the US? So much crazy. How do you keep from offing yourself in despair? I think I need to stop reading your blog. It’s too depressing. Mercifully I don’t live in the US, but still, crap that happens there impacts us all.

  • moarscienceplz


    Yes, it is a joke. Modusoperandi is the King of Snarks. Although, when he is talking about the Republicans, i think a /snark tag is mandatory because it is getting harder and harder to tell joke from reality with those people.

  • lorn

    Is it just me, or has the same story line been floated every time a Democratic president is in office? I seem to remember the same story coming up at least twice under Clinton and at least once before under Obama.

  • dan4

    @8. I think you need to take some sort of reading comprehension class . Ed’s stating that we’ve never had a cancelled election before, even in circumstances that are even more dire than the things that led Carson to fear that such a thing will happen. Your overcaffeinated post to the contrary, he was NOT making a broader point about how “the fact that something hasn’t happened before pretty much guarantees that it will never happen again” or that “if something didn’t happen during the Civil War, it will likely never happen again.”

  • dan4

    It’s dumbass arguments like the one made by lofgren that actually give credence to the Alex Jones and Ben Carsons of America (and the world).

  • tbp1

    Dr. Carson is living proof of the fact that competence, even brilliance, in one field is absolutely no guarantee of competence in other fields.

    It’s actually very sad to see someone who has genuinely achieved a great deal, despite long odds, end up as such a caricature.

  • nicemarmot

    Wow. Looks like he has gone full batshit.

  • Ben is right, the 2016 election could be cancelled just like tomorrow the sun could rise in the west. The real question is whether it is likely or possible to happen and the answer is a big fat NO.


    Don’t forget the talk in the 80s about repealing the 22nd amendment for poor Ronnie’s sake.

  • lofgren

    Ed’s stating that we’ve never had a cancelled election before, even in circumstances that are even more dire than the things that led Carson to fear that such a thing will happen.

    So Ed is merely stating this fact, with absolutely no implication that it has some bearing on the current conversation? It’s just a random factoid Ed pulled out of his ass that has absolutely no connection to the previous sentence or the ones following it. Yeah, definitely not me who needs a lesson in reading comprehension.

  • eric

    @5 – There is not even a remote chance of it happening They’d have to repeal the 22nd Amendment, and there is essentially no chance either party will control both houses with a 2/3 majority any time soon. You could double or triple the number of tea party types amongst GOP representatives and they still couldn’t do it. After that, 38 state legislatures would have to approve the amendment. Again, not gonna happen. Also keep in mind that the process of approval by legislatures has, historically, taken many years. Most modern amendments specify a time limit (i.e., must be ratified within X years, or it fails), and that time limit has often been 7 years…and things stil fail more often than they succeed. So even if the Dems somehow got a 2/3 majority in both chambers to pass a re-amendment tomorrow, it might not pass the legislatures until 2020 or so; too late for Obama by far. And the same would be true for a Republican President; getting a proposed amendment to the constitution to allow a third term passed in Congress in 2007 would have meant bubkis for Bush, because the state legislature approval process takes years.

    Amending (or revising an admendment like the 22nd) is such a supermajoritarian process that it really requires an issue that people across the political spectrum agree upon. Maybe some charismatic bipartisan leader could get away with it, but no leader that either the right or left dislikes has a chance of legally getting a third term.

  • dan4

    @19: Uh, “the bearing that it has on the present conversation” is that (again) cancelled presidential elections have not happened even under more dire circumstances than the ones that lead Carson to believe that the next one will be cancelled. He was not stating that “if “ANYTHING has not happened in the past, then it will not occur in the future.” His argument was specifically focused on said elections. Either you need that reading comprehension class I was talking about or you’re being a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian.

  • scienceavenger

    I don’t recall anyone on the left with any serious political bona fides or academic accomplishment in the relevant fields (which are the only opinions worthy of attention) suggesting that Bush was going to cancel the 2008 elections and I wish people would stop bending over so far backwards that their head goes up their ass trying to play this false equivalence game between the parties. There is no equivalence. The Democrats are occasionally wrong and/or misguided. The Republicans have left the playing field of reality.

    This post brought to you be a week of frustration on my back and serious painkillers. Fuck the Intelligent Designer and the knees he gave me.

  • Nick Gotts

    I agree with Alverant@2 and scienceavenger@16: Ed Brayton’s obsessive chanting of “both sides do it” has become ridiculous in itself.

  • Nick Gotts

    Sorry: @16 should be @22.

  • busterggi

    In fairness, the Rethugs have been trying to retroactively cancel the elections of 2008 and 2012 since they happened.

  • beezlebubby

    Ok, I’m, embarrassed to acknowledge that I had a mild, brief concern in 2006 or so that Bush would cancel elections, but if and only if they accomplished a false flag operation to justify it. Then my fever broke and I was okay again.