A Bigot’s Bizarre Slander of Gay Parents

Even by Christian right anti-gay bigot standards, Robert Oscar Lopez is completely unhinged. He has this bizarre idea that gay parents who adopt are bringing back slavery because they’re buying and selling children. But not straight people who adopt, of course. That’s totally different.

Cursed am I for having studied so much antebellum black literature. I can’t help but point out that black suffering came from a practice of people buying people, and now, because they can’t procreate naturally, homosexuals are buying people and calling them their children. I know, I know – we’re not talking about whips and chains or being forced to harvest sugarcane. But is slavery minus atrociously painful labor no longer slavery?

Wasn’t slavery the problem with slavery, not all the horrors that sometimes accompany slavery and sometimes do not? The thing itself – buying people like livestock and owning them, no matter how long the contract runs, whether you are a house or field servant – is the evil, not the byproducts.

Notice how I am not using profanity or saying that gay people are going to the fiery place below. I am simply pointing out that the gay lobby is not the first orchestrated movement to rationalize buying people. This is enough to turn them apoplectic.

So why isn’t it “slavery” when a straight couple adopts a child that is without a family? Why isn’t it “slavery” when a straight couple uses in vitro fertilization or surrogacy to become parents? Oh, right — because your holy book doesn’t hate those people and neither do you. I have gay friends who have adopted children. No reasonable person could possibly see the love and devotion they have for their children and be anything but moved by it. Only someone who is seriously deranged, like Robert Oscar Lopez, could rail against it in these terms.

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  • Chiroptera

    The problem with right wing nutjobbery is that it is getting harder and harder to figure out what they are trying to say beyond bleating “four legs good, two legs bad.”

    I mean, is this clown talking about ordinary adoption? Or does he really think that there is an underground market where gay people literally buy and sell children?

  • theguy

    Lopez really does sound like a dipshit. Just because people pay money to have in vitro or to do the paperwork for adoption doesn’t mean they’ve bought the child. They’re not treating children as commodities or property.

    I bet Lopez would be fine with straight Christian parents treating their kids like slaves: beating them, forcing them to go to church, controlling who their friends are, etc.

  • blf

    [D]oes he really think that there is an underground market where gay people literally buy and sell children?

    Delete the “gay” and there are some highly dubious, unethical, and illegal practices in certain international adoptions. I’m not too familiar with the subject but have vague recollections of some incidents of what could indeed be called “baby markets”, albeit nothing on the order of slavery as far as I can remember.

  • corwyn

    …and make them do the dishes, and clean their rooms…

  • theguy

    I’ve thought some more on this, and there’s a difference between slavery and custody. Slaveowners could do whatever they wanted with their slaves; beat them, work them, rape them, etc. Custody doesn’t give you unlimited rights over a child. So even if you’re “buying” a child you’re just “buying” custody.

    Fundamentalists, as I said above, are the ones who want to treat children as slaves.

    I notice the link to the American Stinker article says some shit about the “gay fear of educated people.” Well, isn’t that precious? Another wingnut moron arrogating for himself the ability to think.

  • eric

    If he shuts down adoption, I’m going to have to go back to eating potatoes again.

  • mars

    I notice Lopez’ allies at the misnamed “American Thinker” and elsewhere are in favor of corporal punishment. I’ll give him credit for not speaking out to join them, but it’s telling that he hasn’t spoken out against them either.

  • cptdoom

    When Rosie O’Donnell came out, it was directly because of the case of Steve Lofton and Roger Croteau, two Florida nurses who had fostered 4 HIV+ children but were not allowed to adopt them. These two amazing men, who remade their entire lives (including one of the men quitting his job to become a full-time parent), took in children that literally no one wanted. They had been abandoned by their birth parents, birth families and the community at large, who assumed they would simply die and weren’t worth the effort. Those two men lost one of the children after several years, but managed to keep the other three going at a time when there were few medications, little known about pediatric HIV patients, and even less support for families like theirs. They were so successful that, after moving to Oregon, the state nearly begged them to take in two HIV infected brothers.

    These men did not steal these children or buy them. They made a home for those kids, at a time when they thought they would bury every one of them, and created a unique and wonderfully functional family. Lopez is among the most disgusting of anti-gay activists, apparently because he’s bitter about being raised by a lesbian, but this kind of diatribe truly takes the proverbial cake.

  • Pen

    buying people like livestock and owning them,

    This is the thing. We all know you have to expend a hell of a lot of money in the course of raising children, but you don’t own them. It’s all responsibilities and precious few rights where parents are concerned. Perhaps only the right to be first in line to exercise the responsibilities unless it can be clearly demonstrated that you’re very bad at it.

  • Michael Heath

    Ed asserts:

    Een by Christian right anti-gay bigot standards, Robert Oscar Lopez is completely unhinged.

    Robert Oscar Lopez states:

    Notice how I am not using profanity or saying that gay people are going to the fiery place below.

    LOL. It’s been decades since I’ve heard a Christian refer to Hell as beneath the earth’s surface. Ed’s assertion is finely illustrated here as well the adopting = slavery argument.

  • Michael Heath

    theguy writes:

    Fundamentalists, as I said above, are the ones who want to treat children as slaves.

    This goes too way too far.

    Yes fundamentalism requires mistreatment of children, at least when it comes to their efforts to indoctrinate them, threaten their being ostracized if they don’t conform, and their abuse of gay children who are congregants in their churches.

    But fundamentalism as a sect does not treat children as slaves. Such a claim grossly diminishes the horrors rained down upon actual slaves. It’s the same rhetorical fallacy as claiming that criticism is equal to what Hitler did to Jews.

  • http://drx.typepad.com Dr X

    He says he’s bi, raised by lesbian mother and her partner and doesn’t fit in with anyone, gay or straight.


  • D. C. Sessions

    It’s all responsibilities and precious few rights where parents are concerned.

    There are few satisfactions greater than a duty voluntarily assumed and successfully discharged. And, I am finding, few of those that exceed watching your children go about their lives as adults that you like and admire.

    It may not be the ultimate in delayed gratification, but it’s up there.

  • http://www.northernpick.com danrobinson

    He says crazy stuff all the time. It’s been getting even weirder lately. I read about him often on Joe.My.God. The right loves him because he’s a self-loathing gay person and they can say, “See! See! Gay is BAD!”.

  • beezlebubby

    Unfortunately for his own mental health and personal happiness, Lopez is a self-loathing gay man trying desperately to not be gay. He says he’s an ex-gay, transformed by the power of Jesus, but we all know better than that. He should embrace his sexuality, and leave everyone else the fuck alone to do the same. Own it, Robert! You’ll be much happier.

  • howardhershey

    As mentioned by #3, there are certainly many dubious, unethical, and illegal activities (including actual baby selling) that goes on in adoptions (more frequently overseas, but also in the U.S.). Especially in developing countries, given the extraordinarily large amount of money relative to average income in those countries, monetary reasons often come into play. Paying bribes or the equivalent of bribes (extortion) is common. In fact, it wouldn’t be off by much to say that very few adoptions in developing countries have no element of bribery or extortion involved (albeit often hidden to the would-be parents). Gay would-be adoptive parents are often specifically targeted for last-minute bribes.

    This does not mean that most of the children adopted do not meet U.S. criteria for being adoptable. Most do, even when the paperwork is shady and money crosses palms. But some don’t.