First Lady Brings Tyranny to Homeless Vets

First Lady Michelle Obama has a new project for the last two years of her husband’s administration, working to get homeless veterans off the streets and into homes. But since she’s an evil communist who can’t possibly do anything without a fiendish plot in the background, I’m sure this will get turned around in the right wing echo chamber into something horrible.

Mayor Eric Garcetti committed Wednesday to accept the Obama administration’s challenge to end veteran homelessness in Los Angeles in the next 17 months, saying he will not accept that “veterans live in our city without a place of their own.”

Garcetti’s pledge came during an appearance in Century City with First Lady Michelle Obama, who told 900 business and labor leaders, politicians and homeless advocates at the Unite for Veterans Summit that success in Los Angeles County is crucial to meeting the administration’s homelessness goal. The county has the most homeless veterans in the country, more than 6,300.

“The image of even one of these heroes sleeping out in the cold, huddled up next to an overpass — that should horrify all of us,” Obama said. “Because that’s not who we are.

“And the truth is, we know that there are simple steps that we can take — whether that’s in business or government or in our communities — to prevent and solve these kinds of problems,” she said.

Let’s run this through the right wing funhouse mirror and see what comes back:

“Mooochelle Obama is turning her Saul Alinsky tactics on America’s veterans, threatening to round them up and give them ‘housing,’ undoubtedly in some FEMA reeducation camp where they’ll be forcibly gay married and fed a steady diet of chemtrails and soy products to reduce their testosterone levels and turn them into transvestites. There they’ll be brainwashed with Kenyan anti-colonial views and taught how to undermine America and infiltrate Christian churches like termites to destroy them from within.”

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  • d.c.wilson

    Not transvestites. The new right wing birther conspiracy is that she was born a man, so of course Moochelle would want to turn all of our veterans in to transexuals.

  • Kevin Kehres

    Oh please.

    Everyone knows the veterans will be brainwashed into becoming atheist communist Muslim Nazis who will form the vanguard of the raelian army that will take over the world when Obama declares martial law and cancels the 2016 elections because of all the Ebola coming across the borders from the Guatemalan children who are secretly ISIL fighters designed to create a false flag operation to distract us from BENGHAZI!!!!

  • raym

    I do wish people would stop using the phrase because that’s not who we are, since it is so patently untrue. Surely a better choice would be because that’s not who we should be.

  • Chiroptera

    Huh. I thought she was going to brainwash them into contracting ebola and then sneak back into the country disguised as 12 year old Salvadoran children.

  • Loqi

    Helping homeless vets? Is there nothing too evil for Michelle Obama?

    This calls for a second American Revolution. We’ll gather 65 trillion protesters outside the White House and frogmarch Michelle Obama out to where she can be tried by Gordon Klingenschmitt in front of a jury of empty chairs. Then a council of American patriots including Stephen Colbert, Modus, and other like-minded conservatives will choose a new first lady, like the constitution intended.

  • stephenmurphy

    I think my Dispatches fav commenter ModusO is going to have to work hard to top Ed’s excellent funhouse mirror translation. Not that I doubt M-O’s up to that challenge

  • LightningRose

    Ed, drop the straw man arguments. I thought you were a better journalist than this.

  • Electric Shaman

    So why can’t this initiative focus on all homeless people in Los Angeles? I know saying one is going to help veterans wins many a political point, but surely Ms Obama could strive to help all the homeless people and sugar coat it with a “which includes 6300 veterans”.

  • lorn

    I get the impression that whenever Michelle Obama enters a room the Darth Vader theme music plays very loudly.

  • Ysidro

    So instead of waiting for some right wing nutjob to say something you decide to make it up for them? WTF Ed? There’s plenty of things to discuss in the actual article without you pretending to write for The Blaze!