Fischer Suggests Black Mass Caused Oklahoma Killing

Reacting to the gruesome beheading of someone in Oklahoma by a co-worker, Bryan Fischer found a way to link it to the recent satanic black mass held in Oklahoma City. He doesn’t have an actual argument to make for this causation, of course, just a tired cliche about hell breaking loose.

“Remember that it was in Oklahoma City where the city fathers said ‘you can have your Satanic ritual in the heart of our city,'” Fischer said. “And then literally, I mean this literally, ladies and gentlemen, all Hell has broken loose in the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma City allows a Satanic ritual and all of a sudden, we start hearing about people having their head cut off in the name of the demon god Allah. Just a coincidence? I’ll leave it up to you to make up your own mind.”

It’s amazing how such “coincidences” can always be blamed. No matter where something bad happens, it’s trivially easy to find something that happened previously that one disagreed with and make the lame post hoc argument. That’s why people like Fischer can blame a hurricane on a gay pride parade rather than on meteorological factors.


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  • raven

    Ed Brayton a few hours ago: God, the Eternal Excuse

    Almost right.

    Demons and satan, the other eternal excuses.

    Between god, demons, and satan, xians never, ever have to take responsibility for anything. This is all OK because they never have any choice in what happens either. They are just tiny motes in a sea of supernatural causes and effects and their lives are meaningless.

  • teawithbertrand

    I recommend some experimentation. Let’s have more of these satanic tea parties in other cities and see if and beheadings occur there.

  • sugarfrosted

    I’m positive the crime took place because gay marriage isn’t legal nationwide. Dammit Brian Fischer, this is your fault. When will your reign of terror end.

    And I have just as much evidence for this causation and it’s about as plausible.

  • Michael Heath

    In the mid-1990s and since then, conservative Christians revealed their hate, dishonesty, and craziness in a manner reasonable people could observe at far higher volumes , e.g., the Internet, viral emails, Fox News, and AM talk radio. Most of us probably also assume that the volume of craziness also went up as a amplifying feedback loop given the creation if these new media outlet.

    Scientists and others, me included, became increasingly interested in better understanding the audience of the swill Fischer and his ilk publish. Chris Mooney’s book, Republican Brain, was a good overview of the scientific research up to its publication date.

    There are many ways journalists fail us. I think one of the biggest is their not insightfully reporting on the attributes of the conservative Christian audience, as well as people like us that monitor this shit. It’d be increasingly difficult to avoid and deny the crazy shit these people spew and believe if it was scrutinized more in the media. We see how they gesticulate, deflect, and get even crazier when their words are quoted back to them in the media now. Imagine if the media actually began reporting how the audience who believes is able to believe this shit, how they act out because they believe this shit, and how it harms themselves and others.

    Such scrutiny would also make it more absurd for those who falsely claim these beliefs are a small subsection that are also, ‘no true Scostmen Christians’. Still there will be avoidance and denialism. The last time I challenged David Heddle to consider what science has to say on the matter, he claimed the neuroscientists and psychologists who study this stuff aren’t real scientists, what they do is, “soft” and therefore implicated that it was of no utility. So even the tiny tiny outlier group who claim they’re pro-science, effectively demonstrate they are in fact – not pro-science. This anti-science position is one of those topics that doesn’t nearly get enough traction in the media.

  • anubisprime

    It is obvious that fundy fucktards like Fischer never ever realize that the concept of a god and that gods traits split three ways depending on frame of reference before jeebus pissed his swaddling clothes… Allah is god is Yahweh…and they all descend from Baal…

    By claiming that Allah is the demon of religions he is actually claiming his own concept of a god is demonic…I am sure his head will explode if he can be bothered to study the root and history of the three main Abrahamic deities.

    The cretin will piss himself!

  • Sastra

    “…And then literally, I mean this literally, ladies and gentlemen, all Hell has broken loose in the state of Oklahoma. “

    Wait. I think this is another abuse of “literally” — particularly when you consider the elaborate views these folks have re an actual place of damnation. If ALL Hell has literally broken loose some place, then at minimum I would expect scampering demons and flying devil-bats. Plus fire. I refuse to believe that all Hell could break loose and not a smidgen of hellfire or brimstone.

    Now I don’t trust this man any more.

  • Kevin Kehres

    Well, since god created demons, you could say that god was responsible for all incidents of demon infestation. God created Satan, too. All part of the plan. All part of the plan.

    What’s the plan? As near as I can figure out — to make the majority of the population as miserable as possible for a long as possible when they’re alive, and then torture them for all eternity after they’re dead.

    Some plan.

  • theguy

    If anybody’s god is demonic, it’s a god that promotes hate and fear and threatens to damn people for eternal suffering. In other words, Fischstick’s god.

  • busterggi

    “all of a sudden” – did 9/11 just happen, cuz I’da sworn that was thirteen years ago?

  • kantalope

    If the Black Mass was in Oklahoma City, why was the beheading 30 miles away in Norman?

  • grumpyoldfart

    So god punishes the Satanists by cutting off the head of a non-Satanist?

  • DonDueed

    Oh, there was brimstone all right. It’s just that it came up in Japan instead of OK. Another example of Yahweh’s tragic nearsightedness.

  • Electric Shaman

    And then literally, I mean this literally, ladies and gentlemen, all Hell has broken loose in the state of Oklahoma

    Well I, for one, am relieved that even demons unleashed from the fiery pits of Hell will respect state boundaries and restrict their activities to the state in which they were ritually summoned.

    Just a coincidence? I’ll leave it up to you to make up your own mind.

    Yep, just a coincidence. Was there anything else Mr Fischer or are we done here?

  • Dr X

    The archbishop of OK City and his exorcist chased to the devil away, so I don’t think the beheading had anything to do with the Black Mass.

  • dingojack

    And then literally, I mean this literally, ladies and gentlemen, all Hell has broken loose in the state of Oklahoma..”

    ‘Oh? How can you tell?’ [/Dotty Parker]