Wiles Thinks He’s Going to Be Prosecuted for Hate Speech

Rick Wiles, ever vigilant against the imaginary dragons against whom he so bravely fights, now says that the FBI is only involved in investigating the beheading in Oklahoma so they can prosecute people like him who mention that the murderer was a convert to Islam.

“Why is the FBI involved in a local murder in Oklahoma? I’ll tell you why. If we speak out against Islam, we are going to be targeted by the feds for religious hate speech. The feds have already ruled today that the beheading was workplace violence, so if anybody says it was Muslim terrorism, that person will be at risk for prosecution of stirring up religious strife. Remember, we have a Muslim jihadist in the White House.”

Uh, Rick…there is no law against hate speech in this country. And there are lots and lots of court rulings that would prevent such a law even if someone did try to pass one. Your paranoid delusions don’t magically become reality no matter how hard you pray to be made a martyr for Jesus.

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  • sinned34

    Oh come on, Ed. You know as well as I do that none of these wingnuts really wants to actually be a martyr. They just want to be able to strike a martyr’s pose now and then to keep the rubes shovelling money at them.

  • Chiroptera

    …so if anybody says it was Muslim terrorism….

    …they are probably wrong. I may be wrong, though. Did the murderer actually say that he was trying to send a message to society that infidels will be punished by death? Because that is what “Muslim terrorism” would be.

    A crime that happens to be committed by a Muslim isn’t necessarily Muslim terrorism.

  • John Pieret

    A crime that happens to be committed by a Muslim isn’t necessarily Muslim terrorism.

    You have to practice harder to think like a wingnut. For instance, wingnuts have called that guy in Dallas with Ebola a terrorist who is perpetrating biological warfare on the US. All the cause and effect they need is that something bad happened and that Obama/the government/Muslims/liberals/etc. exist.

  • Melvosh

    A crime that happens to be committed by a Muslim isn’t necessarily Muslim terrorism.

    No no no. All crimes committed by Muslims are absolutely Muslim terrorism. Just like all crimes committed by gay people are part of the gay agenda. And all crimes committed by atheists are because of their lack of belief. And no crime ever in the history of the world committed by a Christian has ever had anything to do with religion.

  • anubisprime

    “Remember, we have a Muslim jihadist in the White House.”

    Or alternatively ‘Remember You’re A Womble’…or in Rick’s (with a silent P) case, remember you’re a dickhead!

  • dingojack

    anubisprime (#5) – Remember You’re a Womble (embrace the full horror of the 70’s!!)


  • http://cheapsignals.blogspot.com Gretchen

    Uh, Rick…there is no law against hate speech in this country.

    Although if someone tried to create a law against “religious hate speech,” Wiles would probably be in favor of it because he’d know it would be used primarily or exclusively to punish criticism of Christians.

  • John Pieret

    Wiles Thinks

    There is no empiric evidence for that proposition.

  • anubisprime

    dingojack @ 6

    Hah…shivers down ya backbone….video prompts another question relevant to Blighty…I wonder if Edmunds is ever likely to feel the foetid breath of plod on his neck investigating operation Yewtree?…they do so like kicking high flying DJ’s at the moment.

    And it matters not a jot if they are guilty or innocent…

  • jnorris

    Question: Would Rick Wiles accept legal help from the ACLU if he were charged with a hate speech crime? (Instead of his usual stupid speech crimes.)

    A Womble? I believe the Tea Party Televangelicals Entertainment Industrial Complex is better represented by the Banana Splits. https//www.youtube.com/watch?v=81LQnWPVqSI

  • Artor

    Of course Wiles is right! Do you have any idea how many times he’s been hauled off by jackbooted thugs for saying something unpopular? Wait, what’s that? He’s still broadcasting his nonsense & hasn’t been arrested yet? Why, I’m almost inclined to think he’s full of shit!

  • dingojack

    Perhaps he’ll get to share the same cell as the late, lamented Teddy Nugent.