Horowitz Rag Lies About Thomas Perez

One of the potential candidates to replace Attorney General Eric Holder is current Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez, so naturally the far right is ramping up its attacks on him. David Horowitz’ Front Page Mag goes all out, claiming that he supports the terrorists and wants to impose Sharia law in America.

Perez sides with America’s enemies in the Global War on Terror. He apparently supports Islamic terrorists and the imposition of Shariah law in America.

Perez seems to favor Saudi-style anti-blasphemy laws. In Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries offenders are condemned to death merely for insulting Islam.

Disturbingly, at a congressional hearing Perez pointedly refused to rule out bringing such laws to America. At a meeting of the House Judiciary Committee’s panel on the Constitution in 2012, Perez would not say whether he would uphold the religious speech protections in the First Amendment in the future.

“Will you tell us … that this administration’s Department of Justice will never entertain or advance a proposal that criminalizes speech against any religion?” Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) asked four times to no avail.

This is a flat out lie. You can read the transcripts of that hearing and it shows exactly the opposite, as First Amendment scholar Eugene Volokh found when he did exactly that. What actually happened was that Franks, who would need a promotion to get to be a moron, kept repeating a loaded question and then interrupting him again and again. Perez, in fact, said clearly that hate speech laws of any kind would be unconstitutional, while support hate crimes laws, which are entirely different.

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  • D. C. Sessions

    Maybe Franks isn’t as dumb as he acts. That’s a pretty neat trick, and I suspect we’ll be seeing a lot of it.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Do you think the American public will fall for the lie? I think they will. They’re not the brightest people on the planet.

  • D. C. Sessions

    grumpyoldfart, how many of them will hear anything other than, “Perez does not deny …” ?

    Yeah, that.

  • http://www.pixelated-reality.com Alareth

    One would think that the rightwing theocrats would be jumping at the chance to introduce Saudi style anti-blasphemy laws in the US.

  • John Pieret

    In the category of what I could have said:

    “Representative Franks, it would absolutely protected speech under the 1st Amendment to say ‘Jesus was a faggot communist’ though saying the same thing about Mohammed would get you in deep trouble in Saudi Arabia. But if someone calls up a pastor and says ‘I’m going to blow up your church because Jesus was a faggot communist’ that is a criminal threat. And if someone stands in front of a mob carrying torches and says ‘Let’s go burn down that church because Jesus was a faggot communist’ that would be the crime of incitement to violence.

    The only problem would be the fallout of moron heads exploding.

  • John Pieret

    Horowitz Rag Lies

    In related news, the sun rises in the east.

  • felidae

    (W)Horowitz and company are well aware of the power of the Big Lie and shameless about using it