Uh Oh. The Christian Right Isn't Gonna Like This

The Christian right in America just loves Israel, though mostly for ulterior motives (they need Israel to play a role in their bizarre end times fantasies). A few months ago they were angered by the fact that Israel pays for abortions. Now the Israeli government has come out officially against “ex-gay” reversion therapy.

Israel’s Health Ministry has formally adopted the recommendations of its country’s Council of Psychologists and the Israeli Psychological Association against so-called reparative therapies aimed at changing a person’s sexual orientation – issuing a public warning against them on Sunday.

‘Therapists using this method create a false impression of scientific recognition of this method, although in practice there is no research evidence of the success of any such method for possible conversion and there is even evidence of possible damage,’ the Health Ministry said in a public statement on the issue.

The Council of Psychologists and the Israeli Psychological Association produced a position paper on the issue at the Health Ministry’s behest which warned that therapists should avoid counseling patients they held moral judgements about their sexual orientations as this was an unprofessional place to start therapy.

‘Conversion therapy creates a predetermined agenda, which is liable to miss the point of psychological treatment as called for by the profession’s ethical guidelines,’ the position paper states.

‘If [a therapist] cannot accept the patient from a non-judgmental, accepting, and empathetic position, he must invalidate himself from dealing with that patient.

Deeeeeep Rifts.

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  • colnago80

    The Christian Right might not like this but they will surely like this.


  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi

    It’s for the best. Since Israel is foreign, every gayhomo they’d convert would end up metric.

  • mikeinohio

    Don’t worry. It’s nothing a little cognitive dissonance won’t take care of!

  • weatherwax

    I’m not sure how much they’ll care either way. As much as “they need Israel to play a role in their bizarre end times fantasies”, their fantasies involve all the Jews going to hell, anyway.

    Of course, we can never miss a chance to condemn other people, can we?

  • Trebuchet

    No True Israelites….

  • http://drx.typepad.com Dr X


    Some clarification: cognitive disonnance doesn’t take care of anything. CD refers to the tension created by the inconsistency. There are a few ways the tension can be taken care of (reduced), including rationalization, denial or even changing one’s opinion, though I wouldn’t count on the latter occurring because of these revelations.

    I’d also argue that there is nothing intrinsically contradictory about someone seeing Israel as having a central role in their end times fantasies without requiring that Israel and the Israelis are beacons of moral perfection. In fact, Jews are supposed convert or die in the end, so they aren’t exactly regarded as perfect in the greater scheme of things.

    Not that I’m blind to the Johnny-come-lately, childish idealization of Israel by the American Christian Right, a la simpletons like Sarah Palin who think Jews are flattered by her wearing a Star of David pendant. I suppose that the idealizations they’ve developed in the course of making Israel the centerpiece of diety’s plan, are always in tension with the view that a come-to-Jesus moment awaits Israel. But managing this tension isn’t especially difficult for patronizing ignoramuses like Sarah Palin and her ilk. It would only be difficult if they were capable of self-insight.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Give it up, Dr X. You’re beating your head against a wall — I know, I have the flat spot to prove it.

    BTW, you left out compartmentalization — perhaps the top choice.

  • John Pieret

    D. C. Sessions @ 7:

    Yeah, but it is still handy to have a clear exposition of what the term really means around. Next time it won’t take so much effort to hit the wall.

  • http://drx.typepad.com Dr X


    it doesn’t matter at this point. My head already more dented than a trailer park after a hail storm.