Herman Cain Tries Another Internet TV Channel

Remember after the 2012 election when Herman Cain announced the launch of Cain TV? That lasted about a year before it folded. But inspired by Sarah Palin’s new venture, he’s doing it all over again. This time it’s called the Herman Cain Channel. I’m sure the change in name will make all the difference. Amusingly, the announcement was made on the website of his first failed TV channel.

I like the idea of doing television, and in the past several years I’ve had a number of people interested in working with me to develop TV concepts. The problem always comes when you realize the concept has to be tailored to suit the needs of networks who cater to mass audiences, picky advertisers, etc.

If I can do TV in a way that suits me and my strengths, I think I can do it very well. But when you find that can’t fit any of the established formulas, you start to wonder if you can do TV that works in the real world.

Or at least I wondered that until I started talking to TAPP-TV, and we quickly developed the concept we launch today: The Herman Cain Channel.

We’ll have all kinds of features available to you, all online, all on demand when you want to see it. Is it free? No! It’s premium content and we charge $9.99 a month (you saw that coming, right?) for a subscription, or $99.99 for a 12-month subscription.

TAPP-TV, which also produces Sarah Palin’s channel, is led by former CNN president Jon Klein, whose thinking is way ahead of most people when it comes to where TV is going. In working with Jon these past couple of months – and yes, that’s how fast this thing has come together – it’s been clear that he understands the old models that governed the business of television no longer apply. If we can deliver the kind of value and quality you demand – and we will – we can make TV work for you without seeing the product watered down as tends to happen with major network television or even major cable channels.

I wonder if I can get one of his advisers to bet me $2500 on whether this one will last a year.

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  • Big Boppa

    I wonder if I can get one of his advisers to bet me $2500 on whether this one will last a year.


    Odds on that bet are currently running at 66:6.

  • Loqi

    So for only $200 per year, I can have the privledge of having *two* examples of why a real-life block/ignore feature would be the most useful invention since the microprocessor babble incoherently at me? What a deal!

    Or I could use that $200 to buy 200 packs of Juicy Fruit gum. I think the decision is clear.

  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi

    From what I understand, after 11pm it gets a little blue.

  • Alverant

    Amazon Prime for a year is cheaper. (I checked last night when I was considering alternatives to cable, it’s $99 and I get free two-day shipping too!)

  • greg1466

    Wow! Both Herman and Sarah? Clearly TAPP-TV is trying to compete with Comedy Central.

  • John Pieret

    He’ll have to wait until I go shopping for knitting needles to drive into my eyes.

  • dono

    Today’s lineup:

    6:00 Wake Up America with Herman Cain

    9:00 Herman Cain News Hour

    10:00 Name That Judicial Activist–Host: Herman Cain

    10:30 Pizza Time with Herman

    11:00 Pre-Lunch News with Herman Cain

    12:00 Herman Cain Presents Lunchtime News

    1:00 The Young and the Herman

    1:30 As the Cain Turns

    2:00 Herm!

    3:00 The Cain Show

    4:00 Talk Time with Herman Cain

    5:00 Late Afternoon News with Herman Cain

    5:30 Cain’s Commentary

    6:00 Evening News with Herman Cain

    6:30 Wheel of Cain

    7:00 How I Met Herman Cain

    7:30 The Big Cain Theory

    8:00 HCTV

    8:30 Two Girls, A Guy That Says Nonsensical Things, and a Pizza Place

    9:00 CSI Herman Cain

    10:00 Last Chance For News with Herman Cain

    10:30 Night Time with Herman Cain

    11:30 Bedtime with Herman Cain

    12:30 Paid Programming

  • anachronistes

    dono – how the talk show he’ll do with his co-host: “Cain and Abel”?