The Old Radio Shows Available Again

I was very happy to get an email from Cai Wingfield asking if he could host all the audio files of my old radio show that he downloaded. The audio from Declaring Independence, in particular, I thought was lost forever. If you want to listen to any of them, you can find them here. Thanks, Cai.

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  • Michael Heath

    The archive I miss is the comment posts when you blogged at ScienceBlogs.

    The nature of that forum relative to now was in that forum, commenters were much more apt to link to peer-reviewed citations. So those comment threads were frequently a treasure-trove of knowledge. There was also a lot a comment posts by idiots who attempted to deny, avoid, or misrepresent those findings who would then get smacked down with credibly cited science and history.

  • Modusoperandi

    Are they old timey? It’s not real radio if it isn’t old timey.


    Michael Heath “The archive I miss is the comment posts when you blogged at ScienceBlogs.”

    I lost so many good links and explanatory comments when those comments disappeared.