Those Demonic Toys, Cartoons and Games of the 80s

This video is hilarious. It’s a pair of fundies in the 80s talking about how the toys and games of that day were satanic, including Thunder Cats. There are some amusing claims, like that if you throw a D&D game in the fire, you’ll hear the screams of demons. And He-Man is bad because he had more power than Jesus. Funny stuff.


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  • Alverant

    He-man had a sword and never used it against living beings. But he punched a lot of people and threw rocks. I thought Jesus was against stoning.

  • Chiroptera

    Has it occurred to anyone that nowadays if someone made the claim that “Thunder Cats” is an anagram for “Satan eats childrens brains,” no contemporary US conservative Christian will bother to check it?

  • rationalinks

    I loved Thunder Cats and He-Man when I was a kid growing up in the 80’s. Interestingly enough, I remember seeing this video at a church “lock-in” when I was about 12 or so. I distinctly remembering pointing and laughing, and then getting kicked out of the sanctuary 😛

  • YOB – Ye Olde Blacksmith

    I remember those! I’m 45 now, still into D&D, still watch those cartoon, still have some of my original action figures (action figures! NOT dolls!…ok, they’re dolls, anywho). Hell, I’m even indoctrinating my kids into it.

    But, I’m still waiting to be invited into a cult. Still waiting for my demonic powers to manifest. *sigh* I’m starting to think all of that was hooie and I’ve been enjoying all this satanic stuff for nothing.

  • stuartsmith

    “That’s called necromology!”


  • anachronistes

    “if you throw a D&D game in the fire, you’ll hear the screams of demons.”

    Maybe if it’s 4E…

  • Onamission5

    Aw, all we got at our AoG youth group were demonstrations on backwards masking, debate over whether dancing was too worldly or not, a bit of infighting regarding Satan’s potential influence over Stephen Spielberg re: making of ET (most believed it was not demonic, some, like my parents, believed ET was created by Satan to make demons seen cute and cuddley), and a lecture on why celebrating Halloween is pandering to the devil. My former teenaged self feels deprived of some highly influential comedic opportunity.

  • raven

    So what is it these days?

    If you told a kid today that He-man and D&D were demonic, they would just look blank. Who? What?

    IIRC, it is Harry Potter. Yoga. Tarot cards. Halloween. Happy Holidays. What else? I admit not being plugged into the the contemporary Demonic toys, games, cartoons, and music scene.

  • DrewN

    Throwing vintage toys & first edition copies of the D&D players handbook into a bonfire will definitely cause wails & gnashing of teeth but moreso from hobbyists & toy collectors then from demons.

  • edmundog

    @Onamission5 #7

    And what were Michael and his friends doing when Elliot found ET? That’s right! They were PLAYING DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS!!!! WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!

  • dhall

    I grew up in the 60s, and I was told that playing a record backwards would reveal demonic incantations (especially the Beatles, Doors and Led Zep.), and that Ouija boards screamed if you threw them into fires. Same old/same old, just readjusted for the next batch of kids. Except now there is a Jesus doll/action figure . . .

  • Modusoperandi

    The kids these days. Back in my day, we played stick and ball, hoop and stick, and stick and stick in the streets, as God intended. Granted, like I lament my children’s activities now, my father thought mine were freaking and weird, but still I’m as right as he was wrong.

  • freehand

    My sweetie and I took our daughter to the city (Berzerkely, CA) to a game store there when she was about nine. They had several Jack Chick comics framed and hanging on the wall. The kid asked about them, and I explained that religious conservatives thought that playing these games led to literally losing one’s soul to Satan in exchange for demonic powers. A heartbeat later she said “Kewl…”

  • Trebuchet

    It might have been repackaged, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this video linked on FTB multiple times in the past few years.

  • dhall

    Actually, it’s kind of depressing. The fundies never learn, never get over anything, and the next generation of fundies says the same old crap.

  • Kevin Kehres

    @8 raven

    …the Catholic Church…Islam….Hinduism…Judaism…Jainism…being in the Supreme Court…being a federal judge ruling against homophobic bigotry…being the President of the United States while black…

    The list of demonic things goes on and on.

  • Marcus Ranum

    I’d never throw a D&D game in the fire (looks lovingly at his 1st edition 3-book boxed set on the shelf near the desk) It’s worth too much.

  • busterggi

    Ah, nothin’ like the White Box!

  • grumpyoldfart

    At least the Christians from that period were not dumb enough to fall for that nonsense. I mean, look at how smart they all turned out to be.

  • Michael Heath

    dhall writes:

    I grew up in the 60s, and I was told that playing a record backwards would reveal demonic incantations (especially the Beatles, Doors and Led Zep.)

    I was pressed to believe this shit as well. It never took. I still recall having been originally told that rock and roll wasn’t music but instead just noise. Having dispelled that lie by about age 5 – 7 I never bought the defamations that followed regarding rock musicians.

    In 1980 when I was 20 I was eating dinner when a fundie who knew I was into rock and roll walked up to me. That person informed me that John Bonham had just died. They were chortling; celebrating his supposed entry into Hell. This was an actual attempt to convert me (once again). Instead this person’s behavior was one of the first moments when I began to consider that practicing Christianity can turn some people evil. That’s something I resisted concluding for decades; but no more.

    What else do you call behavior that celebrates an entity promising unimaginable suffering for eternity? Or in less common instances, behavior that celebrates certain people suffering in Hell? Evil fits this behavior; at least for adult believers.

  • Ani

    Having grown up with Harry Potter, I always remember it whenever someone calls any book/TV show/movie demonic. The best part of it is that some of these things might even have some sort of positive messages, but certain preachers take them and turn them into something negative.