Jerry DeWitt on CNN

CNN did a piece a few days ago about the growing number of atheist congregations around the country and specifically about Jerry DeWitt and his group in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I really adore Jerry and think he’s a great spokesman for humanism and secularism. Video below the fold.


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  • Alverant

    I’m not sure about the “preach” part in the crawler though.

  • Jasper of Maine

    Why did the host pick one of the definitions of atheism over another? Thanks, DeWitt, for “clarifying” that. Otherwise, a good interview.

  • Marcus Ranum

    He’s as slick as a regular preacher.

  • Area Man

    Why does CNN have a regular feature called “Faces of Faith”? Does it come on after “Rich White Men we Admire” or “Strait People Who’ve Made a Difference”?

  • doublereed

    Man, that host was being pretty aggressive. I guess it’s okay, because it gives him a chance to respond to such arguments. It’s kind of common reaction, but still it’s being a jerk.

    @4 Area Man

    Is it bad to have a segment on religious issues? It’s not like it’s exclusively Christian or something. Case in point: the segment we just watched. An equivalent feature would be “Faces of Sexuality” or something.

  • Area Man

    Is it bad to have a segment on religious issues?

    No, not per se it isn’t, and I agree that the above segment was pretty good and demonstrates a commitment to diversity on CNN’s part. However, the name they chose, and I’m willing to bet this is reflected in the majority of segments they do, appears to be lauding the faithful as worthy of special adulation. But maybe I’m just overreacting.

  • Uncle Ebeneezer

    What bothers me about this interview is: if a Christian, Jew, Muslim etc. came on this show to talk about the activities of their church/synagogue/mosque, do you think the interviewer would feel it acceptable to challenge the guest with semantic attempts to gotcha them into admitting they can’t be 100. %. Sure.??

    Of course not. Their beliefs would be accepted/respected and the discussion would move on. Only atheists get grilled to justify their stance, every damn time they go on any mainstream show.

    Otherwise, great video. Jerry was great, as always.

  • lancifer

    Great point Uncle Eb.

    The religious have demanded and received special treatment in almost all societies at all time scales.

    I guess we should be glad it is only disrespect and blunt questions and no longer burning at the stake.