‘Psychic’ Fires Husband, Son-in-Law

It seems that first notpology wasn’t good enough, so now fake “psychic” Sally Morgan says she has fired her husband and her son-in-law after they were caught on video gay bashing and threatening a skeptic handing out fliers with physical violence.

Today Sally Morgan made a firm decision to sack her husband John Morgan and Son in Law Daren Wiltshear after recent video footage shows them using violent and threatening behaviour.

As of today John Morgan no longer holds his position as Sally’s Personal Manager and Daren Wiltshear no longer holds the position of Tour Manager. Both John and Daren will have nothing more to do with Sally Morgan’s business, including her live shows, which they will no longer be attending.

Sally Morgan added “I have come from a family background that has always been very accepting, many of my friends are gay and I have always felt happy that I am often referred to as a gay icon through my work. I am utterly ashamed and devastated at the behaviour of my husband John and Son in Law Daren and neither of them will have anything to do with my work, my business and right now I honestly have no idea what is going to happen to my marriage”.

There will be many more important decisions being made over the course of this week.

But Sally, why didn’t your “spirit guides” warn you about this? They could have at least given you an H for husband as a clue to what was going to happen, since apparently these “spirit guides” never just come out and say anything specific (gosh, it couldn’t be standard cold reading technique, could it?).

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  • Michael Heath

    Sally Morgan’s firing of her husband and other employees who mistreated others is a demonstrable step towards a credible apology. She deserves credit for that Ed.

    And yes, it probably made business sense. But that doesn’t negate a apology if it’s framed in a context where other demonstrable steps were taken to significantly reduce the odds of mistreating others. Of course eradicating the mistreating of others is impossible for her unless she concedes she’s a fraud and works to repair the past damage she’s caused to people.

  • eric

    Sally Morgan added “I have come from a family background that has always been very accepting, many of my friends are gay and I have always felt happy that I am often referred to as a gay icon through my work.

    Nice dodge. So, your husband and son threaten violence to a skeptic and during the harassment they also call him gay. Your response to this is to say you don’t think ‘gay’ is an insult, and you fire them for calling him gay. How about, y’know, telling the world that you think threatening any critic with violence is wrong? How about firing them for threatening violence towards a skeptic, regardless of whether they are gay or straight?

  • dhall

    I agree with Michael Heath; she deserves some credit for firing people who presumably represent her yet conduct themselves so badly. It shows that she means well when it comes to that, or at least understands how damaging that kind of behavior is, both for the person being attacked as well as for her business. There are also people who genuinely believe that they have psychic abilities and mean no harm–I honestly don’t know if she’s intentionally fraudulent as to her psychic abilities or not. But I do have a question: now that she’s fired her husband, does she see a divorce in their future?

  • blf

    Excuse me, but she’s a fraudster — all “psychics” are frauds, making the ones who do for money fraudsters — so why the feck is anyone believing her? She says she’s fired them, but she also says she can speak to the dead, probably denies being a fraud, and so on. She has basically no credibility, so why believe her?

  • grumpyoldfart

    My guess:

    Sacked from the staff; re-hired as ‘consultants’ at the same weekly payment.

  • Artor

    I have to respectfully disagree with Michael Heath & dhall. I’d give Morgan some credit if she had come right out at first and condemned her husband’s actions, but her first response was an embarrassing not-pology and actual defense of her husband’s threats of violence & bigotry. Only after catching flack for that has she gotten around to firing them and denouncing any kind of threats or gay-bashing. This new tack is a day late & a dollar short, and stinks of insincerity, as does her entire career.

  • unity

    There is one minor detail that Morgan omitted from her statement.

    Her husband is also a director and co-owner of all three of her active limited companies, with a 50% shareholding in each of the them, so unless she’s going to buy him out as well then the claim that he will have “nothing more” to with her business is a more than a little bit hollow.

  • dingojack

    Why oh why didn’t she fire them before they even thought of opening their mouths?

    But then she’d have to be psychic or something…



  • Bob Cash

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    1) A CON ARTIST.


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