Klayman Files His New Lawsuit

As promised, Larry Klayman has filed his latest lawsuit, which retired con law prof Howard Friedman calls “rather bizarre.” It’s every bit as ridiculous as one might predict. Klayman argues in the complaint that President Obama is deliberately letting Ebola into the country to aid his “infected fellow Africans” and “American Muslim ISIS suicide terrorists.”

The Ebola virus is secretly a biological weapon allowed into the country by the Obama administration to further terrorist interests against Americans of the “Caucasian race and Jewish-Christian religion” according to a new lawsuit filed Tuesday against several members of the administration.

The complaint by Larry Klayman reads like a 27-page amplification of many of the fears swirling around the two cases of the Ebola virus diagnosed in the United States in recent weeks. In this instance, that fear is steeped in several long-stewing conspiracy theories about the current executive branch…

The Obama administration’s current screening strategy is actually “a reckless plan to open the door not just to Defendant Obama’s infected fellow Africans, but also American Muslim ISIS suicide terrorists who would intentionally infect themselves with the deadly disease and thus spread it widely in the United States,” the complaint reads. (Klayman believes Obama is a secret Muslim, which he points out elsewhere in the complaint)…

Klayman also claims in the complaint, among other things, that the defendants “have actual knowledge of a substantial risk and actuality that Ebola will be transmitted through the air to infect others.” Ebola is only transmitted through direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person, the CDC and other international health officials have repeatedly said…

In a brief phone interview with The Post, Klayman addressed the discrepancy between his complaint’s claims and the CDC’s publicly-available information on Ebola transmission: “I firmly believe the CDC is not telling the truth, that [Ebola] can be transmitted through the air,” he said.(“The CDC knows that airborne transmission of Ebola is likely, but has lied to the American people, at the direction of Defendant Obama, to the contrary,” Klayman wrote in the complaint.)

The only real question is how long it will take for the case to be dismissed. Like most Klayman lawsuits, the complaint is mostly a political tirade rather than a serious legal argument. Judges don’t like that sort of thing. If you’ve got some time and want a good laugh, you can read the full complaint here.

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  • colnago80

    As I have inquired previously, when is Klayman’s bar ticket going to be suspended for filing frivolous law suits and wasting court time. IMHO, Klayman doesn’t believe a word of it and is just another grifter grifting.

  • gertzedek

    “Jewish-Christian religion”? I mean, I know we’re the Christian Right’s favorite token religious minority, but i didn’t expect them to completely annex our religion…

  • John Pieret

    I firmly believe the CDC is not telling the truth, that [Ebola] can be transmitted through the air

    And his evidence for that?

    The CDC has been planning and putting protocol and facilities and equipment for exactly this kind of event for many years. … A special high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtered respirator powered by a rechargeable battery supplies air for breathing and cooling. Those filters remove particles down to .03 micrometers, including viruses like Ebola, according to CDC protocols.” “Moving Ebola Patients to U.S. Involves Extreme Isolation”, Discovery News, Aug 1, 2014

    Now, numbnuts, imagine you are a healthcare worker in a room with an Ebola patient who, as they are want to do, is projectile vomiting all over you. Oh, but I guess that is transmitting it “through the air” to ignoramuses.

  • D. C. Sessions

    And his evidence for that?

    WARN us next time, would you please?

  • eric

    when is Klayman’s bar ticket going to be suspended for filing frivolous law suits and wasting court time.

    Now look, the WashPo’s comics section is pretty poor. Don’t you take this away from the D.C. Court!

  • DaveL

    when is Klayman’s bar ticket going to be suspended for filing frivolous law suits and wasting court time.

    What, and let the “judges” on daytime TV get all the fun to themselves?

  • matty1

    “Caucasian race and Jewish-Christian religion”

    “American Muslim ISIS suicide terrorists”

    He’s just stringing words together at random right?

  • Michael Heath

    The local rock station, DJ’d by idiots, interviewed MI Governor Rick Snyder this morning. They asked him to comment on the meme going around that Ebola is a U.S. military invention that’s now being used to kill Americans.

    Gov. Snyder informed them he didn’t believe that was true.

  • shadow

    Is Klayman related to or a sock puppet of Orly Taitz (sp?)?

  • whheydt

    Judges should get hazard pay for having to read his submissions.