The Latest Attempt at a Conservative Daily Show

There have been many attempts to create a conservative version of the Daily Show. Fox had the Half-Hour News Hour and they’re still trying with Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, who is painfully unfunny. So prepare to cringe at the latest attempt, The Flipside with Michael Loftus. Give up, conservatives; you just aren’t funny.


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  • Chiroptera

    Give up, conservatives; you just aren’t funny.

    Well, they are, just not when they’re trying to be. And those of us who laugh at them find the humor to be more of the dark, bitter variety.

  • blf

    Give up, conservatives; you just aren’t funny.

    Why not? Amongst all the dross of utterly horrible alternative realities, “they” do have some rather hilarious ones: The Earth is only 6Kyo and people co-existed with dinosaurs (you could probably make a cartoon series out of that); The Earth is flat and there are giants (throw in some mobile cliffs and it’s good for a heroic adventure); A superintelligent alien with a bad temper and worse aim is going to transport 144K people to a happy asylum (a whole miniseries there); and so on.

  • Artor

    What? Am I supposed to click Play on that clip? Yeah, right. “Hey, here’s this new drink that totally tastes like shit! Try some!” No thanks.

  • Al Dente

    The difference between liberal comedy and conservative comedy is that the liberals are punching up, satirizing and otherwise skewering the privileged and powerful, while conservatives are punching down, sneering and scoffing at the powerless and disadvantaged.

  • markmckee

    Tim Allen has a new show that I started to watch last night. His character went into a right wing tirade and the show itself seems to make fun of the “liberal” relative. So there’s that. I thought his tirade was particularly disgusting and for a while there I thought his character was the butt of the joke, like Carroll O’Connor was on All in the Family. But then I realized not so. I couldn’t bring myself to keep watching so maybe it would have ended up being more All in the Family ish.

  • John Pieret

    I don’t know. The racial stereotype of Cajuns as poor people with cars space shuttles up on blocks was about as funny as Stepin Fetchit.

  • Aspect Sign

    Wow! That was really bad. Republican talking points with intentional punch lines written by that guy at the hardware store that thinks he’s really funny read by a someone with zero stage presence. That should bring in the ratings. But it is a doomed effort, even with better material and presentation. Because ideology is never funny about itself. Ideological concerns are always completely serious, nothing funny about them. When they try it feels like a salesman trying to keep you on the line. They are incapable of self deprecation They can only be honestly funny about people and things outside of the ideology and that just comes across as mean.

  • Modusoperandi

    You’re just mad because he’s right. What we should’ve done to rebuild New Orleans was cut taxes and repeal gun laws.

  • dhall

    It sure took them a long time to come up with jokes about Hurricane Katrina. Which happened on W’s watch, btw. Why, he even flew high over the flooded, destroyed areas to show just how much he cared . . .

  • Michael Heath

    markmckee writes:

    Tim Allen has a new show that I started to watch last night. His character went into a right wing tirade and the show itself seems to make fun of the “liberal” relative. So there’s that. I thought his tirade was particularly disgusting and for a while there I thought his character was the butt of the joke, like Carroll O’Connor was on All in the Family.

    I was just a kid when All in the Family was on so perhaps my perspective is warped. While I do recall Archie Bunker being a buffoon, the show also didn’t let the liberal son-in-law, “Meathead”, off the hook. “Meathead” frequently lacked moral authority when debating Archie given his living off Archie’s wages.

    In All in the Family we see Norman Lear demonstrating a laudable aspect of liberalism. That’s the ability and willingness for no holds-barred self-reflection; something I rarely encounter from conservatives. I instead see them continually making fatally defective arguments; usually by building their conclusions around a defectively narrow framework and a false set of premises.

  • caseloweraz

    blf: The Earth is only 6Kyo and people co-existed with dinosaurs (you could probably make a cartoon series out of that)…

    There was at least one (though AFAIK it was not Christian-themed.) It was called Mightor after its “hero.” He was a caveman who carried a club. When he faced a dinosaur too big to bash, he would use the club’s death-ray function. I remember watching it for the first few episodes. By the second episode, I was cheering for the dinosaurs.

  • pinkboi

    Literally his first “joke” is just some classist bullshit and jabs at the French. That’s embarrassing conservative relative humor in a nutshell.

  • Hoosier X

    Let me guess: An alternative title could be “Straw Man Theater.” (Which is what I used to call Jonah Goldberg’s column.)

  • Mr Ed

    I remember when my kids were four or five and struggling with the concept of humor. They had the basic concept of a set-up and a punch line but they had no idea how each worked. They started by varying known jokes. They would add random works after knock knock or ask why a variety of animals crossed the road. By watching our reaction they slowly learned what worked and came to understand the abstract concept of humor.

    Unfortunately tribalism in conservatism hasn’t provided the necessary feedback for them to learn. Conservatives have the basics a set up and a talking point; a priest, a minister and a rabbi walk into a bar and the bartenders says “Obama.” Anyone who doesn’t laugh isn’t sufficiently conservative and is shunned. This is why they never learn

  • fifthdentist

    I bet he could do some really great “humor” about the $3 trillion — plus a million dead Iraqis and millions more displaced, plus the 4,000-plus dead Americans and the tens of thousands more physically/mentally ruined for life — that was wasted in our glorious invasion and “rebuilding” of that country?

  • teawithbertrand

    Making fun of people’s accents. How terribly clever.

  • lofgren

    a priest, a minister and a rabbi walk into a bar and the bartenders says “Obama.”


  • ragarth

    I think I threw up in my mouth a little. The guy’s ‘humor’ was just making from of other ethnicities and cultures as an aside from the topics he was talking about.

    Right wing humor: Let’s make fun of them *other* people, LAWLS.

  • tuibguy

    I dIdn’t watch the video, so I won’t comment I that. I think that there are some funny conservatives out there, but when they try political humor they fall flat because they follow too closely along the Limbaugh line of punching down. There was a time I liked Dennis Miller. Yes. There was. He had a one hour show in HBO just after he left SNL and hadn’t yet ruined Monday Night Football. The HBO show was very funny. There are other funny conservative comedians, I am sure. There have to be, right?

    I don’t think that comedians intend to lean liberal, it turns out that the conservative viewpoint provides much more material for them.

  • fifthdentist

    Oh, sweet merciful Jeebus; I actually watched that.

    I’d say it’s like watching a train wreck, but that doesn’t express the enormity of fail and awfulness. It’s more like watching a train wreck knowing that all your friends and relatives are on it.

  • stubby

    He made it almost 5 minutes without talking about lowering taxes. That may be a new record for a conservative “comedian”.

  • lorn

    Damn … that was so lame it is sad.

    It is like they put out a lowest bidder contract for a comedian to make a show out of GOP talking points recorded on a tape loop. Yes, after a dozen reiterations of the theme, we get it that you think government can do no good. Please stop flogging the dead horse.

    Was it just me or did I see a bit of wounded humanity in spots, between lines I thought I saw some deep regret over having to work with this soul destroying material. Like the look of a person made to stomp puppies and kittens under threat of violence or for a huge pile of money, or both.

  • Michael Heath

    At about 2:00 minutes into this piece, this yahoo denies the existence of public education.

    So it’s a miracle I was able to write these sentences in this post in a manner that other human beings literate in English could understand.

    Therefore the Christian god exists.

  • dxdt

    I think it was Lenny Bruce who said words to the effect of, “the object of comedian is to make people laugh at least once every 15 seconds.”

    I made it through 2 minutes of The Flipside (BTW, I’m what you would call “older,” so I understand the significance of “flipside,” but my children couldn’t even tell you what a 45 record looked like), and didn’t even crack a smile. I propose a new scale for comedians called the “Bruce Scale.” Based on the 15 second criteria, Fox’s latest effort would rate a negative 8 (I didn’t keep watching so the number could have gone even more negative).

  • robertfoster

    Humor is not a trickle down activity. The king making fun of the peasants is not funny, but the peasants making fun of the king, now that’s funny. That’s what conservatives don’t get. They’re the entitled, monied people. They can only be funny if the ridicule themselves.

  • Synfandel

    I’d like my seven minutes and eight seconds back, please.

  • zbeeblebrox

    I used to watch Dennis Miller’s show on HBO. I thought he was very funny. I don’t recall seeing any political bent to the show, one way or the other. If anything it leaned left. Then 9/11 happened and Miller went off the rails and he stopped being funny. I still remember his bit on gun control where he said “Americans have more arms than the octopus at the Chernobyl aquarium”. Not that was funny.

  • zbeeblebrox

    “Now that was funny”, not “not that was funny”.

  • sezme

    Gawd, that was pathetic. I just wasted 7+ minutes of my life.

    I’ve listened to Dennis Miller’s radio show. I dunno, he may have been funny at one time but, lordy, not now.

  • shallit

    But… but… what about Mallard Fillmore? If that isn’t the funniest comic strip around, then I’m not Dick Cheney.

  • Gary Bunker

    Dennis Miller was funny until he started making a point about being conservative. His observational rants were pretty good, when they were non-partisan. I would think liberal-based humor would be tough as well, if there were comedians who made their liberalism the point of their humor, instead of merely something which informed their view of the world.

  • Holms

    He makes a very big deal of that $127 billion and how the government failed to manage such a huge sum… but fails to mention that it was a highly conservative Bush administration that did all the flopping.

    But yes, even setting aside dubious cfactual accuracy there is a distinct lack of wit.

  • pickwick

    Shallit, it’s okay, you’re not Dick Cheney!

    Michael Loftus might be, though. Surely there aren’t that many totally humorless misanthropes in the world.

  • lofgren

    I don’t think it is so much that conservatives aren’t funny. I think Jeff Dunham is a conservative based on some of his acts, and he has a pretty significant following. I also think Dennis Miller is (or was) funny. Miller’s style of humor is VERY hard to pull off, so I don’t even discount the possibility that he could get the knack back at some point in the future and have a successful third act.

    I think the problem is that they are looking for a “blank” version of the “blank” show, rather than trying to create something that they are legitimately passionate about. Anytime you’re trying to make a crass knockoff you’re going to run into trouble.

    I think it’s interesting that he proposes that the government should have just given hundreds of thousands of dollars to individuals displaced by Katrina, rather than trying to administer billions of dollars themselves. That’s not even a totally awful idea. But his proposed method of accomplishing this: tax breaks! Tax breaks won’t get a person making $7.95 an hour hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix their house. To get hundreds of thousands of dollars into the hands of the people who need, you would require, GASP, redistribution of wealth. His argument that New Orleans would have bounced back more successfully if the poor were not as desperate is actually in direct opposition to his argument that we should lower taxes.

  • teawithbertrand


    I’ve seen Jeff Dunham’s act. His puppets include “Achmed the Dead Terrorist” and a Latin American character called “Jose Jalapeno”. He may have a very substantial following, but he’s still an unfunny racist asshole.

  • lofgren

    Racist, sure. Asshole, maybe. But clearly there are a lot of people who disagree that he is unfunny.

  • michaelnewsham

    Well, he does have a point about Detroit. I remember when the United States National Federal Automobile Company, the government outfit in Detroit that used to build all the cars that Americans drove, totally screwed up by producing pieces of gas-guzzling crap that were unable to compete against the Japanese.