Biden’s Son Kicked Out of Navy for Using Cocaine

Vice President Joe Biden, one of the most zealous anti-drug crusaders in American politics, has some serious egg on his face now that his son Hunter has been booted out of the Navy because he tested positive for cocaine. But it seems that is all that will happen to him.

Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden was discharged from the Navy in February after testing positive for cocaine, a person familiar with the case confirmed to ABC News.

The person said Biden had failed a urinalysis test administered in June 2013 before he was discharged from the Navy.

“It was the honor of my life to serve in the U.S .Navy, and I deeply regret and am embarrassed that my actions led to my administrative discharge,” Hunter Biden said in a statement distributed through his lawyer. “I respect the Navy’s decision. With the love and support of my family, I’m moving forward.”

The person familiar with the case said he “was treated no different than any other sailor.”

But he’s certainly being treated differently than the hundreds of thousands of others, most of them black and poor, who have gone to prison for using cocaine. And Joe Biden may well be the most extreme anti-drug warrior in Washington. He’s the one who wrote the bill that allows civil asset forfeiture. He was one of the foremost supporters of mandatory minimum sentences and the sponsor of the incredibly draconian RAVE Act.

The policies he has supported have destroyed the lives of millions of African-Americans and their families, but his wealthy white son gets a discharge and faces no criminal charges. And his son actually had to get a waiver from the Navy to get his commission in the reserves because he had a previous drug conviction, for which he also faced little punishment. The real punishment is for poor black men, not rich white ones.

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  • colnago80

    In fairness, Biden fils failed a drug test. He was not caught in possession of cocaine. It is my information that drug test failures do not lead to criminal charges unless drug possession is also found (an exception would be someone who has previously been convicted of possession and has to undergo testing as a condition of parole or probation). However, my information may be wrong and I would defer to anyone with better information.

  • colnago80

    I would also point out that the current president has admitted cocaine use in his past and his predecessor has been accused of such usage by reliable sources.

  • Modusoperandi

    The real punishment is for poor black men, not rich white ones.


  • jasmyn

    Although harsh drug penalties overwhelmingly target one group, often dismissal from the military is as far as drug charges go. Unless a military member was dealing, he/she is just going to get an article 15 and dismissed.

  • lorn

    Assuming otherwise good behavior the person failing a drug test in the military is almost always presented with a discharge, not prosecuted. I’ve never even heard of anyone prosecuted based upon a piss test.

    Even outside the military a failed drug test is seldom prosecuted. As long as the testing is not part of a parole, probation, or diversion program. In which case it typically violates the parole and the person gets tossed back in jail to serve their time. In both cases, in the military and out, possession could indeed get you time. But a failed piss test? Not so much.

  • Al Dente

    Biden Jr. had been a Reserve JAG officer (Naval lawyer). He served less than two years. Popping positive on a drug test is considered prima facie evidence of drug use. Most enlisted personnel are given a Captain’s Mast (non-judicial punishment) for drug use before being tossed out with an OTH (Other Than Honorable) discharge. The OTH is administrative rather than punitive and means exactly what it says, it’s not an honorable discharge. Officers aren’t usually given Captain’s Mast, they’re just pushed out the door with an OTH.

  • frog

    While I certainly want Biden Sr to realize his raving hypocrisy, I hope he sorts it out by giving poor black men the same privileges as rich white men, rather than the reverse.

  • reverendrodney

    Hunter Biden not only probably got an honorable discharge but a chestful of medals for his official portrait, to be used in the future as prove of his super-patriotism.

    But this is only the tip of the Privileged White Class iceberg. He and Christopher Heinz (John Kerry’s step-son) are executives in an energy corporation that is ready to pounce on Ukraine’s natural resources as soon as the dust settles. Which indicates (in my mind) that the USA’s meddling in that country has nothing to do with democracy.

  • flatlander100

    Unless you can show that Mr Biden was not treated as other sailers under the same circumstance, you’re way off base on this one. Or are you suggesting Biden’s son should have received a harsher punishment than other sailors who fail drug tests because his father is veep?

    Veeps, Presidents, senators, governors are not responsible for the actions of their adult children

  • eric

    I kinda don’t buy the “treated like any other soldier” line. I think it’s likely that, as the Vice-President’s son, his drug habit was probably ignored by his CO a lot longer than any other soldier’s would have been. The test and ensuing boot out the door may have been per the regs, but I bet the time between suspicion of use and test was a lot longer than it would’ve been in other cases.

  • marcus

    @ 10 This is merely speculation with no basis in evidence.

  • colnago80

    Re reverendrodney @ #8

    Reverendrodney is seriously in error. According to all news reports, Biden was General Discharge which is less an Honorable Discharge.

  • marcus

    @ 12 There are three classes of discharge from the US Military.

    Honorable. (upon completion of term of service)

    General Under Honorable Conditions. (Administrative, considered honorable for all intents and purposes)

    General Under Less Than Honorable Conditions (Failed to complete service contract due to misbehavior)

    G-U-H not necessarily “less than”. This includes “Hardship” discharges etc Sometimes if they want

    someone to “just go quietly” they will award this discharge even though there was real or alleged misbehavior,

    during the time DADT this was the type of discharges awarded to LGBT soldiers. (At least when I was in.)

  • Donovan

    When I was in the Navy mid-90’s, I saw plenty of people processed out for drug use. It was an Other Than Honorable, no exceptions. So I really don’t think this is a race issue. There was plenty of racism in the military, and minorities usually got the worst of it, but once anything made it to Captain’s Mast or more, I think it was pretty evenly handled.

    *I am a white male and never pleaded my case before the captain (though I was a witness once), so I may have just not noticed.