NC Magistrates Must Perform Same-Sex Marriages

Magistrates and other officials empowered to conduct marriages in the state of North Carolina have been told that it is their duty to perform same-sex weddings and if they refuse they could be suspended or fired. Yes, this is the place where you should be saying “duh.”

North Carolina magistrates have been directed to perform civil marriages for same-sex couples or face suspension or dismissal from their state jobs.

North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts general counsel Pamela Weaver Best issued a memo Wednesday to state magistrates saying they would be violating their oaths of office if they refuse to marry gay or lesbian couples.

The directive came after a magistrate in Pasquotank County on Monday refused to marry two men, citing religious objections. Some magistrates in Alamance County also said they wouldn’t marry gay couples.

And almost immediately, one magistrate resigned his position because he couldn’t continue to discriminate:

Rockingham County Magistrate John Kallam Jr. sent a letter to Chief District Court Judge Fred Wilkins on Thursday saying when he took his oath of office, he didn’t take it with the understanding that he would be required to marry same-sex couples.

Kallam wrote that marrying gay couples “would desecrate a holy Institution established by God Himself.”

Buh bye. Can you imagine what the reaction would be if a Muslim clerk at the Department of Motor Vehicles refused to process drivers licenses for women because his religion says women shouldn’t drive? That person would be lucky to escape with his life, his job is completely out of the question. And many of the same Christians who are outraged at the idea of government officials being forced to perform gay weddings would demand that the Muslim clerk be fired, if not rode out of town on a rail. There is no relevant difference whatsoever. If your government job requires you to perform a service for the public, you cannot pick and choose which people you will serve.

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  • Nihilismus

    Kallam wrote that marrying gay couples “would desecrate a holy Institution established by God Himself.”

    Is it really that hard for him to understand the difference between a civil marriage and “the holy institution”? He is not a priest and he was not performing a religious sacrament — we was performing a civil proceeding. If he wants, he can continue to perform religious ceremonies elsewhere.

  • Modusoperandi

    Good for him! I did the same thing, long ago; quitting after the boxes for “Bride-to-be’s Father’s consent” and “Amount of Dowry” were removed from the form.

  • Martin, heading for geezerhood

    To be fair, their job description has changed and the old bigots should be permitted to transfer/resign with no penalty.

  • Gvlgeologist, FCD

    Not sure what you mean by “transfer/resign with no penalty”. No one prevented him from resigning, and if he’s eligible for a pension, I’m sure he’ll get it. As for transferring, if he can get a job sucking from the public teat that doesn’t involve discriminating against gays, I’m sure no one will prevent him.

  • John Pieret

    Magistrate John Kallam Jr.

    Could this be Peter LaBarbera’s Rosa Parks? Of course, there is a bit of a difference between a working woman who refused to obey a discriminatory law being arrested and booked and someone with, no doubt enough local political clout to be elected/appointed a magistrate, who will merely have to go back to his previous career for refusing to do his duty under the court system he swore to uphold. But why would that stop people like LaBarbera?

  • Pianoman, Church of the Golden Retriever

    Ed, you must understand that Mr. Kallam would first have to marry gays, then presumably himself marry a gay. I mean, it’s all part of the homosexual agenda.

  • tsig

    How can marriage be of god since when god was flesh he did not marry but hung around in the desert with a bunch of passionate guys?