Wingnut Knows What Women Want

It always cracks me up when people talk about what men want or what women want, as if all men or all women wanted the same thing. It’s especially amusing when what that person declares that group wants flies in the face of all evidence of what a majority wants. Right wing talk show host Laurie Roth knows what women want and, by sheer coincidence, it’s exactly what she wants.

It is out all over the place now. Polls are showing that women don’t feel safe with Obama and now prefer Republicans. This has to be a huge slap upside the head to Obama that he doesn’t own the female block anymore. Actually, he never did own most of us nor impress us with his tongue. Moms, workers, Grandmas, business owners and generic ‘girlfriends’ knew the difference between fiction and non-fiction – lies and truth…

Women of America…it looks like more of you are finally listening to your intuition and that inner, God given ability to identify smooth talking liars. You finally realize that Obama is not making you feel safer and you trust Republicans more. I sure wouldn’t trust the GOP much more but they are the folks that must get in the ring at this crucial time and act. Vote and vote right.

You know what she doesn’t do? Cite a single poll. But it “looks like” this is happening, so it must be happening. This has been the meme they’ve been pushing for the last couple weeks, that women are “waking up” to Obama and are turning on him. But that doesn’t mean they now “prefer Republicans.” In fact, I’d make a bet with Roth that women still vote strongly for Democrats in November over Republicans. But then Roth will simply declare that those aren’t “real” women.

Real women in America want freedom, God in charge; opportunity to thrive with their business ideas; a safe place to raise their children; schools that are reliable – protected from intruders and don’t rewrite history while pushing sex agendas. Women want our borders protected, radical Islam pushed back and fascist/Marxist/communist agendas destroyed. Real women want Christian values and morals leading in America again…not Islam, New world order or other socialist/communist bull rot.

Real women in America want God fearing, Constitution and freedom loving servants serving in the HOUSE and SENATE. We are sick of the egomaniac who has taken over the White House. We demand that real men be real men…not this fake ‘metro-sexual’ garbage. Real men are not sound bite experts. They don’t say the perfect thing at the perfect time. They don’t always smell right, look right are act right but they 99,9% of the time do right. Women want men with integrity, grit, and courage and yes…honor who love right and fight right.

Yes, “real women” want all the empty buzzwords that Roth wants. Never mind that a majority of women voters will not vote with her. They just aren’t “real” women, obviously.

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  • Mobius


    Some years ago, a co-worker went to Branson, MO for the weekend. When he came back he said that based on his experience there everyone in America was becoming a Republican.

    Can you say, “Confirmation bias”? “Small sample size”? “Cherry picking”?

  • ArtK

    Can I propose legislation that would make “No True Scotsman” a crime punishable by imprisonment? Or at least several hours in the stocks?

    @ Mobius

    That’s nothing. I went to Disneyland last week and came to the conclusion that everyone in America wants to wear mouse ears.

  • matty1

    Real women in America want freedom, God in charge….Christian values and morals ..Real women in America want God fearing, Constitution and freedom loving servants

    Does anyone else see a few contradictions here?

  • dingojack

    Remember how the Republicans were absolutely sure they were gonna win in 2008?

    Remember how they reacted when it didn’t come even close to how they expected it.

    Imagine how this idiot will react…

    Are you feeling the upcoming surge of schadenfreude ?

    😀 Dingo

  • speed0spank

    Real women are hetero Christian ladies with hordes of children, apparently.

  • John Pieret

    Real women in America

    As opposed to … what? … oh, I know, the transgended and intersexed … No, that can’t be it, these assholes don’t believe such people exist. I know … “real” women vote the way Roth wants and the ones who won’t are … sluts. whores, welfare queens, etc.

    Once again, the Republicans are reaching out to women to counter the false impression that the party is anti-women. “Real women” is the new “real rape.”

  • Michael Heath

    This is the poll result that has people like this wingnut crowing:

    It’s not representative of women but instead likely women voters. And the majority of women voters do not favor the GOP but instead a slight plurality.

    So while the wingnut’s being a wingnut, it is a finding Democratic voters aren’t taking seriously enough. Especially in regards to low voter turn-out by non-conservatives.

    I was googling around trying to find this poll result where I also found a Bloomberg article that asserted the GOP strategy to defeat Democratic candidates that are wome: They’re attempting to scare people into voting for their [male?] candidate. Meanwhile liquid water remains wet.

  • blf

    I went to Disneyland last week and came to the conclusion that everyone in America wants to wear mouse ears.

    Fake mouse ears that cost a fortune, are probably imported, and whose copyright was extended for very dubious reasons.

  • Michael Heath


    Real women in America want freedom, God in charge….Christian values and morals ..Real women in America want God fearing, Constitution and freedom loving servants

    matty1 @ 3:

    Does anyone else see a few contradictions here?

    Oh yeah, I tire sometimes pointing them all out since they flourish when a standard-issue conservative Christian speaks.

    The best example of this was when Rick Santorum was on Meet the Press and David Gregory was offering softball questions on gay marriage. Mr. Santorum was uncomfortable discussing the matter, I presume because the audience wasn’t his target demographic to demagogue this issue. So Santorum complained to Gregory about dwelling on the matter so much while his campaign was instead about liberty.

    I tried googling the transcript but NBC News doesn’t make that very easy.

  • dingojack

    John Pieret -“‘Real women in America’

    As opposed to … what? …”

    Well derr – A Natural Women*.



    * opposed to a artificial, supernatural/ preternatural, or (my favourite) unnatural women… :)

  • Modusoperandi

    Look, Real Women don’t trust Obama. Sure, he tricked some women with “free” slut “medicine”, but he won’t be happy until he pushes through the HHS’s new Ebola Mandate.

  • dhall

    Thank you, Laurie Roth, for telling me what I want, and for clearing that up for lots of women around the country. Why, without you, we’d probably think we wanted a whole bunch of contradictory, restrictive, sexist bullshit crap. Especially those fascist/Marxist/communist agendas. And freedom–except for that psychotic Christian god being in charge. If we really tried to achieve those agendas, our brains would explode. Just sayin’. Funny how words have meanings. You might try looking a few of them up before you use them.

  • reddiaperbaby1942

    Gee, I guess I’m not a “real woman”. That’s funny, I’m 72, with kids and grandkids, and I never figured this out. I appreciate Ms. Roth telling me the truth — !’m an “unreal women”. Or does it mean I’m actually a guy?

  • theguy

    “Real women want Christian values”

    So Jewish women and Muslim women aren’t “real” women? Seems like this wing nut’s taking the white hood off.

  • dingojack

    I’m sure what Laurie Roth says is absolutely true, once one correctly ‘unskews’ the polls*, amiright?




    * despite all recent evidence to the contrary

  • D. C. Sessions

    This works a bit better if you recogize that the set of “real women” includes:

    * Natural women

    * Rational women (some rational women are also natural.)

    * Irrational women (can not be rational)

    * Positive women (can be any of the above)

    * Negative women (can be any of the above except positive.)

    “Real women” can not be “imaginary women.” However, most women are complex: part real, part imaginary.

  • dingojack

    Look, I’m sure the five repressed white, middle-class elderly ‘church-ladies’ that Roth talked to didn’t entirely disagree with her…


  • lindsay

    So real men are smelly and funny-looking, and they grunt and point instead of talking.

  • dingojack

    The irony is they’re gonna have to move from ‘The majority rules’ to ‘We have to protect the position of the minority’. Even after their vigorous defence of the former to the determent of the latter position… quelle dommage


  • John Pieret

    reddiaperbaby1942 @ 13:

    Or does it mean I’m actually a guy?

    If it comes to that. we’d be proud to have you with us!

  • otrame


    Frankly, it sounds more like Ms. Roth is a guy. She is certainly pushing the “rich white conscienceless middle aged Republican guy” agenda.

  • leni

    Fake mouse ears that cost a fortune, are probably imported, and whose copyright was extended for very dubious reasons.

    They were made in Kenya. Obama is sneaking through the southern border in a sinister plot to make white Americans look ridiculous. I’m not sure about the copyright thing, though. Probably a false flag.

  • smhll

    There may be some truth in the idea that fearmongering seems to tip the electorate a bit toward voting for the more conservative choice. I think that’s why Fox News beats the drum for fear so often.

    Fear is a powerful force, and not a logical one. (Logic, like reality, has a left-wing tilt.)

  • cry4turtles

    I’m a real woman, and I’d like to quote Axl Rose to Ms. Roth, “Get in the ring motherfucker!”

  • scienceavenger

    You know what she doesn’t do? Cite a single poll.

    Well I have a Fox poll right here that asks “Do you think women are turning away from Obama and towards the GOP?”, and the majority said “YES”, so checkmate liberals!

  • dugglebogey

    So even though a majority of women and an overwhelming majority of single women voted for him, this woman has decided that women don’t like him anymore because she doesn’t “feel safe.”

    Safe from what? ISIS? Give me a break, you’ve got a better chance of winning the lottery 12 times in a row than being hurt by ISIS. Ebola? 20 times more likely. This woman doesn’t really feel unsafe, she just sucks at MATH.