Van Dyke Getting Huge Financial Support

I mentioned recently that Lawrence Van Dyke, a highly dishonest Christian righter I tangled with in the early days of this blog, is running for the Montanta Supreme Court. And he’s attracting big financial support from the usual gang of right wing third-party organizations that seek to influence elections.

Last month, the anti-gay, anti-choice Family Research Council raised money for challenger Lawrence VanDyke at a Values Voter Summit fundraiser. A couple of weeks later, a Montana offshoot of the Republican State Leadership Committee — an outside spending group bankrolled by corporations including the Reynolds tobacco company and Koch Industries — dropped $110,000 on TV ads attacking VanDyke’s opponent, Justice Mike Wheat.

And now, according to the Missoulan, not only has the RSLC now spent $330,000 supporting VanDyke’s candidacy, but it has been joined in the fight by Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-funded group that has since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision spent millions of dollars to influence elections.

AFP is spending $85,000 running ads that accuse Wheat of being an “extreme” partisan…citing his votes on bipartisan bills as a state legislator.

This is a guy who thinks it’s perfectly legal to teach creationism in public schools. And it’s safe to say he can be counted on to implement the full corporatist/conservative agenda.

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