Hice: Sandusky Raped Kids Because of Separation of Church and State

Jody Hice, the likely next congressman from Georgia (replacing the equally warped Paul Broun, so at least it’s a step sideways), told Rick Wiles of TruNews radio in 2011 that the entire Penn State child molestation scandal was because we took prayer out of schools.

Back in 2011, Georgia pastor and GOP politician Jody Hice appeared on the End Times radio broadcast “Trunews” to discuss the Penn State abuse scandal, which he blamed on the end of government-organized school prayer.

Hice, who is now the GOP nominee for the Republican-leaning U.S. House seat being vacated by far-right Rep. Paul Broun, told host Rick Wiles that the Penn State scandal was a result of America having “kicked the Bible out of schools and then prayer out of schools. We’ve just basically been going downhill since then and you get what you get [when] you kick God out.”

And now, a word from reality. Jerry Sandusky, the one who did the child raping, was born in 1944 and was raised in Pennsylvania, which means he had to recite prayers in school for his entire childhood (it wasn’t taken out until 1962, when he was 18). Those prayers obviously did nothing to prevent him from being a pedophile. Nor has constant prayer done anything to prevent hundreds of priests from raping children. Hice’s argument is thus conclusively disproved — not that he’ll notice, of course, or care.

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  • dhall

    I wonder how many of those horrifically damaged kids prayed desperately for the abuse to stop while it was occurring. Hice is just another thoughtless asshole using who knows how many victims of those despicable crimes to further his own agenda.

  • emc2

    No, see prayers are like vaccinations. If you don’t keep getting booster shots, all that prayer goodness wears off. You have to count on herd immunity to it around. Now that there is no prayer in school, that immunity is not around and people like Sandusky get infected with sin. That’s why there has to be public prayer in school. It is not like they can just up and go somewhere every week to get that weekly booster. That would be crazy.

  • Taking prayer out the schools is the go-to excuse for everything with these guys. Gas went up 30c over night? It’s because we took prayer out of schools. Dog shit in the house? Prayer out of schools. Internet went down while I was looking at porn? Prayer out of schools…

  • Chiroptera

    Maybe he’s victim blaming.

  • eric

    Jerry Sandusky, the one who did the child raping, was born in 1944 and was raised in Pennsylvania, which means he had to recite prayers in school for his entire childhood (it wasn’t taken out until 1962, when he was 18).

    The correlation is stronger than that.

    -Joe Paterno (knew about it, did nothing): born 1926, so got prayer in school

    -Graham Spanier (knew about it, did nothing): 1948 but grew up in South Africa, so who knows.

    -Tim Curley (assisted in cover-up): born in 1954. So prayer until 2nd grade, none after that.

    -Gary Schultz (assisted in cover-up): can’t find his exact age but he started at U Penn as a freshman on or before 1969, so approximately 1950ish.. So he got prayer K-6.

    -Mike McQueary (the whistleblower): born in 1974 and so didn’t have prayer in school.

    So, ALL the people who may have had some prayer in school stood by and did nothing, or even covered up the incidents. The one guy who went to school after prayer was forbidden was the only guy to do the right thing.

  • Jared James

    Sure, took fifty years for the effects to become manifest, but now teachers not interrupting the school day five times to face Jerusalem and pray (or would that be Lynchburg, VA?) causes all sorts of unexpected things, like men who were already graduating college in 1963 sexually abusing children who wouldn’t be born for forty more years.

    But you know, the child molestation happened later, therefore Schempp must have been the cause.

  • dhall

    #5 – Eric – Your point is taken, but McQuery isn’t exactly a shining hero. He repeatedly changed his story after initially telling the grand jury that he saw Sandusky with a boy, but quietly crept away and didn’t mention it to anyone until the next day. After the questions began to surface as to why he didn’t do more to stop what was happening right before him, he changed his story to include making a loud noise to let Sandusky know they weren’t alone in the facility, and calling the police that night. The State College police, the campus police and the PA State Police have no records of him calling.

  • scienceavenger

    So what, he’s saying we took prayer out of all those Catholic churches where the priests were abusing children?

    And lest we let reality unsettle our prejudices, crime (including rape) has been on the decline for decades. So no, we haven’t been basically going downhill, we’ve been improving.

  • enki23

    Don’t they imagine Sandusky ever prayed for his god to take away his urges to be a fucking serial, mass pederast? I bet he did. It’s almost inconceivable that he wouldn’t have had at least a moment or two of self-doubt on that score. Among prayers that you would think a decent sort of fucking god would tend answer in the affirmative, that would be high on the list. And yet god didn’t do it. “God, please remove from me this urge to be a fucking monster” has got to be a prayer worthy of divine intervention, you’d think.

    Given that, despite the alleged power of prayer, Christians offend at much higher rates than the godless.. do you think there are just millions of Christians out there who manage to successfully pray away their urge to child molestation? Or does god typically answer that one with “no?” If I thought their god existed, I’d be horrified either way.

  • What happened to Personal Responsibility?

  • eric

    @7 – yep. There was also an investigation into Sandusky’s behavior the late ’90s, I believe, so somebody else must’ve also told the police something at some point. But I don’t know who or what the circumstances were. I’m not sure what it says, but it says something about our times that the villains get massive press while the people doing the right thing don’t even get their names recorded.

  • eric

    What happened to Personal Responsibility?

    He claims he never saw anything…too busy praying.

  • John Pieret


    What happened to Personal Responsibility?

    How can you have personal responsibility without Jesus wiping away all your sins by running afoul of Jews and Romans?

  • gshelley

    Well, sure Sandusky had prayer in his school, but his victims didn’t

  • lorn

    Didn’t George Will blame Sandusky’s crimes on liberalism and the blurring of the lines between good and bad?

  • busterggi

    Jesus is a different kind of vampire – he can’t enter any educational institution unless he is invited.

  • Nemo

    Ed, you’re arguing against the idea of prayer as a character-builder, which would at least be semi-rational. But I suspect the right way to interpret Hice is with full-on magical thinking — i.e., God lifts his hand of protection if there’s insufficient bowing and scraping going on.

    And of course papists’ prayers don’t count, duh.

  • colnago80

    Re lorn @ #15

    Wife swapper and global warming denier George Will is a disgrace to the editorial page of the Washington Post. At least lying warmonger Charles Krauthammer only appears once a week.

  • John Pieret

    And now, a word from reality.

    Silly wrabbit … that’s the last place they are accepting messages from!

  • Prayer is still in school, students can pray and lead prayer- those rights were held up in 2000. Stupidest anology ever. So- with this idiot’s analogy – NO one that goes to or works in a religious based school is a pedophile. Where has this guy been? And shame on him for dragging religion into his campaign, seems he’s grasping at anything.

  • caseloweraz

    Meg Salinger: And shame on him for dragging religion into his campaign, seems he’s grasping at anything.

    When a politician’s got nothing (or, nothing rational) he* grasps at anything. Demagogues will stoop to demagoguery.

    * This is the generic “he”; it’s not unknown for women running for office to be demagogues.