Kentucky ‘Psychic’ Spouts Gibberish to Reporter

The Lexington Herald-Leader decided it would be a good idea to do a profile of a “psychic” for Halloween and the resulting article is a one-stop shop of pure bullshit. “Madam Kathryn” spouts off a bunch of vaguely scientific-sounding gibberish that is simply breathtaking.

On the table between us are several small bags of Tarot cards and a jagged crystal. Crystals help people align their physical selves with the Earth’s Schumann resonance, which is always a positive thing, she says…

But Midway Island was a wide-open classroom for early childhood paranormal education — to wit, Step 6 in WikiHow’s entry for How to Develop Psychic Abilities: “Drink in the beauty of natural sounds, like the chirping of birds, the babbling of water.” That’s all a part of the Schumann resonance, she says…

Her website says she performs “Readings, Home Discernment, Home Cleansings, Addressing Concerns of Paranormal Nature in Multiple Areas, from Hauntings to Banishment of Negative Forces.”…

“Your best mediums and psychics will meditate before a reading. What that does is put them in an alpha or theta wave state that’s the language of the subconscious.”

Before meeting with a client for a mediumship, she meditates for an hour. When she loses her keys, she meditates. “That helps me find them every single time.”

The Tarot cards are still lying on the table, between me and the door.

“You want to do a reading?” she asks. I don’t want to hear anything disturbing, I say, the skeptic giving way to the scaredy cat.

“When I was a child I was taught psychic ethics,” she says. “It’s in very bad taste to tell someone information unless that person asks, because your spiritual energy is your last place of privacy. …I always ask people if they want to know the good and the bad, and some people just want to know the good, and that’s fine. … There are some things I don’t divulge, and that’s because there are 20 percent of things you can’t change, like some predestined deaths, some accidents. If I’m of the mode that I’m trying to help someone, I’m not helping by making them worry about something they can’t do anything about, you see.”

It can be depressing to live in a world where people take this bullshit seriously. But what do I know? My physical self probably isn’t aligned with the Schumann resonance. Or something.

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  • culuriel

    Psychic ethics? Wouldn’t that be don’t claim to have powers you don’t? There was a time when I liked Tarot Cards, and reading for my friends. But I made it clear it was for fun. It’s fun to delve into the meanings of the cards and the layouts (Celtic Cross is my fave). It’s fun to show people what the cards mean, and what they would mean in a particular spot on the layout. But to read for strangers asking you questions best meant for qualified professionals to make a buck is just ridiculous.

  • scienceavenger

    Drink in the beauty of natural sounds, like the chirping of birds, the babbling of water

    Sounds like someone took the “babbling” part a bit too literally.

  • eric

    When I was a child I was taught psychic ethics,” she says

    Fleece the poor; the rich are more likely to sue you?

  • matty1

    When she loses her keys, she meditates. “That helps me find them every single time.”

    This could just be a woo way of saying “when I lose my keys I stop and think about where they might be instead of rushing about looking at random”.

  • John Pieret

    Oh, well … it’s less harmful than “gays can’t get married because Yahweh will have a fit.”

  • dingojack

    When she loses her keys, she meditates. ‘That helps me find them every single time’.

    Is it wrong to want to break into her house and steal her keys?!?

    😉 Dingo

  • badgersdaughter

    I’m with Culuriel. I used to belong to a Tarot club. They used to get mad at me because I would say, in every meeting, “I’m not psychic and the cards are not psychic; I am a creative and insightful person, and the cards are a tool to facilitate creative insight by both the reader and the querent.” They didn’t like that. They even claimed I was actually psychic and was in denial. One woman even accused me of fraud and misrepresentation when I claimed I wasn’t psychic. (I’d laugh but she obviously thought it was not a laughing matter).

    Nevertheless, the Tarot doesn’t show you anything that you don’t already know, or “know”. it’s a mirror, not a window. If you are bad at perceiving and analyzing, the Tarot will “show” you things that are not in accordance with reality, and that don’t follow from the evidence. It is OK to “call bullshit” to the cards.

    When I carry a deck, as I sometimes do to help myself think through a question or creative idea, someone will sometimes see me read and ask me to “do them next”. If the person seems to be too invested in the supernatural “power” of the deck, I will pick up several cards, one right after the other, and tear them in half right in front of them. I’ve lost five or six cheap decks that way, but it is so worth it to demonstrate dramatically that the cards are cards and not “deck of divination +2”.

  • dingojack

    “‘Who cares for you?’ said Alice, (she had grown to her full size by this time.) ‘You’re nothing but a pack of cards!'”

    :) Dingo

  • Abby Normal

    Sounds like some people’s mind and heart chakras are closed. A rational mind must be free to explore all possibilities. But good news skeptics, I am an experienced spiritual therapist, trained in the art and science remote psychic healing. Normally I work with a very exclusive clientele: captains of industry, political leaders, renowned artists and the crème de la crème of society. But for a limited time I’m offering my services to you for the unbelievably low introductory price of $19.95*. I invite you to take advantage of this amazing offer and open yourself to the possibilities found in a truly rational life.

    *additional sessions may be required to achieve full rationality.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    It turns out Schumann resonances are a real thing. Nothing to do with psychics, of course.

  • janiceintoronto

    Oh wait! My turn!!!

    Nothing is impossible.

    Healing is the driver of wisdom. Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is guidance.

    We are in the midst of a cosmic awakening of joy that will clear a path toward the infinite itself.

    Humankind has nothing to lose. We are at a crossroads of learning and ego. Our conversations with other dreamers have led to an ennobling of pseudo-conscious consciousness.

    Who are we? Where on the great myth will we be re-energized? Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the nexus via transmissions. Reality has always been electrified with travellers whose brains are opened by learning.

    We must recreate ourselves and inspire others. The totality is approaching a tipping point. It is in summoning that we are guided.

    Through ayurvedic medicine, our third eyes are enveloped in rejuvenation.

    Only a traveller of the cosmos may generate this reimagining of choice. Suffering is the antithesis of divinity. You may be ruled by ego without realizing it. Do not let it destroy the healing of your myth.

    Soon there will be a refining of grace the likes of which the stratosphere has never seen. It is time to take nature to the next level. Eons from now, we dreamweavers will dream like never before as we are re-energized by the stratosphere.

    Take that.

  • dingojack

    Janice — What no: ‘we all connected by a unfathomable and subperceptual field of quantum entanglements’?


  • Sastra

    @ janiceintoranto:

    You and I are pilgrims of the quantum soup. The goal of electromagnetic forces is to plant the seeds of knowledge rather than delusion.

    I, too, can reionize my electrons.

    I have friends who are in to this sort of thing. That is, they either do it, believe in it, want to believe in it, or are fixated in the idea that we don’t criticize people’s beliefs for who are we to judge. “Psychic ethics” usually involves little more than 1.) Being Sincere and 2.) Making People Feel Better. Or believing you are, despite doubts. Doubts are negative and bad for you.

    It certainly never includes neuropsychological humility.

  • Pianoman, Church of the Golden Retriever

    Janice, that is a great Deepak Chopra impersonation!

  • blf

    “When I was a child I was taught psychic ethics,” she says.

    Most people call it con-artist tricks and lying.

  • jnorris

    Just so you know: If she doesn’t say ‘quantum’, then she’s a fake.